Eco-friendly moving options to try when moving from Memphis to Nashville

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About 15% of Americans move every year. What stays behind are tones of moving boxes, hours of driving, and flying by plane. All of this affects our environment. This is something we should not neglect. When hiring a reliable moving company we should make sure to use eco-friendly moving options. As a result, together we can make sure to do something to reduce waste on our planet. In this article learn how to do this.

use eco-friendly moving material
Use eco-friendly packing materials

Moving to Nashville and using eco-friendly moving options

That means obtaining eco-friendly packing materials. In addition, it means that you do not always have to buy new moving boxes. Instead, when moving from Memphis to Nashville try to get second-hand boxes. Most local stores put them every day in front of their stores so people can take them. This way by reusing the same items, we reduce production and help keep our planet as clean as possible.

Downsizing and decluttering

One of the best ways to have eco-friendly moving is to start decluttering and downsizing your home. Moving should often be a fresh start. Therefore, when moving to Tennessee try to bring only things that you really need. There is no point in bringing it all if you will spend more time and packing materials. As a result, you will waste time getting rid of that don’t work in your home anymore.

Packing eco-friendly moving services

When trying to move there will be certain items that you will not be able to pack yourself. Due to their size, some items are too big and dangerous to pack yourself. In this case, consider hiring packing and unpacking services. Packing specialists will calculate the moving estimate. Also, they have proper eco-friendly packing materials to protect your items from damages.

Additional tips on sustainable packing

There are many things that you can use to pack your items. For example, using old newspapers is a good idea of using sustainable materials. Another option would be using soft fabrics to protect items of greater value. In addition, try to use containers that you already have. Boxes from your kitchen appliances, Tv, or clothes can be reused for packing. This way you will not only save your money but also reduce using new packing materials.

a woman sorting out clothes
Downsize your home and pack less

A word on eco-materials

If possible, use newsprint, kraft paper, or blankets to pad your items. Plastic bubble wrap is not recyclable and does not biodegrade. In addition, do not rent moving blankets. Also, learn more about green packing materials. Alternatively, use sheets, duvets, towels, or other household linens to pack your boxes. Finally, use tape made from recycled paper. A roll of it costs around $40.

When moving, you can use many eco-friendly moving options. Try to be creative and proactive in this process as much as possible. Search your attic and seller. Find as many usable boxes and packing materials as possible. If you need more boxes for packing, search for free boxes online or ask a friend who recently move to borrow you some. Soon you will pack all the items and feel good for doing something for your planet.