Downsizing tips for married couples

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Moving in together after marriage is a joyful occasion that many people dream about. However unless your partner is a fan of minimalism, the chances are they will be bringing an abundance of their own stuff. This can lead to stress and disputes when preparing to move. But on the bright side, it’s a perfect time to declutter. There are lots of downsizing tips for married couples that you can check out. Of course, if you prefer to speak with a professional, you can always call Spyder Moving Services Tennessee and they will also assist you in preparing to move. Here you will find some tips and tricks for downsizing so you can better prepare yourself, and your partner, for moving.

Most important downsizing tips for married couples

  • Plan early and in advance
  • Measure everything
  • Use storage space whenever possible
  • Decide what to do with declutter items
downsizing tips for married couple
When preparing to move you might even find the items you didn’t even know you have.

Downsizing and decluttering go well together when deciding what to do with extra items, especially if you are moving into a smaller home. Regardless, the most important thing to remember when doing this as a couple is to work together. Not only will this make the whole experience less stressful, but it will also make it more enjoyable. And on top of it, this will strengthen the bond you share with your partner, so when you move into your new home, you will do so with a smile on your face.

Start planning early to avoid drama

The early bird catches the worm goes the saying, and in this case, it couldn’t be more true. The key to successfully downsizing is always to plan in advance and start as soon as possible. This will also help you pace the process so you don’t have to rush through it and forget important bits and pieces. First, take a look at your smaller belongings (like clothes, kitchen, bathroom items, books, decorations, etc.) and make two labels. You don’t have to box everything in at the beginning, but it might help to have a few boxes ready, just to keep things organized. It’s also a good idea to focus on one room at a time to avoid disarray and even more clutter.

Next, label the items as “keep” and “leave” or as “yes” and “no” to keep it simple. Go room by room and put the items into one of the two categories. Don’t make a “maybe” pile as this is counterproductive and will only slow you down. You might be tempted to further categorize the “no” pile into items you would like to donate, sell, gift, etc, but it’s best to take one step at a time. Because of this, it’s equally important to start early so you have enough time to go through everything and move without regrets.

furniture and items wrapped and packed for moving
Choosing what to move with you and what to dispose of is one of the best downsizing tips for married couples.

Measuring furniture and space is one of the top downsizing tips for married couples

It’s important to measure everything. From furniture to room space, walls, and floors, measuring can take a lot of your time. This is something that companies like professional movers Memphis TN will advise you to do as soon as possible. Mainly because measuring is a tedious job and you have to do it twice – once for your old home and again for your new one. However, this will immensely help you with downsizing. There is no need to argue with your partner if you will be moving the old dresser that belonged to your grandmother if there is no space for it. Similarly, you don’ want to skip measuring only to find out that your bed will not fit into your new bedroom. So measure everything and label your furniture and appliances into two piles, just like you did with your other belongings.

Well organized storage space is a must

Take a good look at your new home and consider your storage options. Does it have an attic, basement, or a cupboard under the stairs? If not, don’t despair. There is always a space for storage if you plan ahead. You can even check with movers Brunswick TN to get the best advice on how to plan your new home. Multifunctional furniture is becoming more and more popular and affordable. So if you are moving into a much smaller space, this is one of the best options. Furthermore, you can add storage units like floating shelves and cubbies almost anywhere. This will provide you with additional space so you can move in more items.

Choose if you will donate, gift, or sell decluttered items

The final step may even be the most emotional one. After you’ve decided what items not to bring with you, it’s time to choose what to do with them. Of course, you can always rent a dumpster that will take care of your no-longer-needed items. Especially if most of them are old furniture or barely working appliances. However, there are other options you should consider. Check with your friends and family if they would like to take some of the items. You can gift them items that you cherish but are unable to take with you. This way whenever you visit them, you’ll see them put to good use.

clothes on a hanger
If you have any clothes bought on a whim, consider donating instead of throwing them away.

Donating is another good option. Local shelters and charities will gladly accept clothes, shoes, and toys, but keep in mind they do need to be in good condition. You can even check with the local library or bookstore if they would be willing to accept your books. There is even a website for donating your items, so be sure to check its homepage for donating options as well. Another popular option is a yard sale. This is a good way to make some extra cash. Additionally, you might be surprised by what people buy, so you will have fewer items to throw away at the end of the day.

As you can see, downsizing does not have to be only about stress. It can save you time and money, and also improve your living conditions overall happiness. These were some of the most important downsizing tips for married couples, but most of them depend on your moving situation. So just like the first tip here, start planning early and your moving experience will be stress-free.