Challenges of moving as a senior

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Relocating home can be a thing to remember as a pleasant adventurous experience or tiresome hardship. It all depends on the circumstances and how you organize your relocation. Although, if you are a senior it might be harder by default. If you do not seek appropriate help and cover all steps adequately, you might struggle more than you should. Therefore, to make this easier for you we assembled a guide on how to overcome the challenges of moving as a senior. Let us guide you through and secure a pleasant moving experience.

A strategy to overcome challenges of moving as a senior

Now, you probably moved at least once in the past and you know most of it. But we will remind you of a few crucial steps you must do beforehand. Start with a moving checklist that will serve as a guide through the whole process. List down all steps to stay on track and avoid forgetting any of it. The first step is to decide on a moving date and contact moving companies in Oxford MS to secure a date you desire. Communicate the details further to determine the best way to organize your relocation. Cover your moving budget, moving services, and legal aspect of it all.

But somewhere in between, you should inspect your belongings and figure out how much stuff you must pack. Movers should have this information as soon as possible so they can help you calculate moving costs precisely. This way you’ll know how your moving budget should look like and which services you can afford. Once you covered all the steps we mentioned, you can move forward and begin your preparations for the moving day.

Find a reliable moving company

Now, let us explain a bit further why it is important to find reliable movers in Memphis TN. Firstly, you want your lifetime possessions relocated safely and without any damages. Moreover, you want the whole service to be an impeccable and pleasant experience. So, in order to achieve this, you must search for a moving company you can trust. And the best way to find one is to search for it online. But you can check the local paper and browse add as well. Whatever suits you best. Just make sure you compare multiple choices before making a final decision. Compare prices, services, and read reviews. In less than an hour, you’ll find a match.

A person browsing on laptop
Search for your movers online. You will find a suitable match within minutes.

Once you found the adequate assistance for the process, give that company a call, and communicate the details further. You want to know if they hold permits and licenses to operate. Also, you should ask if they have all the tools, equipment, vehicles, and manpower. The more information you obtain, the better the outcome. And you shouldn’t forget to communicate about the moving services dedicated to senior citizens. Senior movers have a unique approach to our elderly citizens with the means to support any request. Most important, senior movers are aware of how emotional this can be to seniors. You can rest assured you will be handled adequately and with special care.

It is time to sort your belongings thoroughly

One of the greatest challenges of moving as a senior is to prepare your belongings and pack. You probably have more memorabilia and family items stored around the house than one could imagine. Therefore, the time has come to shuffle through it all and figure out the best packing plan. And while in the process, gather all those items you do not need anymore. This is the best moment to declutter before moving day and make it easier and more efficient. Decluttering and downsizing will reduce the overall moving cost. Also, you will start fresh and clutter-free.

Cleaning out the clutter is one of the challenges of moving as a senior
We all have cluttered space at home. This is the time to get rid of yours.

Once you shuffle through the attic, basement, garage, and all other areas of your home, you’ll have a few items you should remove. Especially if you move to a smaller place that can’t hold all those items. And to get rid of all those items you can organize a yard/garage sale, donate, sell, a gift to a friend, or simply throw away. Also, remember to ask for help from a friend, neighbor, or family member. Preparing items for packing and decluttering are exhausting processes. Do not do it alone.

Let us pack together!

Packing is probably the most boring and time-consuming among all moving steps. You should inspect, clean, and pack your items accordingly. Also, you must obtain all the packing materials required for it. It is a delicate process and maybe it would be best to complete this one with help from a family member. Or you can enlist movers and utilize the packing and unpacking services they provide. Movers will bring all the materials required and help you pack as well. Or pack and unpack you entirely. But in case you want to handle this one alone, you must obtain the following:

  • Moving boxes – Cardboard moving boxes is an absolute winner in a relocation process. You will probably need around 20 or more. Aim for different sizes and shapes if necessary.
  • Packing tape – Use it to seal your boxes tight. Apply several layers and if possible use a higher-quality one to strengthen the whole package a bit.
  • Wrapping paper – Wrap all fragile and delicate items individually. You can substitute it with old newspapers and magazines.
  • Blister pack – The best cushion there is. A bit expensive at times but it will provide the best protection. Use it to make the foundation of your moving boxes cushiony before placing items inside.
  • Labels – Each box should have a label taped on it. Write down the content of the box so you can have an easier time while unpacking. Moreover, it will raise awareness about the fragile content of the box.

You conquered most of the challenges of moving as a senior. Are you ready to move?

Ok, now you know the challenges of moving as a senior and you are almost ready for your moving day. One thing that is left to do is to pack an essential bag. It should include all your medicine, your personal documents and IDs, moving documents, wallets, credit cards, change of clothes, and toiletries. You can add anything else you’ll need on this journey. But ensure you keep it light and pack only the essentials so you can move it around without too much trouble. And it should be always with you and within reach.

A woman holding her keys and a purse
Dedicate an essentials bag and keep your dearest possessions on you at all times.

A new beginning

As soon as your movers bring your belongings over, you should start unpacking and settling in. Of course, you’ll take a breather for a couple of hours and continue in the morning. What is important is that you should organize your space as soon as possible. As a senior, you probably got used to a certain quality of life and your belongings and furniture. So, you should unpack all those areas that are essential to your routine and everyday activities. Ask your younger family members to assist and make this happen. It will benefit you greatly. It will be less stressful and you will avoid post-move anxiety and depression.

Being surrounded with familiar items, books, photos, and other family heirlooms will bring a familiar feeling and you will cope with this change better. Also, buying home essentials before moving in is important as well. Ensure you have all the supplies ready as soon as you occupy your new living space.

Now you know how to handle the challenges of moving as a senior. It will be emotionally hard, but it does not have to be physically hard as well. And now you know how to handle it successfully. Hopefully, you are surrounded by family members in times of need and they will help you endure the hard times ahead. Now, hold your head up high because new victories await. Good luck!