Guide for moving from Atlanta to Memphis

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Moving is a difficult challenge to partake in. However, it is often necessary for us to focus and finish what we started. Especially when such a process brings much-needed changes in our lives. Oftentimes will relocations represent the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Therefore, it is crucial, both for us and the process, to do it the best way possible. Today, we are going to help you with moving from Atlanta to Memphis. After reading this article, you will have a much better grasp of the entire process. Moreover, knowing how to approach and make the process easier is one of the most important things to do when moving. So, to ensure that happens, make sure you have a team of professional movers, like Spyder Moving Services, by your side to aid you. Our relocations can often lead to headaches and stress. Luckily, movers prevent that.

a person getting an item from their trunk while moving from Atlanta to Memphis
You will spend around 6 hours on the road and move through 392 miles, so you best get ready for it

A guide to help you with moving from Atlanta to Memphis without many issues

Memphis is a city in Shelby County, Tennessee, that sits on the Mississippi River. According to 2020. census, around 640.000 people live in the city. This makes the city of Memphis the second-most populous city in the state of Tennessee. Furthermore, out of the 640.000 residents in the area, the majority of them (53%), are renting their homes instead of owning them.

The median home value in Memphis, Tennessee is approximately $102.000, while the median rent is $900 per month. On the other hand, the median household income in the city is around $42.000. The more important information is the distance you have to go through to relocate there. Namely, the distance between Atlanta and Memphis is around 392 miles. This translates into around 6 hours of driving from one location to another. So, you best get ready for this relocation properly!

Time is of the essence

Before you start packing for your relocation, you need to understand the important role time has in this process. Time will dictate how fast and efficient you are while preparing for the relocation. Therefore, the more time you have, the easier it will be for you to grasp this process. To have control over time, you will need to come up with detailed plans, as well as organize your entire process. This means coming up with timelines of activities, including each part of the process in it and sticking to it. So, regardless if you have two weeks to prepare or even two months, how well you do it will be determined by how you organize everything. Furthermore, even if you have a helping hand from best movers in Memphis, TN, for example, does not mean that you can take this process lightly. Remember, this is your relocation.

The importance of understanding what comes next

If you are moving from Atlanta to Memphis, you have to have the whole process under control. Relocation is often very overwhelming. This means that you can easily get tired, mentally or physically, from doing a couple of chores during the day. Furthermore, having to deal with, or handle, many items in a single day will leave you exhausted.

a couple high-fiving eachother after successfully packing
To be able to fully grasp the process, you need to know what comes after you finish your current task

Therefore, understand the importance of the task you are doing, as well as the one that comes after it. You want to avoid giving your all to one task when you know that there are many more that await you. Moreover, this, in a sense, correlates with the management of time. Because, the more you understand how much you have to do, the better you can organize everything and ensure you have enough time for it. So, do not allow yourself to suffer stress from just one task.

Decluttering your belongings when moving from Atlanta to Memphis

Decluttering your household is a very important part of the relocation process. Namely, decluttering allows you to get rid of certain items you have in your household. By doing so, you will not only make it easier to prepare but also make the relocation much cheaper. If we guide ourselves based on the moving estimate a moving company, like Memphis office movers, for example, will provide, we can see why the number of items you move is important. Basically, your relocation expenses will mostly be affected by the weight, complexity, and quantity of items that you choose to move. Therefore, the less you move – the better! To declutter with ease, simply start this process first and then work your way up. However, once you declutter your household, you can choose to either:

  • Donate the belongings
  • Sell them to increase your budget or cover expenses
  • Or simply discard them (usually when the items are in a bad shape)

Start packing at least two weeks prior to relocation

The sooner you start packing, the better it is for the process. Granted, first, you need to make plans and declutter the items you do not need. However, as soon as you complete these simpler tasks, you should get onto packing. On the other hand, you would also need to obtain adequate moving materials and containers. The most common containers are either plastic or cardboard boxes. Usually, this would not take too much of your time. On the other hand, the packing will.

a couple relaxing after packing their clothes
Packing will take the most of your time so make sure you leave enough time to complete it without haste

The best way to properly pack is to do one room at a time. That way, you avoid being overwhelmed by too many items or chaos in your home. Prioritize your items, find adequate packing supplies for them and start packing at least two weeks prior to moving day.

Make sure you are ready for the road

As we were saying in a paragraph above, you will spend nearly 6 hours on the road. This means that you will live that day in your vehicle. When this is the situation, you want to focus on preparing for the road. So, if you are moving from Atlanta to Memphis, and need to drive through nearly 400 miles, logically, you would want to have snacks and water, for example. On the other hand, you would probably want to pack clothes while moving to Tennessee. This is mostly because Atlanta has, in general, a much more comfortable climate than Memphis. Therefore, pack spare clothes, water, and snacks for you to have while on the road. Additionally, you would also want to consider packing a “first night box” or the essentials bag to have by your side while moving.