Fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022

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One of the best things that you can do in 2022 is to move to Mississippi.  First of all, we’re all accustomed to the ongoing post-pandemic inflation and we can see that rents are going up everywhere. But here, the cost of living, education, and housing aren’t that high. We at Spyder Moving and Storage in Mississippi would like to tell you more about the fastest growing cities in Mississippi in 2022. Also, the winter of 2022 is approaching and since natural gas and other fossil fuel prices are on the rise, you can enjoy a mild winter in Mississippi – no need for extra stress over high electricity or heating bills. Let’s dive in and see what these cities hold for you and your family.

The fastest growing city in Mississippi is Oxford

This amazing city with a population of around 28,000 has a growing rate of 72% just in the last decade. Since the year 2000, the overall growth of the city is 200% as Mayor Robyn Tannehill said. In 2010 the city only had 13,677 residents. Since then, the population has more than doubled. The city of Oxford is located in Lafayette County and it’s expected to have 60,000 people by 2030. One of the main factors for such economic growth is The Walton Family Foundation. From 1970 until 2016 the overall growth was 455% while the national average was 201%. The Walton Family created dozens of jobs and diversified its business into companies such as FNC, New Lab Media LL, Morrow Creative, and Next Gear. If you ask local movers Oxford MS, they’ll tell you that the place has changed rapidly, but with permanent and steady results.

A man showing a graph of the fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022;
According to data, this is one of the fastest growing cities in Mississippi in 2022

Also, there are a lot of other companies that you can work for, such as:

  • Oakmont
  • Colonnade Crossing
  • Briarwood
  • Fieldstone Farms
  • The Lamar
  • Oxford Farms
  • Oxford Commons

So if you’re planning to move to a city like this, we’ll have to tell you that prices are more than affordable. The overall cost of living price with rent included is $1575 per person and $3525 for a family of four. If you compare that to any other bigger place it’s double or more than that. The rent is $941 which is quite low compared to the national average of $2,495 a month. According to the Salary Expert, the average salary is $52,798 (USD)/yr. This would translate into something like $25.38 (USD) per hour. If you’re looking for a job in an affordable city then Oxford is the best deal right now.

Senatobia is another fast growing city in Mississippi in 2022

This beautiful place with a population of just 7,759 has seen a growth of 20.67% in the last couple of years. With a median household income of $56,053 (4.72% 1-year growth) and $145,700, it’s an amazing spot to live in. It’s affordable, yet peaceful and the future is prosperous also the average age of a resident is 29.3. So this place attracts young people as well. There are a lot of people coming from all sides of the US. This is also one of the best places for ex-New Yorkers and folks from other big cities. Young people preferably want to get away from rush hour and they don’t want to spend their time waiting in traffic jams. Thus Sentaobia is a popular place for young professionals and couples that want to raise a family in a healthy, clean, and natural environment.

A couple sitting on a car while thinking about fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022;
Senatobia is attracting young professionals and couples because of its pristine habitat and cheap housing options.

If you’re looking for something like demographics, the population is quite diverse but mostly it’s composed of white nonhispanic and black nonhispanic people. Senatobia MS movers can help you with moving here and seeing the charms smaller cities can have. People here are lovely and young folks just keep coming in. Especially people who work remotely or freelancers who don’t have to go to the office; a lot of people from the IT sector are moving here as well. You won’t miss the best big city qualities, but you’ll also get to relish in the joys only a small place can have. You’ll get to enjoy walks in the clean and beautiful nature with your kids, friends, pets, or whomever you wish. One of the major reasons why cities like this are growing is the lack of stress, relaxed lifestyle, no traffic, clean environment, and overall better life quality.

Hattiesburg is a growing Eden of Mississippi

We have to mention Hattiesburg as one of the top fastest growing cities in Mississippi in 2022. This city is a bit bigger than the first two that we’ve mentioned with a population of around 48,000. This city is something close to New Orleans, Jackson, and the Gulf Coast. So if you’re commuting, the roads are perfect, while the weather is great all year round. The city is filled with folks in their 20s or 30s, which brings a youthful atmosphere to the city. This place has a lot of great restaurants and it has a lot of potential for the future of agriculture. As we can see agriculture is one of the main issues in 2022 but in the future, this is the horse on which we would bet our money.

A man planting a lettuce whuke thinking about fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022;
The future is in food as we can all see clearly in 2022.

