Cleaning before moving out – how to do it properly?

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Moving can be a really long process. For some people, it can feel like it doesn’t have an end. And that’s not strange considering that you have to complete a million tasks and then some more. Some tasks like finding the best among all the moving companies Memphis TN has comes instantly to our mind when we think about moving. But there are also other tasks that are very important but some people seem to forget them. One of them is cleaning but we’re not talking here about cleaning your new home – of course, you’re going to do that. Here you will see tips and tricks for cleaning before moving out and how to do it properly. So, stay tuned!

Why is cleaning before moving out important?

There are actually many reasons why you should tidy up the place before you move out for good. But the one that seems to be the main motivation for cleaning before moving out is the security deposit. If you had to give a deposit to your landlord before you moved in, the chances of you getting it back are much higher if the place is neat. If there’s dust everywhere, the windows and floors are dirty and there’s cobweb in every corner, you can practically kiss your deposit goodbye. Whereas, if your soon-to-be ex-home is clean and tidy your landlord will be happy and less likely to see the damages should there be any.

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Plus, your landlord will be more than satisfied because they won’t have to clean the place themselves or pay someone else to do it before new tenants move in

Other reasons are not so material, but more moral. You can try putting yourself in the shoes of the person that’s going to live in that place after you. How would you feel if you came to your new home only to find it in bad condition? Would you be happy that you have to spend days cleaning before unpacking and finally settling in? I bet you wouldn’t! That’s why cleaning before moving out will not only make your landlord happy but also people who move in after you. Plus, you’ll make the job of movers in Collierville TN that easier and more pleasant if everything’s clean and fresh.

Getting ready for the task ahead of you

Imagine the following – you have been cleaning all day and when you’re in the middle of cleaning when you run out of cleaning supplies. Or even worse, you were finally about to finish when you realize that you don’t have a necessary tool or gadget. If you want to avoid that you should make sure that you’re all set before you start cleaning. And that means that you have to prepare all the necessary cleaning supplies just as you’ve prepared all the necessary moving supplies for packing and unpacking. Check if you already have some supplies and if you do check if there’s enough or you have to buy more.

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Make a shopping list to make sure that you don’t forget something

The best order for cleaning your home before moving out

In what order you’ll clean your home might seem unimportant to you. However, if you want to do it properly and efficiently you should think about this. If you use these tips you’ll be able to speed up the whole process.

The order for cleaning depends on whether you are taking your furniture with you or not. If you are taking everything with you, the most efficient way is to wait until your residential movers are done with packing and carrying out your belongings. Only then should you clean the place thoroughly and then clean the furniture once it’s delivered to your new home. If you do it in the reverse order, you’ll probably have to do it twice. Your furniture can easily get dirty during transport and packing and unpacking. While the floors and the walls of your home will surely get dirty, especially if it’s raining and wet outside.

a detail - cleaning before moving out
One thing that’s the same for both cases is that you should focus on details after you’ve finished the rest

If you’re leaving behind all the furniture, then the situation is slightly different. In that case, it’d be best if you cleaned everything but the floors before the movers come. You should clean the floors after the movers finish carrying out everything because there’s no way that the floors won’t get dirty. And, as we’ve said before if the floors are all muddy and dirty the overall condition of the house will seem much worse than it actually is.

The things people usually forget to clean

If your home is not actually damaged, how well you clean it could be the difference between getting your deposit back or not. And although everyone surely remembers to clean the windows, wash the rugs and carpets, vacuum the floors, and dust the furniture, not everyone remembers the details. And it’s the details that can make a difference between a clean and a spotless home.

So, here’s a list of the tasks people most often forget to do:

  • Clean the doorknobs and doors
  • Dust the ledges
  • Clean light switches and outlets
  • Take the nails out of the walls and putty the holes
  • Clean the inside of the drawers and wardrobes
  • Dust the ceiling fixtures
  • Clean the inside of the electronic appliances
  • Clean windowsills

What to do if you can’t do the cleaning yourself

If all this seems like it’s too much trouble, there’s another solution! Namely, you can always pay someone to do it for you. There are numerous cleaning services that will gladly do all the cleaning instead of you. You can just look them up on the Internet and I’m sure that you’ll find one that’s close to you. But more importantly, you’ll find one that doesn’t cost that much. Cleaning before moving out is really important. So if you don’t have the time to do it hiring a professional cleaning company is something you should really think about.