Expert tips for storing comic books

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Many comic books have sentimental value to many people. Whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman, or Ironman, you need, you should take care of them. However, there are simple steps that every fan should follow in order to keep the mint condition of their comic books. This way, not only that you will keep safe their condition, but their value as well, especially if they are years old. Believe it or not, people don’t only collect comic books because they are enthusiasts, but because they sell for large sums of money. Some, extremely rare ones even sell for millions of dollars. If you are moving, we highly recommend hiring Mississippi moving company in order to keep safe your valuables. Before the move, we have to talk about the way for storing comic books!

people packing for the move
You need to pack properly your comic book in order to keep them safe.

You need to handle with care

This one is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to storing comic books. Make sure that your hands are not oily or dirty since you could potentially transfer muck onto comic books. Take some time to thoroughly wash your hands before packing and storing your collection. Some people are taking it a step further, they even wear gloves while touching comics. After you pack them, and if you need help with transportation, you may want to give a call to movers Holly Springs MS and they are going to take care of it.

Comic Book Boards

If you are, for example, moving to Mississippi,  one of the most popular ways to protect your comic books is to use comic book boards. There are used when packing them into the bag so it keeps them crease-free and safe while carrying them around. If you, by any chance, buy a comic book and it comes with a bagged board, consider asking the dealer whether they have acid-free boards. The store owner might want to use cheaper ones in order to save up some money.

Hardshell cases for comic books

There are several packing mistakes you need to avoid, especially if you own some special and valuable comic books. It’s recommended to use hardshell cases since they are going to keep them safe from anything. It’s a bit pricier than the usual one, but in case you drop it or anything unwanted happens to it, it will remain in mint condition. Additionally, you can also use it for displaying your comic book, something like a picture frame.

cardboard boxes
Don’t forget to boxes for storing comic books.

Comic storage boxes

When talking about storing comic books, we need to mention comic storage boxes since they are one of the most reliable ways to keep them safe when storing. Most of the collectors are using these boxes who can come in two sizes – long and short. They are made so comics can stand upright without anything happening to them. Storing comic books doesn’t have to be so difficult if you follow a few tips we’ve talked about here.