The median rent is only $36111 but if you’re working remotely or want to do agriculture this is the place to be. It’s got everything that you need for a good life and developing a business. Its fertile land has attracted more and more people. The poverty is around 9% so the labor market has potential. The median home price is $110,500.00 while the median rent is just $808, which is quite low. Also, crime rates are inexpensive and there are great opportunities for education, making this city perfect for families. If you’ve decided to move here, the next step is finding the quality moving help Hattiesburg MS has to offer and starting your new life.

Welcome to Gulfport, the second-largest city in Mississippi

After Jackson, Gulfport is the second-largest city with a population of 72,105 and 416,259 in the metro area. This place has it all. It’s both a big city and a serene one, giving you opportunities to grow, but also relax and enjoy the small-town feel. What makes people come here is the amazing tourist attractions. The city is located on the coastline and one of the most popular attractions is The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies which is a non-profit organization. Another thing that it offers is the public’s understanding of marine animals and sea turtles in the wild while being cared for by humans, their protection, and scientific study.

The turtle diving underwater;
The preservation of marine wildlife is vital for climate change.

So this place attracts a lot of marine biologists and scientists from all around the world. They’re mostly environmentalists, preservation biologists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, etc.  This is one of the cities which were hit by hurricane Katrina in 2005. Other than that people who work in casinos cush as Island View Casinos and other sorts of resorts come here. The city is once again filled with both young professionals and senior cities. But during the Winter of 2022 perhaps all people from northern states will come to save some money on gas bills. If you’re looking for jobs look up the internet but if you’re looking for moving companies Gulfport MS, you’re in the right place.

The Meridian of Mississippi is one of the fastest growing cities in 2022

Welcome to the heart of Mississippi the Meridian with a population of 34,424. The city of Meridian is in its renaissance period right now. This city is full of hard-working people and if you have any business prepositions that you want to put into action, come to Meridina. Some of the best movers Meridian MS has will help you relocate your office or home in no time. You’ll just have to come, see and experience the lovely heart of this city and its people. Another thing that attracts people is that everyone knows everyone in a way (small-town vibe).  One of the best things that attract folks is the delicious and healthy cuisine, both those that enjoy eating in restaurants and those that want to make this their business. Just imagine opening a restaurant with fresh fruits and veggies at hand.

Two vegan dishes;
Owning a restaurant doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea now, does it?

Mississippi is the 4th most rural state in the US. Almost 97% of the state land is a rural area and about 51% of the population of Mississippi lives in those rural areas. Mississippi and especially the area around Meridina is famous for game and deer hunting. There are 2 million acres of public forest land in Mississippi.  This is the #1 state for whitetail deer hunting in the United States. All this to say that if you’re looking for a place where you can be one with nature and live far away from the noise and ruckus that a busy city entails, Meridian is the perfect spot.

Last but not least is Holly Springs, Mississippi

Holly Springs is also a small city with a population of 6,968. The city is near Memphis (a 55-minute drive) which must be one of the reasons why it’s growing so fast. It’s not rare that people living in Memphis decide to move to Holly Springs, chasing after its suburban feel. It’s less than a 20 minute drive away from Sardis Lake, which is another great place for nature lovers. So, why is Holly springs so popular? First of all, the median home price is $86,400 and the median rent is $670. This is the lowest we’ve had in this article, and this place is surrounded by marvelous intact forests, lakes, and rivers. It’s peaceful and quiet. It also offers a great quality of life. You can see there are many reasons this place attracts a lot of families moving from other big cities like Memphis.

A couple holding moving boxes and talking about the fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022;
With housing prices this low, it’s time to move right now, nowadays you can work from anywhere remotely.

Since this city is close to Memphis, you can commute to work for or just visit the city if you happen to miss the busy feel it has. Just on glassdoor, there are more than 4730 job openings in this county. Some of the best movers Holly Springs MS will help you relocate in no time.

A final thought on the fastest growing cities In Mississippi in 2022

As you can see Mississippi is growing now more than ever. The current crisis has made a lot of people move into cheaper cities and seek cheaper alternatives. But that’s not the only reason. There are also some things that big polluted cities can’t offer and that’s fresh air, fertile soil, and clear water. If these are the things that you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place. Mississippi is the perfect mixture of urban and rural. So, hire reliable packers and movers and get moving into one of these fastest growing cities in Mississippi in 2022. Good luck!