Best trails to experience Memphis outdoors

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Memphis citizens are truly blessed. They enjoy outdoor activities almost during the whole year, thanks to the weather. Whether it’s about the trails or family affinities, Memphis is an astounding choice for outdoor lovers. You can add a piece of history and visit the Mud Island river park, where a scale model of the Mississipi river excites kids and adults. Whether Memphis has more than enough outdoor pursuits to satisfy real athletes, committed joggers, or just those people who love an excellent picnic, this article will help you plan trails to experience Memphis outdoors.

Major trails to experience Memphis outdoors

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Memphis is known as the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Home of the Blues, Memphis drags more than 10 million visitors yearly. People tour from all over the earth to experience the culture, food, and history of Memphis. Moreover, there are many possibilities to get in harmony with nature, too. It’s officially springtime in Memphis, and now is the time to catch the trails and experience some new places around the city.

  • Shelby Farms Park trails. It’s the largest park and it’s home to over 40 miles of both paved and unpaved trails. These trails give hikers a chance to explore everything the park has to offer, from lakes to woods to fields.
  • Shelby Farms Park Greenline. The most exciting and well-known trail. Spanning over 10 miles, the trail links Midtown to Cordova through Shelby Farms. You’ll see bikers, walkers, and runners, and you can enjoy the fun in the park along the way.
A man starting his journey to trails to experience Memphis outdoors
Try to take notes about all the amazing trails to experience Memphis outdoors and start your journey
  • Wolf River Greenway. This beautiful Greenway goes forward with guarded green spaces adjacent to the Wolf River. And the wide path includes both bikers and walkers. While this trail is currently over 11 miles, several more miles are being added. When the project is complete, the Wolf River Greenway will be over 26 miles and stretch across the city to Downtown.
  • Herb Parsons lake trail. Located just north outside of Collierville, it produces a hiking experience that’s different than any in the city. The 6-mile-long trail winds through the woods along the lake, which is widely used for fishing.
  • Stanky Creek trail. Stanky Creek trail is a 9-mile, trail located near Bartlett, Tennessee. It features beautiful wildflowers and three different trail options. The trail offers various activity claims and is available during the whole year.

Remember to check these trails to experience Memphis outdoors

Tour de Wolf trail with a distance of 5.6 miles. The Tour de Wolf trail is one of the most isolated loop trails in the Shelby Farms complex. Created on the grounds of a formal penal farm, the area of nature presents excellent recreation possibilities for Memphis inhabitants during the whole year. Plentiful parking is obtainable over the street from the trailhead in the Pine Lake parking lot or a gravel lot. Both are located on Great View Drive, the park’s primary road. Park rangers and staff routinely patrol the access roads and parking lots during the day.

This trail is ideal for all seasons, and it gives the best views during the fall. As the leaves around the forest begin to change while the evergreens have the chance to demonstrate their durability. The W.C. Johnson Reservoir loop trail with a distance of 3.4 miles. This loop trail is an escape into the natural world amid the urban sprawl. The trail starts on a widespread boardwalk that brings you through an impressive lowland marsh. And eventually through a swamp filled with cypress knees and Spanish moss.

Two persons starting their hiking experience
Aim to be that person who is open to new adventures and by that make the best of your life

Quickly after, the boardwalk empties onto the trail that will get you around the remainder of the park. You will have the chance to pass through fields that are full of wildflowers if you decide to go in the early spring. This is also the best time due to the lack of bug activity and the moderate temperatures. Being able to watch the forest come alive for the season is a gift that is oftentimes neglected in the public areas around the city. Before being able to watch that, get in touch with professional movers Memphis TN as you’ll resolve any problems that can be found on your way.

Encounter with the Big River Crossing

If you’re local, feel free to contact local movers Memphis TN before checking one of the newest attractions downtown is Big River Crossing. A bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi River. It’s connecting Tennessee to Arkansas on the other side. Cycle across the nearly mile-long bridge and continue for 9 more miles on the paved trail to West Memphis, Arkansas. From the Memphis skyline on one side to the greenery on the other side, the views from the bridge are sufficient. For a more extended ride, take your mountain bike down the 70 miles of graveled levee trails on the Big River Trail. And you’ll be experiencing a completely diverse experience of the Mississippi River.

Infinite possibilities when it comes to trails to experience Memphis outdoors

While you walk you will be able to take in the marvelous views of downtown on your right while the big river rushes only feet away on your left. You’ll see the historic Memphis Riverboats while modern boats push their load down the river. At the halfway point you can stop to marvel at the Memphis Pyramid, its glass walls reflecting every drop of sun. Hopefully, you can overlook the fact that it now houses a massive Bass pro shop. You can easily branch off from the path and walk downtown. The Lorraine Motel, the sight of Dr. Martin Luther King’s tragic murder, now houses the National Civil Rights Museum.

A person sitting next to the river, staring at the waterfall
Don’t forget to take the river walks often as that’ll bring you the biggest peace of mind

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We often become hooked up on the idea that civilization must be abandoned to fully embrace the outdoors. That man-made architecture has no place in the world of hiking. This idea probably couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is beauty in the coexistence between man and nature and there is something magical about spaces carved out and specifically devoted to the outside. So enjoy the river walk, encompass the culture, and appreciate the kind moments that you can contribute while searching for trails to experience Memphis outdoors.