Common moving delays and how to avoid them

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Your moving company guarantees you that your belongings will be delivered to you with no delays. Unfortunately, delays still happen. This scenario is possible even with the most reliable movers. Of course, you should bear in mind that some circumstances are beyond their control. However, even though not all delays are their fault, you should be familiar with the most common moving delays. Here is what you should know about what can happen and how to act in this situation.

One of the most common moving delays is jammed traffic

If you are relocating from or to a large city, remember that traffic jams are a common occurrence. The reason can be a great number of vehicles on the streets, unforeseen accidents, construction work, or even community events. It does not matter at what time the moving van leaves. If there are some traffic jams, it can get stuck in traffic for a while.

So, what you can do to prevent this from happening is to schedule your relocation on a less busy day. Or, if you are not in a hurry, at a different time of the year. You will certainly avoid stressing yourself and you will manage to finish everything on time. On the other hand, if you put your trust in some of the most reliable long-distance movers, they will give you some piece of advice themselves.

Man covered with boxes
Plan your move accordingly so you avoid the common moving delays.

If you are not conditioned to move ASAP, there are some important things to know. Keep in mind that some places are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Some get too many tourists at certain times. All of these are factors to consider when picking the moving date. If you’re moving to Oxford MS you should check what events are happening there or does it get busy during the holidays. This can help you determine the time you want to move.

The wrong address is something that happens often

This is certainly something that sounds silly. You are completely sure that you have provided your movers in Mississipi with the correct address. However, the moving van does not appear at the time they said it would. In the end, you realize that you have made a mistake in the form of a single letter. So, to avoid this situation, make sure you double check all of the information before the moving day. Also, if your address contains an unmarked road or a tricky turn, make sure you let them know. Sometimes, not even GPS can be 100% accurate.

If you are filling out the forms online, make sure your autocorrect is off and that you go through your address, phone number, and card info a few times before officially sending it out. Small mistakes like this can mess up your whole moving plan. And a few seconds of just looking back to check can save you from a headache.

It’s not solely about your moving being delayed. If movers try to deliver your stuff and someone else opens the door, it can become a bigger problem. A person can either feel threatened by others having their address without them knowing anything about this or they can simply take advantage. That’s why we can’t stress enough how important it is to provide and verify all your details. Local movers Oxford MS advise that you visit your movers in person so both parties make sure they’re on track.

Accidents and breakdowns are also possible

Yet another one of the most common moving delays is accidents. As we already mentioned, traffic jams happen in large cities quite often. In situations of this kind, drivers tend to get nervous because they are late. For this reason, it can easily happen that your moving truck gets involved in an accident. Even though Hattiesburg movers have professional drivers, this is sometimes beyond their control.

Moving truck on the open road
Moving truck drivers are usually extra couscous of the road and aware of possible obstacles.

If something of this kind happens to your moving truck, you will be notified in a very short period. Do your best not to stress yourself because your movers will do everything they can to get your items to your new home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is a situation that cannot be predicted or prevented in any way. There is just hope that this is not something you will have to deal with. If we look at statistics, not a large number of moving trucks get into accidents that are occurring on the road, but it’s not impossible. It’s important to have the worst case scenario in mind so nothing can shock you.

You may not get all of your belongings

Sometimes, people do not get all of their moving boxes when their moving truck arrives. This is something that usually happens if they have not hired a professional mover. They may usually hire temporary movers who do not know how to do the job professionally.

Since they are in the company only for a certain period, they do not have proper training. So, to avoid getting into this kind of situation, pay special attention to what moving company you are going to hire. The worst thing you can do is hire the first mover you hear of without checking them. Instead, find their U.S. DOT number and check it at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is the easiest way to see whether your potential mover has a moving license or not. After that, read their moving reviews.

Some movers might mix up boxes or have them delivered in more than one visit. Again, this has to do with how organized and professional the moving company you’ve hired is. Moving companies Jackson MS are a good example of a professional and on point movers team. 

A mix-up is also something that can happen

One more of the most common moving delays is caused by a mix-up. Namely, if you are relocating long-distance, your moving company may use a large van where your boxes may not be alone. This kind of truck is used if they have multiple residential relocations and they distribute moving boxes on the way. In this kind of situation, two reasons for the delay are possible.

First of all, the wrong moving truck may arrive at your door. Your belongings will not be inside and you will have to wait for a couple of days. Also, you may get some of your belongings. Those that are missing are maybe delivered to a different client or they are in your mover’s warehouse. Either way, you will still have to wait some time before they get to you. Of course, do your best to choose a reliable mover and the chances for something like this to happen will be quite low.

Weather and natural disasters

Some factors can’t be predicted and there is no one to blame them on. If there is heavy snow, ice, or rain, you might experience a moving delay. This is why it’s very important to research the location you’re moving to know when tricky weather can be expected. Of course, you will still not be 100% certain, but you can at least get the idea. Movers in Horn Lake MS advise that, if possible, you plan your move according to the weather in your new location.

Natural disasters can happen at any time of the year and they don’t give warming. In this unfortunate situation, you can just hope that your movers have found shelter in a safe place and that they will stay safe together with your stuff. As long as nobody is hurt or nothing is damaged, delays in cases of natural disasters are okay.

Stay calm and collected

Delays can be very stressful. Especially if you don’t know the reason why or when it will be resolved. If you are anxious, this can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s important to have it in the back of your head that unplanned things can happen. Talk to your movers and ask them what they have done in situations like this in the past. If it helps, go online and ask your friends if they’ve had a similar experience and how did they deal with it.
This can help you feel more relaxed and reassured.

Know what your mover’s responsibilities are

If there’s been a mix up or some stuff is left in the warehouse, this is not your mistake. You need to know that you should not be charged for anything that’s out of your control. Some less professional movers might try to charge you for their mistakes. This is why agreements made before moving are crucial. You must read those documents carefully to beware of any complications. 

A clock on the wall
All common delays are usually solved quickly, just have patience and don’t stress.

You are now more familiar with some of the most common moving set-backs. In addition to this, we have provided you with some pieces of advice on how to do your best to prevent them from happening. If you do everything right, your relocation is most likely to run smoothly.

Some of these are more common moving delays than others. However, you need to bear in mind that not everything depends on you or your moving company. Some things just cannot be foreseen. Because of this, do your best not to stress yourself. Even if there is some delay, it will probably not be longer than a few days.