Best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there

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If you have decided to move to Tennessee, there are a lot of interesting places to choose from. Perhaps you have decided to which state you would like to move, but you are still unsure about the town. When there are so many options and a large number of great places, it is hard to make a final decision. Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start your search from. Professional movers Spyder Moving and Storage are here to advise you on the best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there.

Life in Tennessee

Before making this state home, find out what’s it like to live here. The most important factor that draws people to Tennessee is the low cost of living, especially in small towns. Also, it is an ideal state for music fans. Tennessee is home to country music and a famous Gran Ole Opry music venue, as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Moreover, the most visited national park in the United States is located here. It is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and it abounds with spectacular nature. The entire state is filled with various festivals year-round, which makes it a very vibrant and entertaining place to live in.

a building in Tennessee
Learn about the best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there

However, before you book the best movers in Tennessee, you might want to look into the downsides of this state. Severe weather conditions with an average of 50 tornadoes annually are the biggest drawback. On top of the bad weather and occasional heavy storms, the climate in Tennessee is extremely humid. Also, big cities experience heavy traffic congestion, so if you wish to avoid this, start looking into moving to a smaller town.

Best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there

Tennessee is a huge state that covers 56,000 square miles. Whether you are moving a household or a business, commercial movers will be there to assist you with the relocation. However, the research regarding the best place to move will have to be done by yourself. Here are the best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods:

  • Ask a realtor
  • Do online research
  • View homes in person

Ask a realtor

Consulting a professional always makes sense. Realtors deal with real estate and are aware of all the pros and cons of living in a certain area. For instance, if you are looking to move to a Memphis metropolitan area, a professional may recommend Collierville. A small town of 50,000 inhabitants boasts proximity to the big city and all its amenities. Collierville has gone through a major economic expansion in the last couple of decades and now offers a high quality of life to its residents. If you like places with historic significance, this may be the town for you. In the National Register of Historic Places, one can find Collierville’s downtown area. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the best moving companies Collierville TN offers, and move to this picturesque town.

consulting with a realtor is one of the best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there
Consult with a professional when looking for a place to live

Do online research

Google maps and google street view are probably the best way to explore Tennessee neighborhoods. Also, you may look up the experiences of others who already live in places you are interested in. If you are a fan of big cities, then focus on researching the top three ones – Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville.


Nashville is the state capital and one of the major tourist attractions in the US and worldwide. Although it’s a big city, the cost of living is affordable. The housing in Nashville is 4% cheaper than the US average, while utilities are 9% cheaper. This is a very entertaining and exciting place to live, with a multitude of job opportunities. Big cities are usually not very safe, however, if you choose the neighborhoods of Green Hills, Sylvan Park, or Oak Hill, you will not have to worry about safety that much.


The place where Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash recorded albums guarantees a fun life. The culture of the Deep South is present all over the town. The cost of living is low, as is the unemployment rate. Online research is the best way to find out more about this iconic place and what’s it like to live here.

a street in Memphis
If you like big-city energy then you should consider Memphis as one of the options


This town of 192,000 residents offers a great variety of activities – from historic sites and festivals to outdoor activities. It is home to the University of Tennessee, and it has a large number of young residents. The traffic congestion is minimal, and the town offers good education and a lot of business opportunities.

View homes in person

Taking a short trip to Tennessee and seeing for yourself what the state has to offer is probably the best way of choosing your ideal place of residence. If you are looking to move to a very small town, you should pay a visit to Brownsville. While you are there, check what services Brownsville TN movers offer and at what cost. This town has 9,660 residents and it is ideal for a peaceful and secluded lifestyle. Check out the pre-Civil War homes owned by wealthy planters and farms that have been owned by the same family for generations. As Brownsville is a small place it will not take up too much of your time to take a tour around it and view homes for sale.

Before making a final decision about where to move, make a list of your priorities and non-negotiables. Tennessee neighborhoods are usually close communities and each one has its own rules and regulations. When you are thinking about the best ways to learn about Tennessee neighborhoods before moving there, bear in mind what kind of neighborhood would suit you best. Think about what your preference is-a big and vibrant city inhabited by young professionals or a small community where everyone sticks together? Choosing a neighborhood to move to should not be done on impulse.