Cities in Tennessee with the best student life

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Over the years the number of kids enrolling in colleges has grown. In 2019 out of  3,2 million high school graduates 2,1 million (or 66%) enrolled in college. What are the qualities that help kids pick out their college and university? Where do students predominantly choose to move? What are cities in Tennessee with the best student life? With the staggering number of students that moving companies in Tennessee have moved over the years, some have even come up with special services and offers for them to make the transition easier and more affordable.

Is choosing the right college important?

There are more and more workplaces that require you to have an advanced education. Especially in recent years, the need for workers to have a degree has grown rapidly. But why does a college or university degree have such an impact on your life?

People with degrees earn more on average. Some studies showed us that people with a bachelor’s degree earn $524 more per week than workers with only a high school diploma. That’s an increase of more than $20,000 per year. Also, some say that having a degree can influence your job stability. Only 5.5% of people with degrees are unemployed, compared with 9% of workers with only a high school diploma. So, how long will it take you to pick one of the places in Tennessee with the best student life, and call packing services Memphis TN to give you a hand?

A graduate happy that he picked one of the cities in Tennessee with the best student life
Every student wants to pick one of the Tennessee cities with the best student life. But that is something strongly dependent on our likes and dislikes.

It’s well known that many students have some of their best moments during college. It’s no wonder many people met their lifelong friends and partners on campus. The city you choose to study in also has a lot of impact on your education. As the surroundings can influence your choices. From parties and other forms of adventures, student life is always fun.

The state of Tennessee

The state of Tennessee is landlocked, meaning it has no access to any beaches. It is located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Actually, it is the 36th largest state when looking at the area it occupies. Its name comes from the name “Tanasi”. That was a Cherokee town in the eastern part of the state. That town existed long before the first European American settlement. Early in the town’s history, a strong dedication to military service was shown. Earning The state the nickname “The Volunteer State”.

The first people found living in Tennessee were Paleo-Indians. It is believed they arrived there somewhere around the end of the Last Glacial Period. Although names of the many groups that lived in this area before European contact are undiscovered. Archaeologists have managed to find a couple of different cultural periods. They include the Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian periods. Especially during the Mississippian period. It was said that there was rapid civilization development during that time. With the creation of many structures.

A college building
Now Tennessee is a place where many students come in search of better education. Students from all over the world pick some of its colleges as the programs they offer are close to unmatched.

In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors appeared.  They explored the region and encountered the indigenous residents. All natives in Tennessee were missing by the start of the eighteenth century. It is said that it’s most likely that they were killed out by diseases brought by the Spanish people. And so comes the ear of exploration and colonization.

It took a lot of history for Tennessee to become what it is today. As well as a lot of effort to better its economy and residents’ lives. Now it’s the place with some of the best and prestige colleges and universities in America. And with so much to choose from what are cities in Tennessee with the best student life for you? And is contacting Atoka TN movers as easy as it seems?

Colleges in Tennessee

Nashville is the state capital. Also, it is the home to many of the top colleges Tennessee has to offer you. It is often referred to as “Music City”. As it is the home of country music, it’s no wonder many notable music business and production degree programs are offered at colleges in the city. College football is a big deal in Tennessee. And the state’s flagship university, the University of Tennessee, has a rivalry with Vanderbilt University.

A studant in yellow smiling
Students pick out their schools based on their qualifications. As well as the surroundings, education quality and the level of opportunities after they get their degrees.

Outside of Nashville, a mix of small liberal arts colleges, midsize colleges, and research universities can be found. Throughout Tennessee and in cities such as Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville. With so many options, it’s no wonder you can’t decide what cities in Tennessee have the best student life. As many students look for different things when they pick out their school. So before they call Brownsville TN movers, there are some things they need to consider.

College life

Before you can make a choice you first need to decide what type of student life you want. College life is so different from school life. As we are exposed to new people, and professors with whom we learn and experience new things in life. For some college students is a constant string of parties. A place to enjoy life to the fullest and the last barrier between them and adulthood.

As for others, it’s time to become serious. And start learning and getting ready for the opportunities waiting for them after college. Whatever goal you had in mind when you called movers Brighton TN and set up your moving date. What’s important is what you actually want. You by yourself decide what cities in Tennessee with the best student life are, and among them picked out the best for you. So no reason to doubt yourself and your decision and go on to enjoy your college life.

