Charming places for big families in Tennessee

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Raising a family is a hard and important role you will have in your life. There are many things that you need to pay attention to and many things that you need to give up so that every member of the family can have what they need. The compromises you have to make are on a daily level. And often, they are not easy. One of the things you need to pay extra attention to when raising a family is where you want to do it. Choosing the perfect place that will fulfill the needs of every family member is hard. But there are some of the most charming places for big families in Tennessee worth checking out. We’ve created a list of some of these places to make the decision easier. If you choose to move to any one of them, do not hesitate to contact Spyder Moving and Storage TN for any additional info, and leave the relocation details to the professionals.

Charming places for big families in Tennessee

  1. Atoka
  2. Oakland
  3. Memphis
  4. Brunswick
  5. Somerville
  6. Brighton
  7. Jackson
family gathering outside of the house
Finding the most charming places for big families in Tennessee will be much easier now when you have the list of those places

The first one on this list is the Atoka

If you have a big family that likes a small community and people looking after each other, Atoka is the right place for you. There are only around 8,000  residents living here. But a lot of things to offer. The benefits of moving here with Atoka TN movers will show you that living here can be great for everyone. And all of that without making many compromises.

Benefits of moving to Atoka

One of the benefits of Atoka is that it is very affordable. You will not have an income tax for your salary. And along with this property taxes are lower than the national average. So raising a big family with a regular salary will be done here easily. When it comes to the costs of living, the median come is around 90,000 dollars, and the median home value is around 200,000 dollars. You can even find a place to rent for 15o dollars.

But one of the biggest advantages of living and moving here is nature. You will find tons of places to spend time and relax. After all, if you are in a smaller home at the beginning, you will need some time for yourself. Some of the greatest parks are here for you. Atoka Greenway Trails, Nancy lane Park, Pioneer Park, etc. To clear your head or just hang out with friends.

When it comes to schools and education, you should know that Atoka has 8 elementary schools and 5 middle. And you will find 4 high schools. This will be ideal for big families that have children of all ages. You can see why calling up one of the trusty local moving companies in TN and moving here is a dream come true for many.

Tennessee from above
As one of the most charming places for big families in Tennessee, Atoka has activities for the whole family

Oakland is calling!

Speaking of charming places, you should know why Oakland is on our list. Starting with affordable costs of living, Oakland has them lower than the national average. So you will have no problem raising a big family here. No state income taxes and low property taxes are your chance to have a comfortable life here. The real estate investments and opportunities are great here. If you have found an opportunity to move here and buy a home, you should definitely take it. One of the things you do not need to worry about is moving. If you hire the best Oakland TN movers, you will have a smooth and easy relocation.

Why is Oakland one of the most charming places for big families in Tennessee?

The benefits for big families to move here are the commute and the job diversity. You will find a lot of job opportunities and a strong job market. So if you are moving here with no job, you do not have to worry. The diverse opportunities here will certainly give you a choice that will make you happy. The commute is also pretty easy. You will not have to travel too long to the other major cities. Plus, it is 20 miles from the airport. Far enough to avoid the noise and close enough when traveling.

And the best and most important thing for those moving here with family and kids is that private school enrollment is low for the Elementary school level. So even if you tend to get your kid to private schools you will not have to separate too much money for this.

city during the sunset
Oakland is well-connected to big cities in TN

Check out why is Memphis on the list of charming laces for big families in Tennessee

For all of you that are thinking about moving to Memphis, there are some crucial things you need to know about this place. First of all, this is the best place for all of those people with families that are looking to get their finances in order. With plenty of job opportunities and a very strong market, you will be able to choose among the most various jobs here. That is what makes Memphis the correct for big families. And the best part of all is that the utilities, groceries, and other costs you will have are below the national average. So with great chances to get a good job and low costs, you will be able to have a very comfortable and nice life here after moving with the best movers in Memphis has in store.

More advantages!

This place, with all of the advantages we have been writing about, you will find this place very budget-friendly. This means that the places you can see and things you can do can be found and seen for less money than you think so there are many discounts for families.

You will find endless places out in the open to spend some time. With things for everyone, Memphis is a good place for raising kids and giving them a sense of belonging. Beale Street is giving you chance to see the most diverse cultures and enjoy some of the nice music and cultural events.

