Compact ways to pack your wardrobe for travel

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There are many compact ways to pack your wardrobe for travel and definitely you can pack yourself. Just please, if you need any help when moving, feel free to use any of the moving companies in Tennessee to guide you in the process. After you choose the proper company, you can check out different methods of packing by yourself. It is worth checking which type of clothes easily loses their shape and different ways of packing.

Compact ways to pack your wardrobe-introduction

Besides stacking the clothes in piles, other options exist for arranging clothes in your suitcase, such as bundling or rolling them. Once again, if you need additional help lookup the best movers in Memphis online. Basically, you can experiment and choose the best option for you.  However, the most popular are:

A woman carrying boxes
The proper way of packing can save you a lot of time and space
  • Rolling
  • Vacuum packing
  • Folding
  • Bundling


Rolling is one of the most popular ways to save space while packing. It represents tightly rolling the clothes and putting rolled shape clothes in a suitcase. You can use either backpacks or suitcases for this method. When you need to pack a lot of different types of clothes, this is by far the greatest method. However, creases can appear and that can be a bit of a drag.

Vacuum packing- one of the compact ways to pack your wardrobe

Do not forget to use Memphis movers and packers, in case you need any help when traveling and moving. They maybe can have some additional innovative compact ways to pack your wardrobe easily. When you need to pack a lot of irregular items that take a lot of space- this is a method for you. It”squizzes” air out of luggage.  Thanks to that squeezing, you get up to three times more space. However, it takes a little more time.

Rolling is one of the compact ways to pack your wardrobe


In addition to other packing methods, you can also check out different articles about moving from one city to another, which can also give you great new packing ideas. In the future, there will maybe even be more ideas for compact ways to pack your wardrobe when traveling. Folding is by far the most popular packing method. It does not save so much space though. It is good when you plan to take your clothes out of the bag and put them in a wardrobe asap. Still, creases appear on shirts, dresses, or pants folded in this way.


Bundling is putting all the clothes on top of each other and then folding them one by one. It saves a lot of space. When you pack a lot of clothes in different sizes – this is the best method. It is especially good for jackets and hoodies. A small number of creases is great, but it is time-consuming. It requires some skill.

All in all, packing can be challenging. There are numerous methods for folding your clothes when traveling, but you need to choose the one that is the most suitable for you. Hiring a professional company can help. Exploring the internet is also helpful. So, please make sure you are informed and get down to business.