Common expat problems when moving to Denver

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Becoming an expat is both an exciting and frightening experience. Namely, moving to a new place, you will have to deal with many new things. For example, you will have to adjust to common expat problems. Such are cultural differences, loneliness, language, and relationship issues. When it comes to common expat problems when moving to Denver, you should also consider adapting to altitude and thin air. The cost of living is another problem. Namely, Spyder Moving and Storage CO can easily move you to Denver downtown. Being in the city’s metropolitan area, you will easily meet people. And make friends. But, that area is the most expensive part of the city. On the other hand, suburbs are much cheaper. But, you might feel isolated, as suburbs are populated by closely-knit societies.

Establishing a social life is one of the common expat problems when moving to Denver

Living in a suburb, you will have to be patient. And give neighbors time to open up and accept you. However, in case you can afford to live downtown, you will meet friends faster. But, besides this, there are several more ways to become a part of society. Some of the easiest are:

  • make friends with co-workers
  • find internet expat groups from Denver and join them
  • Denver has strong sports culture, so becoming a fun of pro or amateur clubs will help you become close to others
  • join some local sport clubs
  • visit cafes and local pubs regularly
  • introduce yourself to neighbors (but don’t be pushy)

With time and advancement in your career, you will also secure a much better income. In case you don’t feel comfortable in the suburbs, it’s time to move downtown. And, who could be better for that than residential movers Denver?

Men Sitting at Table with Computers - Common expat problems when moving to Denver.
Introduce yourself to co-workers.

Moving to Denver as expat, you might experience the altitude sickness

Denver is very popular for its beautiful scenic views, and the thriving job market. The most developed industries are IT, mining, aerospace, healthcare, and financial services. Besides that, the city is investing a lot in advanced education and training.

You might also want to start your own business. However, before you make a deal with commercial movers Denver, visit the city first. Namely, Denver seats at an altitude of more than 5,00o feet. So, give yourself a few days to see if you have problems with living there. Many people are getting used to thin air after a while. If altitude sickness is a temporary problem, Mile High City will be a good place for you.

One of the common expat problems when moving to Denver is its long winters

As expat coming for a hot climate, you might have a problem with Denver’s long winters. Although Denver has over 250 sunny days, you will still be spending about 6 months in the snow. Besides the snow, you have to be ready for heil and strong thunderstorms. If winters are not a problem for you, get ready to enjoy winter sports. You will truly enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and hiking the nearby mountain peaks.

Denver CO, two people using snowboards.
Denver is known for its active culture.

Living in Denver, you will need a car

Public transportation in Denver is not well developed, which is certainly one of the common expat problems when moving to Denver. So, living downtown, you will still be able to enjoy public transportation. But to move around the city you will need a car. As an expat, you might need time to purchase one. And, in case you can’t afford accommodation downtown right away, you could have serious commuting problems. Going skiing or hiking, you will also need a car to reach the right places. In case you are bringing a car from another city, check with moving companies Denver CO for possible shipment.

Also, once you purchase a car, you will need a garage. Which will increase your living costs. Namely, you will rarely see a lot of snow on Denver streets. This is because the streets are regularly sprinkled with salt. And, if you’re keeping your car outside, salt will quickly start causing damage to it.

Denver attracts nature lovers

You might wonder what that has to do with you as an expat. Well, with 17 million people visiting Denver every year, the traffic in the city is a nightmare. And, due to traffic jams, your commuting time will be much longer.

However, what presents a real problem for expats like you are the tourists who decide to move to Denver. Lately, their number is increasing a lot. Which is causing a further rise in housing costs. They are already sitting at more than 30% above the national average. In case the costs become too high, you will need to seek cheaper neighborhoods. If so, movers and packers Denver, will help you if you are too busy. Or, if you have to move on short notice.

People Watching Soccer Game.
Sports are one of the main topics in the city.

Denver has a strongly sports-oriented culture

Again, what this has to do with you as an expat? Well, quite a bit, actually. Residents of Denver are heavily oriented towards outdoor activities and sports. So, in case you are not into sports and outdoor recreation, it might be very hard to make friends or find places that are peaceful and sports-free during the more important matches. It seems that, in Denver, everything revolves around sports. The residents are either practicing or going to sports events.

So, becoming fun, or starting to exercise, you will much easier make friends. On the other hand, that will help you to keep healthier. So, sports will bring you a double benefit.

Moving to Denver as an expat can be a challenging, yet interesting experience

Moving to Denver will definitely change your lifestyle. We could easily see the common expat problems when moving to Denver. And we saw that sports are among the, too.  So, you might feel forced to start exercising in order to make friends. But, with time, you might start to really love doing it. And, besides you will learn a lot about sports activities in the city. Denver has all major leagues covered. So, sports are one of the main topics in the city. And, if you want to join the discussion, you will have to know at least the basics. And finally, your new friends could come up with really good and affordable accommodation for you. If so, local movers Denver CO will easily move you to your new place.