Common misconceptions about hiring movers

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People are moving all the time but there is a lot of wrong information circulating around. You decided on moving to Mississippi and you need a lot of information and good preparation. But there are many misconceptions about hiring movers and today we will help you make a better picture out of the whole story. It is up to you if you will believe it or not but our job is to explain exactly how things work. Therefore, let’s dive straight into it and cover this topic thoroughly.

How hard is it to find movers?

This is the big one. Many customers think that it is extremely hard to find good movers. But no, this is one of the common misconceptions about hiring movers because you can find them quite easily. With enough patience and focus, you’ll browse the internet and find exactly what you were looking for. So, set your goals, requirements, and demands before you even begin searching for movers Holly Springs MS. Once you have it all on the list, start browsing. We will provide a small list with the most important requirements to ease your search a bit. Consider the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Safety standards and moving insurance
  • Knowledge, experience, and reputation
A woman stressing over laptop
You’ll need some time but you’ll find your movers online for sure.

Those are just the mandatory requirements your moving company should possess. You can always take your research further and dig through the social media groups and reviews. But as long as you compare prices and services and include what we mentioned above, you’ll find the right moving company.

Moving is expensive

This one is debatable because it depends on the budget one can commit to the relocation. But in general, this is not true for sure. A basic relocation is affordable to anyone. What makes it expensive is the numerous requests and special services customers use. This means that you are boosting your moving price with all your requests. On the other hand, it can be expensive if you are using top-notch service and a reputable Mississippi moving company. It is understandable that some moving companies charge more simply because they use the highest technologies and meet all the safety standards and requirements to executing relocation flawlessly. The difference in price is not that big, but for some people, this can make a problem and they spread misconceptions about hiring movers unnecessarily.

And of course, if you find a fraudulent moving company, they can inflate prices and include all kinds of services you do not need. This way your bill skyrockets and in the end your move is expensive. But as long as you communicate with your movers beforehand and prepare your moving budget, you will be fine. Include everything into your moving contract and if needed seek legal counsel for advice.

Shortage of packing materials and moving tools

Yes, this one can be true but only if you choose an incompetent moving company. That is why you must inspect your movers and check the service they provide. Read moving reviews to figure out how they do their business. And what kind of approach they have. We already listed above all the mandatory requirements but you can always add more. If you want a sizeable moving vehicle, you’ll find a company that possesses one. If you need packing and unpacking services there will be enough packing supplies for each piece you have in your home. All in all, a good moving company should have everything ready and in good shape. Incompetent, fraudulent, and sketchy companies lack certain things and you should avoid them.

A girl surrounded with moving boxes
Movers will never run out of moving supplies for sure. Do not worry about this one.

The common misconceptions about hiring movers are that they will damage all your belongings

Nope, this is absolutely false. Again, if you find a wrong moving company it can happen but in that case, you will make claims against movers. Usually, it happens with sketchy and illegal moving companies. But if you have a reliable one, your belongings will be treated with utmost respect and dedication. Packing will be flawless and they will carry your stuff and load the moving truck like they would for themselves. So do not worry about your belongings because they are in very good hands. A good moving company possesses all the tools and a proper vehicle to execute this task successfully. Moreover, they know the road and the safest ways to reach the final destination.

So, all you must do is to create your moving checklist and an inventory list and have all your furniture rounded up. Gather enough info and inspect your home adequately to know in what state your items are and how many are there. Then you can pack, calculate the budget, and finally, relocate with your movers.

Transport can be a problem

Yet another among misconceptions about hiring movers. As we already explained, movers have all the tools and equipment to handle all your belongings adequately. Also, the way they pack the moving truck is impeccable. There will be no bumping and colliding during transport. Of course, this one depends on the way you pack. There can be some damages if you pack improperly. But if you let your movers pack you, your items will be ok. And remember, there is always a chance for an unfortunate event that couldn’t be prevented in any way. Hopefully, it will only be a broken dish that can be replaced easily.

Damage during transport is among the misconceptions about hiring movers
If you find a reputable moving company, the chance for damages will be minimized.

Another among misconceptions about hiring movers is the treatment you’ll receive

Ok, this one widely depends on the reputation of the company. Hence, read reviews, feedbacks, and social media groups. Realize how they treat their customers and reassure yourself you will be handled properly. Try obtaining references or word of mouth if possible. Find internal and external sources and confirm your company is environmentally friendly, safe, affordable, and caring. Yes, it is hard to find it all in one but you’ll find something similar easily. Therefore, find some time, read up a bit, and choose your moving crew.

Now you know the basic misconceptions about hiring movers. There are many more out there but these were the real ones that people ask about all the time. Spreading rumors is nothing new and it can hurt any business out there. Hopefully, we cleared this one up a bit and now you have a better picture of the moving process. Good luck and we wish you to find a reliable moving team.