Best vacations for MS locals

We live in a world where a fast-paced way of life is dominant. In order to keep up, we usually have to make a lot of sacrifices. As a result, our personal goals and wishes sometimes suffer and lag behind. One way to deal with constant pressure is to treat yourself to a nice journey. Take a relaxing weekend getaway or a full-scale trip with sightseeing. Above all, a change of surroundings is a great remedy for daily routines. For people living in Mississippi options are plentiful as Magnolia state has many beautiful locations. Interesting towns rich in historical sites and monuments and beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast are there for exploration. Also, you can visit the neighboring Tennessee, especially in the autumn when the trees put on a spectacular display of colors. If you plan on moving to Tennessee on a permanent basis, feel free to check out some of the local moving companies. Do you lack ideas where to go and how to spend your weekend? Don’t worry we have ideas for best vacations for MS locals. Stay tuned.

Picture of Mississippi State Capitol
Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and a city rich in culture

Organize an Educational Vacation

The state of Mississippi has a rich and interesting history. Therefore, there is an abundance of sites, buildings, and monuments to explore. Learning while traveling is fulfilling for mind and soul. Instead of just sitting by the pool and sipping margaritas, use your free time to learn more about the world around you. These are some important landmarks to visit in the capital city of Jackson:

  • Mississippi State Capitol. This impressive building is the place where all the Mississippi’s important decisions are made.
  • War Memorial Building. Here are displayed the names of all Mississippi heroes who gave their lives for the homeland.
  • Old Capitol Museum. The oldest building in Mississippi is a museum dedicated to legislative development of the state.
  • National Military Park. Located in the small town of Vicksburg the Military park is very close to Jackson and here you can learn about the Civil War and see many interesting exhibits.

Another interesting stop on your educational road trip should be the town of Natchez. Interesting landmarks to visit here include:

  • Mary Basilica
  • Stanton Hall
  • Octagonal mansion of Longwood
  • Rosalie Mansion

    Picture of Longwood house
    Best vacations for MS locals include daily trips to visit landmarks like Longwood house

Visit the town of Oxford

The namesake of the famous university city in the United Kingdom, Oxford Mississippi has a lot to offer as well. First of all, the state’s university is located here. The university has a museum which holds numerous Roman and Greek antiquities. For such a small town, Oxford has several interesting museums and theaters. During your stay here make sure to visit Rowan Oak. The house/now museum is home of celebrated author and a Nobel prize winner William Faulkner. Downtown Oxford has many beautiful buildings, art galleries, and restaurants. Oxford has a diverse musical scene due to its proximity to other musical centers such as Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans. If you are a student and are looking to move here, search for a local Oxford moving company. They will gice you more info about the moving quotes.

Best vacations for MS locals include a day in nature

Mississippi has a staggering nature that includes pretty much every type of terrain. Therefore, one way to spend your weekend is to take a scenic drive and enjoy the local flora and fauna. Excellent idea for road trip like this would be to drive along the Great River Road. The road follows the Mississippi River. Make a stop to see the Mississippi petrified forest. It’s the only of its kind in the United States. There is a nearby museum with various fossils and dinosaur footprints. Are you in the mood for resting and doing nothing? Then, you can always rent a rustic cottage house and relax with a good book. When the night falls, you can observe the stars in the Mississippi’s clear skies.

Best vacations for MS locals are usually trips to the surrounding nature
Take a few days off and go for a cruise down the Mississippi roads and enjoy the nature

Make a trip to the local seaside

Do you prefer the seaside? Then visit the coastal towns of Biloxi and Gulfport. They are located in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. This area is rich in sandy beaches which are a perfect place for camping during summer. When you get hungry order some shrimps in one of local restaurants. Enjoy the ocean breeze and laid-back atmosphere with dinner. Aside from the usual beach activities like kayaking, fishing and sunbathing Biloxi is known for Annual Cruising the Coast festival. In other words, retro and classic automobiles, blues music and good all-round atmosphere. While in Biloxi, you can visit the local lighthouse or the Ohr-O’Keefe architecture museum. Another important monument of local history is the Beauvoir. It’s the place of retirement of confederate president Jefferson Davis. Over the past years the city of Gulfport has become popular for its casinos and shopping venues.

Some other ideas for fun activities for best vacations for MS locals

If you wish to have some fun with your family you can visit the Mississippi state fair. Enjoy the variety of rides and taste some of the best local dishes. The aforementioned Natchez organizes a hot-balloon race every October. Therefore, if you find yourself there at that time of the year, make sure you go and see it. In the Spring, you can visit the Tunica Rivergate festival. There, you can listen to rock, bluegrass and country music live. Do you like science and space exploration? For that reason, visit the INFINITY science center in Pearlington.

In conclusion, the State of Mississippi offers a wide array of historical sites and important landmarks. Also, the state is rich with authentic restaurants, beautiful nature and fun activities to do.  Therefore, we have narrowed down the choices to make ideas for best vacations for MS locals. You can use this list even of you are not a Missisippi resident. If you wish to become one and relocate here, make sure you have reliable moving partners. We hope our advice will be useful to you, and that you will create many great memories. So, pack your bags and start your journey.

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