Colorado spots for art lovers

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Deciding where to move is never easy. There are many factors involved in choosing a place to live in Colorado. Some of the main things you should pay attention to are the cost of living and housing, safety, traffic, and job opportunities. Of course, that’s not all. When planning a move, you should also choose a community that will enable you to develop in all fields. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, choose a place with a lot of outdoor activities. And if you are an art lover, choose a place with a developed artistic community. Fortunately, anyone planning a move to Colorado will be happy to know that there are plenty of places for artists and art lovers. If you are one of them, keep reading and find out what Colorado spots for art lovers are! And after that, call reliable Colorado movers and start planning your move!

Why move to Colorado?

If you’ve decided to move to Colorado, you’re well on your way to enjoying every aspect of life. You should know that Colorado as a state is consistently ranked high as one of the best states to live in the United States. Many people move here precisely because of the excellent business opportunities, good economy, great weather, scenic views, and cultural and artistic events. As you can see, people are planning to move to Colorado for high quality of life. In addition, there are many perks of living in Colorado, such as an excellent public school system, quality medical care, low taxes, landscape, and beautiful scenery. All this contributes to population growth because people easily decide to hire Spyder Moving and Storage Colorado and move to a state that offers them better life opportunities.

A lake surrounded by mountains and forest
The beautiful nature of Colorado is not the only thing that attracts people to move here, there are also good living conditions and a rich cultural and artistic scene.

Colorado has a lot to offer art lovers

All art lovers will be happy to hear that Colorado is quite open to art and artists. It has a lot to offer to nature lovers, photographers, and lovers of different kinds of art. In many cities, there are active and living artistic communities that work to promote and support artists, regardless of what kind of art they practice. What’s more, Colorado is home to over 20 artistic and creative communities full of galleries, art festivals, and local artists. So if you’re ready to share your talents with the world, find out which Colorado cities are the best for art lovers. Then call the commercial movers and get ready for the move, a move to Colorado will allow you to develop your talents.

People walk through the gallery after finding Colorado spots for art lovers.
Colorado’s art scene is quite rich and playful.

Here are some of the great cities for art lovers in Colorado:

  • Denver
  • Littleton
  • Lakewood
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Aurora
  • Parker

Denver is one of the first places to consider when looking at Colorado spots for art lovers

With a diverse art scene, tons of cultural arts events throughout the year, and plenty of museums and galleries to visit, Denver is definitely number one in the state of Colorado for art lovers. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of people hire moving companies Denver and plan their move here. We will try to briefly present here all the artistic communities in Denver as well as the more important places that you can visit. Since the Mile High City has so much to offer, all artists and art lovers will enjoy moving here.

Art communities in Denver are numerous and diverse

When we talk about art communities in Denver, the Art District on Santa Fe is definitely in the first place. This community is a synergy of all types of art in one that supports art and culture in an accessible way. What makes it stand out from the rest is over 70 art galleries, museums, studios, art cooperatives, and theaters which make it a unique place. In addition, the Art District on Santa Fe offers world-renowned cuisine with a medley of early spices and scents that make this neighborhood even more enticing to visitors year-round.

People talk about what are Colorado spots for art lovers.
Visit the Art District in Santa Fe and meet many other art lovers in Denver.

The Golden Triangle Creative District is a great place in Denver where artists like to hang out. It is home to eight museums, 15 galleries, and several fine art studios and specialty stores. And what is most interesting is that every last Friday of the month it offers free admission to all artistic events.

For many people, RiNo is the favorite place for art lovers in Colorado. That’s not at all surprising when you consider how fantastic this place is. This Denver neighborhood is full of art everywhere you look. it includes an array of creative businesses, art galleries, studio spaces, colorful street art, and more. All things considered, the River North Art District is a place to consider if you’re planning a move with local movers Denver CO.

Lakewood is also a great place for artists to move in

In Lakewood’s historic West Colfax neighborhood is 40 West Arts. All culture lovers, art lovers, and music lovers will enjoy the diverse art scene of this district. As you can see, 40 West Arts is also a community you shouldn’t miss if you’re thinking about moving to Colorado.

When you drive through the beautiful landscape of Lakewood, you probably don’t expect to see the arts district in the slightest. However, 40 West Arts is the most exciting and accessible art district located in Lakewood. It contains over 20 public art installations, several galleries, and performance spaces as well as the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. So it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to move to Lakewood with movers Lakewood CO.

And that’s not all, every first Friday of the month is a party at 40 West Arts. Then all galleries and art venues open their doors free of charge for all visitors after 5 p.m. People socialize, exchange opinions and impressions, and enjoy good music, craft beer, and excellent food.

A woman draws graffiti.
Denver is one of the best Colorado spots for art lovers and home to a large number of street artists.

Littleton is another great Colorado spot for art lovers

A few miles south of Denver is Littleton, which is also one of the great places for artists in Colorado. This small suburb has just over 41,000 inhabitants, but its art scene is exciting and diverse. It offers access to art galleries and events throughout the year. All you need is to ask for movers Littleton CO and move into a great art community. Because historic Downtown Littleton is a charming little place in itself, with beautiful turn-of-the-century brackets, small antique shops, quaint shops, and cozy restaurants and bars.

