Guide for moving from Bartlett to Memphis

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So you decided to move again. As you already know, there are many complicated tasks ahead. You should organize, create a packing plan, and search for moving companies in Tennessee. It will take some time to do it all. But do not worry, we will help you with most of it. Let’s cover moving from Bartlett to Memphis together and prepare you for what is coming.

Create a moving checklist to help you with moving from Bartlett to Memphis

The whole moving process starts with a moving checklist. But to list all the items without missing something requires a thorough inspection. You should begin by checking all the areas of your home. Check all the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement, garage, etc. The goal is to list down all the environmental obstacles and to point out the furniture that might make a problem. This way you can decide if anything should be disassembled or how to clear the way for robust pieces to come through. More importantly, you will know how much stuff there is to pack and how many packing materials to purchase.

Two people creating a moving checklist
Your moving checklist is your greatest one. Create one and secure a successful relocation.

Once you have rough numbers, you can start looking for moving companies in Bartlett TN. No one can take care of moving from Bartlett to Memphis other than the local moving team. They know the neighborhood, roads, routes, etc. But your movers must have the basic info, something to work with in order to provide precise estimates and finalize your moving plan. Therefore, create a checklist, list down all the steps, requirements, and your personal needs and questions. Once you have it, call your movers and move forward.

Find a moving company

Now let’s go online and find the furniture movers Memphis you are most comfortable with. It is a boring but necessary process. And if you want a safe relocation on your hands, it is something we must cover. So, browse the internet and find several moving companies. We suggest checking at least ten different ones so you can have an idea of what they offer. While comparing companies you should check the following:

  • Prices
  • Services
  • Terms of use
  • Read reviews
A woman sitting in the room using laptop
Find your movers online. It will take less than an hour.

This is the very basic process that will show you how a legit moving company looks like. Hence, compare prices, services, and read a few reviews. If you can, obtain references and a word of mouth from someone who already had the positive moving experience. Maybe they can recommend a nice company in the area that can assist you with your moving endeavor.

Double-check everything

Now when you decided who will take care of moving from Bartlett to Memphis, you should inspect and check your choice twice. Like in any business, there are scammers, fraudulent movers, and shady moving companies. You want to avoid those. And to do it, you must inspect your company thoroughly. Start by checking if their website is looking good. They must have a company logo, contact info, and a physical address displayed. Then, you should check Yellow Pages, FMCSA, or International or US Moving Association. Your movers should be registered online.

Also, you can check the social media groups and communicate with previous customers. Learn from their experience and then decide. Once you do, give your movers a call and ask all the questions you have in mind. It is important to ask and negotiate like a pro because a lot is at stake. Moving is costly and there is always a possibility for injuries and damages. It is imperative to ask them if they are licensed, if they have all the tools, equipment, manpower, vehicles, etc. Anything that comes to mind, just ask and after you get the answers, you can make your final decision.

Moving from Bartlett to Memphis is easily organized with proper onsite estimates

Before you hire your company, ask them if they provide onsite estimates. All serious and competitive moving companies do. So, schedule a visit and let your moving representative evaluate the situation and realize how complex your move is. They will weigh your cargo, inspect the environment, and figure out where to establish a loading dock. All in order to provide precise moving price and to make your relocation safe and efficient. Once they are done, you will be presented with the final moving costs and fees. Everything should be listed and nicely explained in your moving contract. And you should read your moving contract several times to be sure everything is in order. If you are confused or do not understand all the fact, seek legal advice or ask someone that does.

Calculate your moving budget when moving from Bartlett to Memphis
Once you receive a final quote, you can calculate your moving costs.

You must pack safely and patiently

You can obtain all the packing materials from your mover in case you are purchasing the amazing packing services they offer. Or you can order everything online or purchase at the nearest hardware store. Be sure to obtain at least 30 cardboard boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and some labels. The rest is simple. When you have your materials with you, dedicate a batch for each room and start packing gradually. We advise starting with the kitchen because there is a lot to pack. Also, it is a place with the most fragile items in a home.

Place blister packs inside your box to create a cushiony environment. Then place your items inside and fill gaps with more cushion. You can use blankets, sheets, plushies, or old clothes if you do not have blister packs. Wrap fragile pieces individually for extra protection. And once your box is filled, close it, tape it down, and set it aside. Rinse and repeat. Finally, label each box adequately so your workers can know where to pay special attention. Also, check the forecast for the upcoming week and prepare covers for your boxes and some bad weather gear. In case you have a rainy day or moving while snowing, you must be prepared.

Here is something you shouldn’t forget

You are moving from one city to another. This means you must cover all legalities and documents such a move requires. Also, you should transfer all your internet and cellphone services as well as reroute your mail by setting up a PO box promptly. Therefore, as soon as you know your new address and the moving date, contact all relevant parties and set things in motion. Check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, etc. Some things should be updated with the change of address and contact info for sure. And it is highly advisable to do these steps on time. Some hard copies and services take around a week or two to become active and update accordingly. Hardcopies especially.

Ok, now you know how moving from Bartlett to Memphis should look like. More importantly, you know how to organize each step and secure your investment. Remember, as long as you have a reliable moving team enlisted, you won’t have to worry much. You, your family, and your belongings are safe. Good luck.