Cities in Tennessee with the best student life

Party with a lot of people
Students will pick places known for parties.  It’s the best way to meet new people and have a great college experience.

As we already said, Tennessee has many big small, and median colleges and universities. Scattered among many cities all of them have their positive and negative sides. So picking a city in Tennessee with the best student life for you will highly depend on your preferences. As you will pick among them the one that fits your needs the best. And with that in mind finding the best moving companies in Bartlett that will help you move will also be easy.

Nashville, Vanderbilt University

Located on a beautiful 340-acre campus in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, is Vanderbilt University. It consists of 10 schools. Out of those 10, four offer undergraduate programs. The combination of a lot of academic dedication, and educated and highly dedicated professors. As well as vibrant campus life, and an urban location it’s no wonder it attracts talented students from around the world. The University consistently earns a place in the top 20 ranking among the “Best National Universities”.

Vanderbilt has 7,000 undergraduate and 6,600 graduate students, coming from more than 95 countries. They are continuously reminded of their professor’s teachings. Pushing themselves constantly to strive for more progress and better education.  They take full advantage of campus life and engage in more than 475 student organizations, and a full range of study abroad programs.

Students throwing caps on graduation
You are the one that picks your school and path in life. So don’t shy away. Be happy with your decisions and celebrate them.

But does Nashville fall into the category of Tennessee places with the best student life? Many moving companies in Lakeland TN can bear witness to the number of people moving to Nashville in recent years. Both for their studies and for work. The city has expanded and morphed enough to be a nice place to live and study in.

Always a top destination for country music lovers. Nashville has gained a certain position among the cities of the world for its food and art scene. With beautiful music, unforgetful nightlife, and many world-renowned colleges, it is also a fun destination for college students who wish to have fun at college.

Memphis, Rhodes College

How can we talk about cities in Tennessee with good student life, and not mention Memphis? Home to some of Tennessee’s best universities and colleges it is one of the prime destinations students pick. Moving companies in Macon have their hands full at the beginning of the year before enrollment. As many students flock to Memphis.

Rhodes College for example is one of them. It tries its best to help students meet the highest academic standards. Through their top-tier academic programs, hands-on mentorship, and opportunities for real-world experience. Not to mention that it’s located on one of the country’s most beautiful campuses. It also offers a supportive community that serves as a launch pad into the heart of Memphis. A vibrant city full of music, history, and opportunities for hands-on experience—and the world.

It has small class sizes where students have more contact with professors. As well as community partnerships, a wide range of research opportunities, and chances for new friendships. And in that way, it creates space for students to explore new perspectives and go through meaningful change. Also, Memphis offers parties and a nice nightlife as well as a nice landscape for those who wish to learn about nature.

Jackson, Union University

Jackson is a city in and the county seat of Madison County. It’s located only 70 miles east of Memphis. Its last measured total population was around 68,205 people. Jackson is Madison County’s largest city. And it’s the second-largest city next to Memphis. And it also finds itself on the list of cities in Tennessee with the best student life. 

Girl taking a picture with her diploma
If there is anyone more proud than us after we graduate, it’s our parents. They gave us so much support over the years. And this is a big thing for them too.

Union University is a private university. Ranked quite highly among other Univerities. It is a Christian community, that prepares students for life after college and teaches them how to manage their careers. Union is located in the city of Jackson.

At Union, you will learn how to adapt. All of that while being thought to understand yourself and your mind better. Taught by the people who are committed to helping you grow and develop. Hopefully, you will find new real friends during your stay at college. And you will leave it as a confident adult with a degree ready to take on life.

How do students pick their college?

Well over the years the ways students pick their college have mostly been centered around two factors. And you will probably agree with them. As the two are high-quality teaching and the availability of scholarships. Something that appeared to have the least importance to students was the opportunity to make friends with people from different countries. So what most do is pick colleges close to home. Or by using scholarships.

The American education system has many different types of scholarships that you can use. Aimed at all students there are science, math, biology, football, swimming, and so on. An endless array of opportunities for those that are ready to grab them. Although we can’t just expect to get it. As every scholarship is granted to those who deserve it. Both in the interest field and academics. Who says our work doesn’t pay off?

Be sure you are happy once you’ve chosen the best one out of all the cities in Tennessee with the best student life. Others may give you opinions but don’t blindly listen. It’s up to you what you wish to do after high school. Some people don’t need college to be successful. But make sure you don’t regret anything. If you wish at least try college life for its experiences. And who knows, you may even like it.