Finding reliable movers in Memphis 101

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People all throughout the US move at least once in their lives. So it is no wonder that the moving industry, especially in recent years, has been on the rise and in demand. As such there have been more moving companies than ever emerging out of nowhere. Among them not all are reliable! In order to find the best moving companies Memphis TN can offer, one first needs to learn how to differentiate between good and bad companies. Finding reliable movers in Memphis 101 is a short guide explaining what you should look for in a company.

Finding reliable movers in Memphis

No matter if it’s a local or an out-of-state move one thing is clear, you will definitely have a lot of items to pack. Some of them may even need special attention. Among the many services needed for a move to be successful Spyder Moving and Storage TN has most, if not all, of the ones you will need. Their trained and skilled workers will pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings. Finding trustworthy movers in Memphis is not as easy as it seems. Due to big demand, there have been quite a number of scams and scam companies operating all over the US. As such, there is something you will need to keep in mind before you pick the company.

Movers moving a couch together
Good movers take pride in their work and will take care of all of your items.

Research and recommendations

Looking for the perfect company may take up a little more time than you want in the beginning. But that’s only at the start. Picking the best Memphis movers and packers will later save you valuable time. Leaving everything for the last minute will be difficult and stressful. Also, in order to find the best moving rates and estimates, it’s best to start researching moving companies on time. The best time to do so would be at least two months before moving. As for the people that are moving for the first time, don’t worry. With a little patience finding reliable movers in Memphis is not hard at all.

People who are close to you are usually the best source of recommendations. You know that they are people you can trust.  So don’t be shy to ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, and so on. They might know of a respected and reliable mover. Just make sure that they have prior experience with the said company. And that it’s not a company they only heard of somewhere. If they didn’t have any prior experience don’t rush in and research the company beforehand. A good recommendation can save a lot of your time.

A man finding reliable movers in Memphis by looking at online comments
Finding reliable movers in Memphis is easier with recommendations. But an online search and reviews can also help greatly.

Moving rates

If by chance no one you knows has any experience with any of the local movers Memphis TN has, then there is only one thing left for you to do. You will need to investigate and look for one yourself. Look through many companies, but don’t only pick one. Have at least 3 among your top picks. And contact all of them in order to get moving rates. All of the good companies will send someone over. Based on the company prices and pricing prosses(weight, length of the move, and so on) they will tell you the estimate. This way you will have an accurate price, without signing anything or making final agreements. Compare the prices among the companies. This way you can compare the prices among the companies and you will be one step closer to finding your reliable movers in Memphis.

License and insurance

Insurance, financial responsibility, and safety measures, are some of the requirements every moving company should have in order to be licensed. Although not all states have the same laws, what all of them have in common is that a license must exist for a company to be legal. So all of the local or long distance movers Memphis can offer, have to poses a license. Finding reliable movers in Memphis becomes a lot easier when you know this. But what are some ways that you can make sure the license is genuine?

  • USDOT number-  All licensed moving companies are required to be registered with the USDOT number. The USDOT number makes it effortless for you to inspect relevant information about the moving company you plan to hire. The number is a unique identifier.
  • Business certifications- Reputable licensed movers are certified by at least one industry association. The association will look into the company(a background check), as well as their contact and application of the rules in the moving industry before issuing any form of certifications. This is also not something that they will do once, as many companies require yearly checking.
A person signing a moving contract after finding reliable movers in Memphis
Don’t be shy to ask the company to provide all of the moving documentation required.


When you find a company you like, make sure to further protect yourself. Pick out all of the services you want. For example, piano, arcade, and furniture movers Memphis TN have to offer, and other services you might be interested in. And before signing the contract make sure that all of them are taken into account when discussing the price. Don’t let them make any hidden costs.

Of course, never sign a blank document or anything you don’t read beforehand. You can never be safe enough. Finding reliable movers in Memphis is not hard when you know what you are looking for. But at the same time even when you find them make sure to always know what’s going on. Keep in touch with the company, and if you ever have questions ask! The contract should always have insurance (of your choice if there are multiple kinds) as well as services, the move, etc listed. And all of the prices should be written down.