Choosing a storage unit – 5 simple tips

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Usually when relocating home is when we realize how much space we wasted over the years. This is the perfect moment to claim it back but the question is – how to do it and still keep most of our belongings? The answer lies in a storage unit rental. But if you are new to this concept, you’ll probably need some help with it. Therefore, let us make moving to Mississippi easier, and help you have an easier time when choosing a storage unit. Hopefully, after reading our piece you will find enough reasons to do so. Let’s take a look.

Start with the storage unit provider

If you decided to rent a storage unit, your first move is to search for a good storage unit provider. You will begin your search on the web. And there are two options for you. A company that is running a warehouse and storage business only, and movers who provide full service. Both are a viable choice but we can recommend local movers MS as the better one. Simply because you are moving already so why not cover the whole service at one place. This makes your search for the right moving company even more important. You want to find a legit one with all the perks that come with it. Apply your search criteria and narrow your choices down. Check moving reviews, prices, and services, and you will find a couple of companies that fit the description.

woman in front of laptop
Surf the web and find yourself a fine storage unit provider.

Once you are ready, give them a call and confirm they are licensed and that they have all the tools required for the job. Then, communicate about the services they provide and check the storage unit options they offer. Choosing a storage unit will be the easiest part of this story. As long as you find a legit, affordable, and safe company, everything else comes easy.

Browsing and choosing a storage unit

There are many perks that come with a unit. Depending on what you want and the budget you can dedicate, you have the following options:

  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Surveillance and guard on site.
  • Maintenance crew.
  • Climate-controlled storage options.
  • Outdoor and indoor storage options.

And as you know, there are small, medium, and large storage facilities. Smaller ones can fit boxes and furniture while medium-sized units can fit the entire home content. Larger units can fit much more plus the vehicle. So, depending on your purpose, you will choose the one you need. Communicate this part with your movers Pontotoc MS and figure out what is the best option for you. Most importantly, if they can accommodate your request and if you can use your unit in the way you imagined.

Storage units pros and cons

A storage unit will bring you many positive sides. You can use it to store any kind of item. Or you can use it as an extension to your business. Usually, people use it as a second garage. While some people implement marvelous ideas like making a gym, music studio, painting studio, etc. Although, before you begin adapting your unit to serve the purpose, you must consult your Mississippi moving company to check if they will allow it. Some warehouses prohibit regular visits or loud noises and this can limit your plans significantly. Another pro is that storage rent is relatively cheap. If the storage is located further away from the municipal area then it becomes even cheaper. So, keep this in mind when choosing a storage unit because it can save you some money.

a man counting budget when choosing a storage unit
Consider the pros and cons when renting a storage unit so you won’t hurt your budget unnecessarily.

There are not so many cons apart from the fact that you are sharing the entire warehouse facility with hundreds of people. Yes, your unit is safely locked. But you will bump into people all the time and that can be unpleasant for introverts and shy people. Especially if you want to spend some time inside your unit on a daily basis. And if you choose the wrong unit provider, you can end up in a wet, dark, and damp place. It is something you should avoid at all costs. Other than that, there are no cons tied to the storage unit as long as you are dealing with a legit storage unit provider.

What to pay attention to when choosing a storage unit

Pay attention to the size of the unit before you rent and sign the lease. You want to be sure that all your furniture, boxes, shelving systems, pallets, hangers, and hooks, can fit inside the unit. Measure the distance between walls, floor, and the ceiling and once you are sure that height and width are fine, then start working on your storage layout. Try not to make the rookie mistake and rent the unit that can’t fit all the items you already appointed for storage. That would be a disaster that would cost you even more. And if you are installing shelves, you must measure them as well. Finally, measure the door of the storage unit to confirm all items can fit inside the unit. Do the math before you attempt anything.

an architect drawing on paper
Take all the measurements while choosing a storage unit to be sure you can fit all your items inside the unit.

A tip of the day for maintaining your storage unit

All you need to keep your storage unit clean are the basic home chemicals, fiber cloth, a duster, and a broom. You should keep rodent repellant, air moisturizer, and scented baggies inside as well. And each time you visit your unit, you should let the fresh air in, swipe with the broom, and dust your boxes. You should cover all furniture and boxes with a tarp, sheet, or you can use protective plastic wrap. It is easier if you can take all the dust outside. Ten minutes of work will do the trick. And remember, never leave any perishables inside.

Choosing a storage unit is easy if you know what you are looking for. Hopefully, we made it easier for you, and you will find your perfect storage unit soon enough. Good luck and stay safe.