Schools are highly rated and you can find several elementary, middle, and high schools. And if you have been thinking about moving to Tennessee with your kids, Memphis should be one of your top choices.


There are a lot of places named like this. But there are some crucial differences between these places. The first one is the weather. The weather in Brunswick Tennessee is much better than in New Brunswick in Canada for example. And the weather plays a big role when choosing a good place to move with the family. This is also important when you need to hire movers in Brunswick TN has. You will not have to worry about weather conditions when moving here.

Why do people choose to raise their big family here?

To start with, Brunswick is a place that has some of the strongest communities in the whole of Tennessee. Moving here will mean that you will most likely have best friends in the house next door. Not only that people here like to keep their neighborhoods clean. They also have monthly meetings about what they can do to make their neighborhood even better. The crime level is low and you will not have to worry when your kids stay up late at night. There are even car patrols that are driven around the neighborhood in order to prevent any crimes from happening.

car parked
car patrols are something normal in this community

Somerville is the next one on the list of charming places for big families in Tennessee

If you are looking for a great place to raise your kids, you will not find anything like Somerville. One of the many reasons people hire movers in Somerville TN to move here is because this place has a lot of ways to experience the city. From walking areas to seven hills that will give you a chance to bike, drive a car with a lot of parking spaces, etc. You will be sure that there will be no weekend that you will spend locked in your home. Not only that most of the activities are suitable for every member of the family, but you will also have a lot of fun together.


One of the things you should be looking for when choosing a place to move to with your big family is how safe the certain place is. When it comes to  Brighton, you should know that the crime level is lower than the national average. To make your picture clearer, here are some statistics:

  1. When it comes to the total crime rate it is 4 out of 1000
  2. Violet crime rate is 1 per 1000
  3. And the property crime rate is 2 per 1000.

Moving to a place that will be safe to raise your kids and not worry about your elementary rights should be your choice. That is why most people hire Brighton TN movers has and move here the moment they get an opportunity.

Education in Brighton

Another reason people love moving here is the various opportunities for high-quality education. If you want to raise your kids in a safe and thriving environment with great school options, Brighton should meet your needs. This place offers band, choir, art, and drama sections. You will be able to find many organizations for students, such as Quiz Bowl, Future Farmers of America, Student Council, etc. The community here is focused on academics. If your kid is a student here, he will have to take core classes such as English and math. If you think that your kid might have great chances here, think about hiring moving companies in Tennessee and relocating before the school year starts.

A college in Brighton, one of the charming places for big families in Tennessee
Finding an activity that will keep you and your family members happy is something you should think of when choosing your new hometown

The last one but still one of the charming places for big families in Tennessee is the city of Jackson

If you think about the livability in a certain place, you will have to calculate different things combined together. Those are education, crime level, overall happiness of residents, and of course, the costs of living. And when you think about Jackson, the livability level here is above the national average. Let us find out why people hire movers in Jackson TN to help them relocate here.

Benefits of living in Jackson

Starting with the cost of living, most people check if they can afford to live somewhere before making a decision to move there. You’ll be happy to know that the costs of living here are lower than the national average. What makes this even better is that you will be able to upgrade your career and find a higher-paying one, since the job market is well-developed in Jackson. There are some big-name companies here, like Tennalum, that you can apply to.

The next advantage of moving to this city in the state of Tennessee is that you will have a chance to enroll your kid in several colleges and universities. You can choose between:

  1.  Bethel University- Jackson,
  2. Lane College,
  3. Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Jackson,
  4. Union University,
  5. Jackson State Community College,
  6. UT Martin and the University of Memphis Lambuth

You will not regret it no matter which choice you make here. And most importantly, your kids will not make a mistake no matter where they want to go.

Jackson, one of the charming places for big families in Tennessee
Check out the housing options as well as the education systems in the place you are interested in

Final words

As you can see, there are many places that you can find that would be suitable for your family. All of the charming places for big families in Tennessee have something special to offer. Once you read and explore them, you will see that there are much more than you expected. Of course, don’t stress too much over your decision, if you decide that TN isn’t for you, you can always hire one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies and relocate elsewhere. However, if you’ve done your research and chosen your TN destination wisely, this shouldn’t be a problem.