Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers

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Most New Yorkers swear they would never leave their homes seeing as how they live in the most glorious, captivating, and magical place in the world. However, sometimes moving is inevitable. If we have to choose one place that has a chance to replace New York and be a breath of fresh air, it’s Denver. Whether people are traveling here or moving for whatever reason, Denver is growing quickly, so much so that some neighborhoods will blow your mind. If you’re thinking of relocating here, make sure you have checked all the Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers. You will see that New York City is not the only city that can make your dreams come true. Once you reach the place that is suitable and has everything you need, make sure you hire Spyder Moving and Storage CO and get relocated by professionals.

Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers

  1. River North Art District (RiNo)
  2. City Park
  3. Washington Park
  4. Capitol Hill
  5. Lower Downtown (LoDo)
  6. Golden Triangle
  7. Uptown (North Capitol Hill)
  8. Berkeley
  9. Sunnyside
  10. Sloan’s Lake

River North Art District

Speaking of the neighborhood that ex-New Yorkers will like in Denver, the River North Art District will be everything they have been searching for. If you’re into the youthful NYC vibe, contact movers Denver area offers and move right away! It is most suitable for students, young people, and those that love a good night out.

colored piano in Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers
Street art in Denver is one of the things ex-New Yorkers will love about this place

As a former industrial area, RiNo had a massive development of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and a shopping area along Larimer Street. This can be a pro and a con of living here. If you are looking for a place that is cheaper than New York City but still has the same wild and youthful vibe, you should consider moving here. Living here, you will likely experience some of the finest street art you have ever seen. The only con that you might find here is that it is very loud and busy. So it is not suitable for families with kids.

City Park might be one of the best Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers, and here is why

This lovely place attracts young professionals with its green areas and low cost of living. If you’re looking for a total contrast from the noisy NYC, this neighborhood might do the trick. You’ll be happy to learn that everything you think of is pet friendly. There are not many places in New York City where you can pay a visit with your little furry friend. And it is a few steps away from Cheesman Park, which is one the most favorite places for people to relax and unwind after work. It is close to the center of the major city but it is more affordable.

There is only one con here and that is that St. Joseph’s hospital complex is near and you will hear a lot of ambulance sounds. But if this isn’t a dealbreaker, hire commercial movers Denver has and start your own business here as a young professional.

Is Washington Park the right neighborhood for you?

If you are a New Yorker and you are looking for a place that is quite similar but better for raising a family, Washington Park is the right for you. Here, you will find a lot of single-family homes and townhomes on offer, that are quite affordable. The pros of moving here are the trails and parks where you can spend quality time with your family every day. You will enjoy the perfect weather and your kids will be able to spend some time in the fresh air. It is safe and quiet and your kids will love it here.

streets of Denver
If you have been looking for the best comprises between suburbs and the centers of the city, you have come to the right place.

The only con of moving here is that there are not many bars and restaurants. But if you are hiring residential movers Denver has to relocate to the place where your family will grow peacefully, this should not be a huge obstacle, seeing as how you can always visit other neighborhoods for this kind of entertainment.

Capitol Hill is worth your attention if you are looking for Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers

Being one of the oldest Denver neighborhoods, Capitol Hill has a lot of Victorian-era homes. These villas are converted into homes and apartments that you will love. You will find rows of trees on the streets. Capitol Hill is near the center of Denver, which presents you with various opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Additionally, the livability score is high.

The best thing about this place is that the Denver Art Museum is near. This means you will be able to enjoy exhibitions every day of the year. But there’s one thing people do not like about this place and that is the lack of parking spots. So if you possess a car or vehicle, think hard about moving here and devise a plan that’ll work for you. If you do decide to relocate here, make sure to notify your furniture movers Denver has of the parking situation, especially if you’re living in an apartment.

Lower Downtown

The best place for someone that does not sit still is surely Lower Downtown in Denver. You can find numerous attractions and activities that you will never be bored of again. Half of the things you could do in the city are located right here. This is great for ex-New Yorkers because they are used to having fun and always having something to do. It is suitable for young people looking to have fun and meet new friends and people. Students often choose this place for their new destination.

group of friends talking
This is one of the Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers looking for amusing places to have fun and meet new people.

