Comparing Tennessee moving companies – how to do it?

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Choosing a perfect moving company among several good ones might seem difficult. However, there are things you can take into consideration in other to make the best decision. Service quality and rates are just one of them. That’s why comparing Tennessee moving companies the right way will help you get to the ideal mover for your relocation needs. Therefore, check this helpful guide made by our committed team at Spyder Moving Services

Make a list of licensed Tennessee movers and then compare them

First, you must find several licensed and verified moving companies that fulfill all the requirements. It’s best if you take a steady approach. The reason for that is simple – it’s not in your best interest to rush with a company search. You must prepare beforehand in order to know how to pick the best movers. Keep in mind that moving to Tennessee takes time, which is why proper preparation is extremely important. 

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Comparing Tennessee moving companies will help you find your best moving partner!

Following these steps will help you find credible movers in no time:

  1. Focus only on licensed and affordable movers Memphis TN has on offer. A free on-site estimation must be included in their offer.
  2. Check if they have all services you need for your move.
  3. Give them a call and confirm the price range and all the information from the official website. Ask them about additional fees, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  4. Pay attention to the company’s testimonials.
  5. Ensure the company has a clean track record, without past legal disputes. You need a company that cares about its customers.
  6. Write down a list of credible movers that are available at the dates of your planned move. 

Come up with an approximate moving budget before comparing Tennessee movers

Relocation expenses will play a big role when choosing the right moving company. You must know how much you are able to spend on a move. Nowadays, there are free tools like an online moving cost calculator that can tell you the approximate cost of your move. However, keep in mind that a final amount will go a bit higher because of moving insurance and additional services. If you need help with estimating your expenses, simply consult with moving experts. You can also ask someone who had previous moving experience to help you. Also, online groups are ideal for sharing advice regarding the moving budget, companies, services, and so on. 

Know your moving rights 

Learning about your moving rights and responsibilities is necessary for your protection. Once you are aware of them, you won’t have problems with misunderstandings or unpleasant scenarios. Moreover, you will be preparing for your move stress-free once you have the necessary knowledge. 

Compare Tennessee moving companies step by step

Cross comparison is a time-saving method that helps you decide which company you should hire. While there are various quality movers Bartlett TN offers, not all of them will seem suitable for you. That being said, it’s not enough to rely solely on online reviews

two women discussing about something
Compare the company’s services and quotes.

Creating a sheet with the companies’ names and services will help you compare Tennessee movers with ease

Use paper and pen, or make a sheet on your computer. Write the names of chosen companies on the left. Then, write or type the services and rates next to each of them. You will compare the companies based on your moving budget the services you need:

  • Storage solution
  • Packing
  • Special services (white-glove movers, furniture movers…)
  • Heavy loads
  • Moving kits and boxes 
  • Truck rental

Start comparing the storage units and trucks first

A professional moving company always takes good care of its storage solutions. That’s how you know that their team is serious about delivering high-quality service. However, take the duration of your move into account. If your move doesn’t last for too long, then your best choice is a portable container. On the other hand, it may be best fr you to opt for indoor self-storage if you have plenty of sensitive items. The good thing about indoor units is the possibility for short-term and long-term rental periods. In addition, you can extend it in case of unexpected delays. Also, it’s important that indoor storage units are climate-controlled and without signs of moisture.

pink storage unit doors
A well-maintained storage unit is essential to a quality moving experience.

Check what customer testimonials have to say about their storage solutions, as well as trucks. Also, make sure to contact the companies and request to see the units and trucks yourself. In case the company rejects your demand, be sure that something doesn’t add up with them. Any professional and trustworthy company will gladly showcase its units to potential customers.  

Compare Tennessee moving companies by booking their quotes

After you narrow down your list to a few movers with excellent storage units, it’s time to book commitment-free quotes. Next, compare the quotes and decide which company works best when it comes to your move. However, don’t stick to cheaper deals only. Although it’s best to book a company that is budget-friendly, the quality of services matters as well. Better to spend some extra dollars on decent supplies or crew with more years of experience behind.  

Don’t skip other additional services and their rates

Take other necessary moving services into consideration. For instance, if you have heavy electronic equipment, movers who have experience with such items will be a better choice. Also, check if the company’s packing supplies are worth the coin. You can go in person to see them yourself, or research testimonials that tell about the quality of boxes. 

Ask your family or friends for an opinion

When comparing Tennessee moving companies, it comes in handy to ask others for their opinion. Especially if you still can’t decide which company to choose. A word from someone you trust can mean a lot, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice