Guide for moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg

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When moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg it is of the utmost importance that you have everything planned out and that you have good and reliable movers at your side. The latter one is quite easily achievable with the help of movers Brandon MS. But, the former can be a bit more tricky if you don’t have a clue of what you are doing. And the fault here is not yours. Many people jump into the process of moving without actually knowing what they are getting into. That is why we are here! In this article, we are going to give you some much-needed advice on the moving process, as well as some information regarding your expectations from life in Hattiesburg. That said, let’s jump right into the adventure of moving preparations!

What you should do before you start moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg

There are certain things that you always have to do. Regardless of whether you are moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg or from any other point to any other point, these things have to be done. Also, they have to be done correctly if you want to maximize your moving experience! They include:

Woman writing
The right preparation is key to a successful relocation.
  • Starting preparation on time
  • Finding good and reliable movers
  • Having a packing checklist
  • Packing properly
  • Having a moving day plan

We are going to expand more on some of these points further in this article. However, for now, it’s important to remember the fact that Spyder Moving Services Hattiesburg is always in your corner should you plan to move. And that is a true blessing to have trained professionals watching your back during this quite stressful process. Having said that, we’ve crossed out the explaining part of finding good and reliable movers. Let’s move on!

Having a packing checklist vs. actually packing

When moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg, or when moving anywhere for that matter, there shouldn’t be any difference between the packing checklist you prepare and the actual packing process. Of course, if you want your moving experience to be as smooth as possible. There is also the way of signing up for packing services and simply letting professionals handle the task for you. However, if you are a DIY person, we are going to give you some crucial tips regarding your packing efforts.

Labeled boxes
Remember that you have to label everything when packing.

First of all, we mentioned a packing checklist. If you are scratching your head and thinking “what the heck is a packing checklist?”, we have an easy answer. A packing checklist is, as the name suggests, a checklist for packing. The way you make it is quite simple. Go into each room and write down everything that has to be packed. Once you noted down all of the things in one room, it’s time to move to the next one. After you’ve finished all of the rooms, you can go over all of them one more time. Just to be sure. So, once you finished that you got yourself a packing checklist which has two main benefits. Firstly, it is also a guide on how to pack. Secondly, it is a good indicator to check if everything is there once you finish moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg.

Planning out the moving day

So, once you sign the moving contract, you will have a time at which your residential movers will come and start loading your belongings into the moving truck. However, as they do their thing, you have to keep an eye out for everything. That is exactly one of the reasons why you need to plan out your moving day and have a moving timeline. That said, having that day planned out has the added benefit of not spending an eternity unpacking. If you made a plan, stick to it! And remember that you don’t have to do anything extraordinary, just make a simple timeline that revolves around the time of arrival of your movers. When you think about it, it’s quite easy!

What to expect from life after moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg?

First of all, Hattiesburg has the advantage of being nearly twice as big as Brandon population-wise. The housing opportunities are also much bigger in Hattiesburg since the average home price is 22.6% lower than in Brandon. And if you are under 30, it is just perfect for you! Since the people in Hattiesburg are on average nearly 10 years younger than in Brandon with an average age of 27.6, you won’t have any problems fitting in!

Moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg gives you the opportunity to make new friendships!

However, there are some downsides as well. For instance, household income in Hattiesburg is 56% less than it is in Brandon and is 80% below the National Average. But, Hattiesburg spends 32.7% more per student than Brandon. On the other hand, Hattiesburg’s job growth has increased by 1.9% in the past decade. Additionally, Hattiesburg is 10.8% less expensive than Brandon. And that is quite important for many people who are moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg.

As a whole, you will experience some changes when it comes to life once you finish the move. However, don’t expect any drastic differences like you could if you were moving to a different state or country.

To conclude

Even though you will only be moving like 70 miles away from your hometown, there is a certain level of planning for your interstate move that simply can’t be ignored. If you do everything correctly, moving from Brandon to Hattiesburg will be a piece of cake and you will settle in with ease and in no time. That said, we hope that this article was helpful and that you learned something new. We are sure that you will manage to move as stress-free as possible and that you’ll settle in very quickly. Also, don’t worry about the initial reactions from your new neighbors since they will surely love to have you as a part of their community. Good luck and stay safe! And don’t forget to greet your new neighbors!