Guide for moving from Jackson to Memphis

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You finally made a choice and you are moving to Tennessee. As you already know, each moving endeavor carries a lot of tasks with it. And this one won’t be any different. You must organize moving logistics, pack like a pro, and find proper movers. So, you will surely need a detailed guide to pull through. Therefore, we will help you with moving from Jackson to Memphis and help you cover each moving task adequately.

Prepare a guide for moving from Jackson to Memphis

Each relocation begins with a moving date. As soon as you realize yours, start assembling the moving checklist. Cover each area of your home and inspect all your furniture and other belongings. Note it all down onto your inventory list and you will easily calculate moving costs. More importantly, you will know exactly how many packing supplies you need and which services to purchase from your moving companies in Tennessee.

Once you have all the information on your checklist, call your movers and let them assist you further. Schedule onsite estimates and your movers will inspect your home as well. Also, they will weigh your cargo and compare your findings as well. And when they evaluate everything, you will be presented with a flawless moving plan. The goal is to organize a safe and affordable move from Jackson to Memphis, and your movers will help you to achieve it.

In a search for a reliable moving team

Now, it is easy to say that your moving company will cover everything. Yes, they might, but if you find the right one. Therefore, start searching online for movers Jackson TN that are able to cover all your moving tasks without breaking the sweat. So, compare prices, services, and reviews. It is important to read moving reviews because you will obtain previous customers experience which is more valuable than information on movers websites.

Hire a moving company when moving from Jackson to Memphis
Hire an affordable and reliable moving team.

But also check the mover’s website and browse through their services. Ensure they have everything you need before you give them a call. When you have your moving plan in your hands and your numbers crunched, contact your moving representative and ask additional questions. Basically, ask anything you think it is relevant to your situation.

Confirm your investment is safe

When you find your movers, obviously you want to confirm they are legit. So, you must conduct proper research and double-check their legitimacy. And there are a few ways to do it. When you call your movers, confirm the following:

  • Permits and licenses
  • Safety regulations
  • Insurance
  • Tool and equipment

Everything we mentioned above is just a mandatory requirement. All moving companies should be licensed with all the tools to operate. Although, you must confirm that they are running a legit business anyway. Therefore, check Yellow Pages, US Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau. Confirm your movers are registered online, they have an official website, and a physical address, and contact info. Once you cover all of it, you’ll sleep tight with the knowledge that your moving from Jackson to Memphis is safely tucked in.

Prepare the budget for moving from Jackson to Memphis

Ok, as you already know, moving is hard, time-consuming, and costly. So, once you gather all the info, you must calculate your moving budget. As you already inspected everything and created a moving checklist, now it is time to figure out how to cut some of it. You can surely move cheaper right? But how? All we can say that the answer lies in thorough decluttering and downsizing. If you gather all your outworn clothes, broken IT equipment, old appliances, old furniture, and other unused miscellaneous, you can have a cheaper relocation.

Several coins on the table
Calculate your moving budget carefully and ensure you can cover all moving services needed.

Firstly, you will have fewer items to pack and fewer materials to invest in packing. Second, you will start fresh and clutter-free. And lastly, you will donate, recycle, or give those items to your friends. Win-win, right? Or you can organize a successful garage/yard sale and earn a buck or two in the process. All in all, decluttering is a healthy process where you can gain on all fronts. The result is a cleaner, easier, and cheaper relocation. Do it right.

And now to pack like a pro!

We can all agree that the packing process is boring and tiresome. But it is something you must do for sure. Hence, rush to the nearest home depot and obtain all the mandatory packing supplies. Or you can order everything online. Just be sure to obtain enough carton moving boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Once you have it all, get right to packing. Choose a room to start with and pack gradually and patiently.

A guy packing boxes
Pack slowly and patiently and you will have lower chances to damage your good during transport.

We recommend starting with the kitchen as it is a place with many fragile and hazardous objects. Then move to other rooms and you will be done in a day or two. And do not forget to check the attic, garage, basement, and backyard. There are surely hidden and long-forgotten items lying around. Moreover, if you want to skip the whole packing thing, you can purchase packing and unpacking services from your moving company. It is an affordable way to exclude yourself from this boring part of the story and let your movers bring materials, pack, and unpack. Surely a lucrative solution. Especially if you are time-limited.

Double-check everything at least the night before the move

The last step in our guide is to double-check everything. At least the night before, you should check your moving checklist, an inventory list, and all personal and moving-related documents. Read your moving contract several times to ensure everything is in order. And ensure all the legal aspects and safety measures are in place and in order. And if you have e enough time, prepare a morning meal to save some time. Get early and be ready for your movers. Hopefully, they will be there on time and ready as you are.

And now you know how to prepare for moving from Jackson to Memphis. It all comes to prevention and good preparation. As long as you find reliable movers to assist, you shouldn’t have any troubles. Follow your moving checklist all the way and stay on schedule. You’ll see, a successful relocation awaits you. Good luck.