Brownsville vs Germantown: where to move in 2023

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Moving to a new city is always exciting and fun. However, there are some things to consider before you start your relocation. If you intend to relocate to Brownsville or Germantown in the near future, you need to be well prepared. Hiring Spyder Moving and Storage can help a lot when you cannot decide which place is more suitable for you. Knowing the differences between these two cities will enable you to adjust better and build your new life the way you have always wanted. If you still have doubts, then go through our Brownsville vs Germantown list. You will learn everything you need to know about these great communities. There is nothing better than moving without stress and anxiety.

Everything you need to know about living in Tennessee

Tennessee is the state that truly has it all. If you are thinking about moving to Tennessee, you will not make a wrong decision. Tennessee’s southern charm will not leave you indifferent. The music scene is great, the food is amazing, and the weather is comfortable. Moreover, its low cost of living and friendly people earned it a reputation as one of the best states to live in. When you add people’s hospitality and smiles when you walk by, you get the most welcoming place ever. Brownsville and Germantown are both located in Tennessee, but which one is better for you and your family? We have compiled a short list of the most striking differences that will be very useful during the relocation.

The view of a city by the water in Tennessee
Brownsville vs Germantown, which one is better? You will find this beauty in both cities

 Brownsville is less expensive than Germantown

According to some moving companies in Tennessee, Brownsville is 36.8 % less expensive than Germantown. If you decide to relocate to any of these places, this is the first thing that you will notice. The housing costs are much lower in Brownsville, and so are the groceries, utilities, and transportation. On the other hand, healthcare is 0.1 % higher. However, despite the higher costs of living, Germantown still has a lot to offer to its residents. Whichever town you choose for your new dream home, you will certainly not have a lot of time to think about money. You will enjoy plenty of activities and fun things to do.

Brownsville vs Germantown: the housing market is very competitive

Another important factor to consider when you decide to move is to research the housing prices for the specific area. Although Brownsville is bigger, with a population of around 187.000 people, houses in Germantown are more expensive to buy and rent. If you want to buy a house in Germantown, you will pay around $397,500, compared to $375,000 in Brownsville. This may be high for a city with 89.000 people living in it, however, your moving company Germantown TN offers will recommend homes with more affordable prices. These are usually spacious one-story houses with gardens, and they sell in less than a month. This makes the housing market in Tennessee very competitive and attractive for residents.

A couple buying a home, and thinking which one is better, Brownsville vs Germantown
Moving to a new place is a tough decision, but if you are well-prepared then you will experience a smooth relocation

 Germantown has a lower crime rate than Brownsville

When you decide to move, you will probably search for an area with a low crime rate. As safety is one of the major issues nowadays, it is no wonder that people choose smaller communities that are safe for a living. Germantown is one such community! The crime rate in this city is 38 % lower than the national average, with 15 crimes per 1000 residents.

On the other hand, Brownsville’s crime rate is 58 % higher than the average rate in Tennessee and 31 % higher than the national average. Some of the most common types of crimes committed are property crimes, including larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. If you consider relocating to one of these areas, you will probably hire some of the best Brownsville TN movers to recommend the safest part of the city, as they are most familiar with the area.

 You can find better job opportunities in Germantown

Tennessee is a state with very good job opportunities, but there are some differences between Brownsville vs Germantown. The unemployment rate in Brownsville is 8,3 % and the median income is around $37, 370.00. This is 21 % percent lower than the national average. On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Germantown is only 3,4 %, with an average income of $52, 763 a year. According to some research, Germantown has experienced a job market increase of 2.1 % since last year. This means that getting a job in Germantown is somewhat easier than in Brownsville. 

A happy man throwing papers in the air
Germantown is a great place for getting a new job and other employment opportunities

There are plenty of great things to do in both cities

One thing that connects Brownsville and Germantown is the southern hospitality and charm. Located in the state of Tennessee, both communities have a lot to offer to residents. And while Brownsville is a historical place rich in museums and theaters, Germantown offers plenty of possibilities for recreational activities. You and your family will have a great time doing the following activities:

  • Visit a man-made crystal cave in the city of Germantown
  • Grab a picnic basket and stroll in the park
  • Fishing, hiking, and bike riding are common family activities
  • Enjoy a drive-in cinema with snacks and drinks
  • Visit a nearby farm in Brownsville and pick fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Your kids will love the Botanical Garden with its low fountain and a tree house
  • Germantown Community Theatre offers educational programs and activities for the entire family

Of course, this is not the complete list of activities to do in Brownsville and Germantown. Moreover, you can always hop over to the nearby major cities and enjoy nightlife and bustling city lights.

Living in Tennessee will bring a big change in your life

Tennessee is full of great cities and neighborhoods to live in. As a result, you will certainly not have an easy task choosing between Brownsville vs Germantown. While Brownsville is less expensive, Germantown has a lower unemployment rate. Both cities have a lot to offer and moving there will enable you to do plenty of great indoor and outdoor activities. If you still have doubts, then do some further digging into these cities, keeping your personal preferences in mind, and make an informed decision. The outcome will be worth your effort.