It is home to several excellent art galleries – The Littleton Fine Arts Guild, artSPARK Creative Studio, ROX Arts Gallery, as well as the Litteltown Museum where you can learn about the history of the city. Town Hall Arts Center is a community theater that has been producing comedies, musicals, and plays for 30 years. In Littleton, art is not confined exclusively to galleries, but you can find several public art installations. Some of them have works of art like Coming Home by Susan Grant Raymond and Again by Tommy C. Hicks. As you can see, the arts are an essential part of life in Littleton, and one of the great Colorado spots for art lovers.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is one of the best Colorado spots for art lovers. This city is 15 miles from Denver and is a great place to live for artists and art lovers. In this city, there is an 1101 Gallery, which connects local artists and allows them to present themselves. The proximity to Denver is quite attractive to people who decide to move here. Especially those who want to avoid the crowds of a big city like Denver, but stay close enough to visit everything they want.

Interestingly, the average income in Highlands Ranch is twice the national average, which encourages people to easily decide to move here with movers Highlands Ranch CO. The place is also known for its significant Highlands Ranch Mansion which today inspires a large number of artists.


Aurora is only 25 minutes from Denver great place to live in Colorado. This city has a population of about 400,000 and is known for its excellent schools, excellent medical care, less traffic, outdoor activities, and vibrant arts scene. It is the third largest city in the state of Colorado and a great place for all those who love art.

Exhibition of pictures in the gallery.
If you visit the Aurora Cultural Arts District, you will have the opportunity to see several different exhibitions.

What’s more, the Aurora Cultural Arts District is an active artistic community that gathers all artists in one place. It has 25 different public art pieces ranging from murals, statues, media, and more. And, it includes the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, the Art in Public Places program as well as several galleries and museums. If you decide to move here with movers Aurora CO, you will never miss cultural events.

You can visit the cinema from the 1940s – Aurora Fox Arts Center, which was renovated and reopened as an art theater in the 1980s. Or see a show at The Vintage Theatre. And maybe even visit The Aurora History Museum which has many rotating exhibits – from Colorado history to craft beer cultures and prominent local families.


Located in Douglas County with easy access to the Denver metropolitan area, Parker is one of the best places for living for art lovers. It is known for its unique Western-Victorian downtown. It is especially suitable for the life of young families because it has excellent access to Denver, but it is quiet and safe to live in. For art lovers, it is especially important to mention the town’s museum and PACE Center, which are a pillar of the cultural and artistic community of that city,

Parker Arts, Culture & Even (better known as PACE Center) is a multifunctional center located in Old Town Parker, which is home to most of the cultural and artistic events in this city. Cultural, artistic and educational exhibitions and activities are held here. But there are also plays, ballet, orchestra, stand-up comedy, and more live performances. PACE Center hosts the 7th Annual Brass Festival and the Miss Colorado beauty pageant, as well as ballet performances and concerts. In addition, there are two galleries where local and national artists can display their works – sculptures, paintings, and photographs.

Of course, that’s not all, in Parker, there are several more art galleries. As well as a Vehicle Vault that will be enjoyed by all art lovers. All things considered, it’s clear why a lot of people hire movers Parker CO to move here.

What are the most in-demand and highest-paying art jobs in Colorado?

And while we’re at the end of our list of Colorado spots for art lovers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at the important things when you’re planning a move to the Centennial State. What all artists are interested in is what are the most in-demand artist jobs in Colorado. As well as how much art jobs pay in Colorado. You should know that there is quite a variety of jobs for artists in Colorado. And that labor prices vary depending on the city. However, the average base salary for artists in Colorado is $18.82, which is the same as the national average.

Pictures on the floor in the gallery.
It won’t be hard to find many Colorado spots for art lovers because this state has many art communities.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Colorado and their average salary:

  • Designer – average $65 761 per a year
  • Illustrator – average $52 042 per a year
  • Graphic Designer – average $22.84 per hour
  • Art Director – average $66 539 per a year
  • 3D Artist – average $50 456 per a year
  • Concept Artist – average $64 946 per a year

Highest paying cities for artists in Colorado are:

  1. Fort Collins, CO ($22.57 per hour)
  2. Superior, CO ($19.24 per hour)
  3. Loveland, CO ($18.82 per hour)
  4. Littleton, CO ($18.81 per hour)
  5. Denver, CO ($18.65 per hour)
  6. Windsor, CO ($18.45 per hour)
  7. Englewood, CO ($18.37 per hour)
  8. Colorado Springs, CO ($18.08 per hour)
  9. Westminster, CO ($17.17 per hour)

And finally, whichever place you choose, you will enjoy an excellent art scene of different types of art and culture and types of artistic expression. Choose one of these Colorado spots for art lovers, and enjoy everything that moving there will bring you.