Coming here with the help of long distance moving companies Denver has is a smart choice. You will have the possibility to find fun and meet new people any time of the day. Many students are looking for roommates in modern apartments and condo buildings, so keep that in mind if you’re in a similar situation. The cost of living in Lower Downtown is a bit steeper than in some other neighborhoods so having a roommate might be a great chance to save money.

Golden Triangle

With relatively affordable rent, Golden Triangle is a great spot full of museums and cultural institutions. Some of the most famous ones are the Kirkland Museum of Fine Art, Denver Public Library, Denver Mint, etc. You will be able to find so much more. People say that this place has the best office spaces you will find. So if you are looking to expand or start your own business, this may be the right destination for you.

Of course, if your work has something to do with art, you should hire local movers Denver CO has, and make sure you get here as soon as possible. Being a part of Denver that is still developing, the only con you will find about this place is that there are not many bars and places where you can go at night. This is mostly because it is still growing. But judging by the number of people that choose this neighborhood on a daily level, it will soon be the best Denver neighborhood for ex-New Yorkers.

Uptown is worth visiting

Known as North Capitol Hill, Uptown is a place that a lot of professionals, and young ones, like to talk about. The main reason why ex-New Yorkers love this place is that you can walk to everything you need in no time. The pedestrian area is large and you will not need cars or any other public transportation. You will be able to get to work on foot and it will not be so far away. The community is strong and they take care of each other.

people in front of the building
One of the neighborhoods where you can find the strongest community is Uptown

There are monthly gatherings where you can suggest the changes you think will benefit the community. People like to complain about the public transportation here. But as we have mentioned, you will be able to get where you need with a 15-minute walk. So transportation is not something that should bother you. Having that said, you can hire packing services Denver has and make sure you are prepared to live in one of the best Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers. You will not miss having everything near you any time of the day or night.


If you will miss the restaurants, galleries, spacious green areas, and all the things you have in New York City, you will find your home in Berkeley. It is most famous for traditional single-family homes and it is a very safe and walkable area. So if you enjoy seeing time outdoors and you have a pet, you will find this place irresistible. The only con of living here is that it is a little far from downtown. But if you have moved from busy New York City, you will have no problem finding your happiness in this Denver neighborhood.

One of the best Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers that got on our list is Sunnyside

Sunnyside is offering you a perfect balance of space, location, and the costs of living. There is no wonder why people with low incomes love moving here. It is close to the other parts of Denver ut it is still isolated from the crowd. You will find a wide street that is clean and covered in greenery. There are a lot of restaurants and what is most interesting, is you will find so many local businesses developing here.

market in Denver
Are you looking for a place to develop your local business? Check out this neighborhood.

If you are young and you have your family business, Sunnyside may be the best place you can move to. The costs of living are average, so you will have no problem working and developing your business at the same time. Plus, the people here are eager to help you with everything you need. Also, you will get a home with your lower income that has its yard and a place where you can be alone with your loved ones.

Sloan’s Lake

Large Denver lake is maybe the safest place in Denver you will find. It is close to other major places in Denver and you will have an easy commute wherever you need it. There are numberless different home options, which means you will be able to get the home of your dreams if you dig a little deeper. It is perfect for those New Yorkers who are spending time in nature and having fun outside.

a lake in one of the Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers
Be ready to enjoy the perfect mix of nature and the urban part of the city.

You will be able to run and bike on some of the numberless trails, but you will still be close to downtown Denver. However, you should be looking for a home here really fast. It is one of the most desirable areas in the city of Denver. So the competition for homes can be rough. That is why you should have a great real estate agent and one of the best moving companies already on call for relocating here.

To summarize

By choosing some of these Denver neighborhoods for ex-New Yorkers to relocate to, you will see that Denver has a lot to offer. You will find more affordable places, while some will share certain traits with New York City. If you’re thinking about relocating from the Big Apple, Denver is surely a worthy contestant. You will still be able to find good job opportunities, and some of the best and highest-quality schools even if you are not located in New York.