First night move-in checklist

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Preparing and organizing a relocation is exhausting. By the time everything is packed, most people forget about packing a separate “essentials” bag with things they will need immediately after the move. To prevent you from having to scramble through dozens of moving boxes, we’ve come up with a first night move-in checklist. That way, you will be all set and ready to properly rest after a successful relocation with Spyder Moving and Storage. Preparing in advance will be your best friend after the move when all you want to do is get a good night’s sleep. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to make that happen!

Here is a basic first night move-in checklist

Packing a separate bag, box, or suitcase with necessities you will need immediately upon arrival to your new home is crucial when moving to Tennessee. Most people focus on getting everything ready before the movers arrive, forgetting about what they’ll need after the move. Here are some ideas on what you could need:

  • cleaning supplies
  • basic tools
  • bedding and linens
  • personal items

Bring basic cleaning supplies for a quick clean after the move

Packing some cleaning supplies will come in handy right after you move into your new home. It’s a real possibility that the place will need a quick scrub before you can use the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Bring some basic cleaning supplies in a separate box that you’ll carry with you in your car. That way, if you arrive before Oxford movers and packers, you can even get the cleaning done!

Having basic cleaning supplies on hand after the move is a must, don’t forget to put them on your first night move-in checklist!

Pack some basic tools in your “essentials” box

Most people are so preoccupied with not forgetting to pack anything and getting everything repaired in their old home that they forget their new home might need some work done, too. Obviously, you know what major things need repairing, but it’s not a bad idea to pack up some basic tools in your “essentials” bag/box. There might be some immediate work that needs to be done right after your move with movers Brandon MS.

Bedding, linens, and personal items are a must on a first night move-in checklist!

Bedding, linens, and personal items are things most of us have in mind when someone talks about a box with necessities for the first night after the move. It’s only logical that you want to hit the bed as soon as the relocation is over. That’s why you need your clean sheets and toiletries with you. There is nothing worse than having to rummage through boxes to find things that you need to make your bed for the night.

Jumping into a cozy bed will be the first thing on your mind after the relocation.

Don’t forget to carry your “essentials” box with you!

The most important thing once you pack everything from your first night move-in checklist in your “essentials” box is to place it in your car! Either way, movers won’t move certain items (such as cleaning supplies). Don’t forget to separate the “essentials” box from the other ones, because your movers can take it to the moving truck. In that case, if you arrive before the movers to your new home you will have to wait for them to come. Only then can you search through the boxes to find your necessities for the night. Pack away, and good luck with your move!