Expert tips for decorating a new home

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The moving process can be a pretty intensive project. When selling, people often decide to stage their home so that someone will fall in love with it fast. Making someone buy your house is a job in itself. Then, there’s the huge undertaking that is packing and clearing out your old place. And then there’s the actual relocation, unpacking and decorating a new home. In the experience of our Spyder Moving experts, many movers feel like they never want to move again. But with our four moving lessons on decorating a new home, you’ll be able to complete this process smoothly and also have fun while doing so!

Big sofa, an armchair and a huge coffee table for decorating a new home
Heavy furniture makes moving and rearranging more complicated.

1. Time to declutter!

The most common realization during the moving process is that you have far more than you thought you did. Most people end up realizing that they should have left behind a sizable percentage of the stuff they paid moving companies Hattiesburg MS to move. After they relocate they see that packing it wasted time, effort, and money. Therefore, try to clear out the clutter before moving. You’ll feel much better when decorating your property. Note that trying to clear out while packing takes way too much work in a short period. Rather start the decluttering process at least two months before you move.

2. Decorating a new home with completely new furniture

When some of the furniture from the old home may not fit in the new place, it is time to go shopping while moving help Oxford MS relocates only the pieces that fit into your old home! Pick main furniture pieces that are classic in style, neutral in color, and as modular as possible. There are a lot of interesting sofas or sectionals that can be separated into smaller pieces. Most can also expand into large ones as needed. And while you’re decorating, consider investing in bold or colorful accent pieces to give your classic furniture some pop.

3. Think like a stager when decorating a new home

When decorating a new property, or parts of it, set it up to look like a home stager would. And start living that way every day. That means that you don’t allow clutter to pile up, everything is out of sight and every room has the right amount of accessories and color. Burn aromatic candles and enjoy your home!

A beautiful, bright living room
Decorating must happen right away, but it would be best if you did it before you moved in.

4. Start redecorating right away or it’s not going to happen

Let’s be honest, you probably have some boxes you still haven’t unpacked from your last move. The problem was, you didn’t strike while the iron was hot and before you started settling into a routine. It’s far easier to get the painting or flooring finished before you arrive. However, if you can’t do them in advance, prioritize them when you move in. Unpack all boxes ASAP or contact us and we’ll worry about all the chores of moving while you focus on reimagining your new home and your new life.