Best TN cities for job seekers

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Tennessee is one of the states that are doing well economically in recent years. In recent years many young people decided that moving to Tennessee is a good idea, providing a new workforce to the state. Unemployment is relatively low so when paired with quite a low cost of living, it results in a very good state to live in. Not only that but many big companies have their main or important branches located in this state. In fact, other countries have also started expanding and opening factories in Tennessee. Many young people and their families are moving to Tennessee in order to find work and live comfortably. So we decided to dive further into this and explore the best TN cities for job seekers. But before we do, you should know a little about the state itself.

Welcome to Tennessee

Before we start exploring the top TN cities for job seekers it’s important to know at least a little about the state. This state is renowned for its country music, low cost of living, southern comfort grub, and stunning natural terrain. Even without looking for a job, to begin with, moving to Tennessee can be the most promising decision you make in your life. Rated as the second most affordable state to live in the US, and first on the list of states to retire, Tennessee is a great state to live in. If you are considering moving to the State of Volunteers, you should look for the best places to live before contacting packing and unpacking services to move there.

The city near a river
When you pick a place to move to, next to the job market and living costs the nature around it also impacts your life by a mile.

More than 6.8 million people call the state of Tennessee their home. From the rolling hills all the way up to the Great Smoky Mountains, this panoramic scenery combines with small towns and enormous metropolitan areas to construct this southeastern treasure. By maintaining security, affordability, and beauty in mind, along with the blooming job markets we decided to share with you the best TN cities for job seekers.


Established in the Mississippi Delta, Memphis is a metro area where the vibrancy of metropolitan living combines with the quiet beats of the rustic South. Characterized by historic neighborhoods, Mississippi River panoramas, and monuments to artistic legends like Elvis Presley and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., every junction of Memphis exudes the culture of the Deep South. Although it’s one of the most extensive metropolitan spots in Tennessee, the area’s small-town ambiance nurtures a close-knit society that creates an inviting area for families to move to. And moving there becomes a lot easier with the help of movers Memphis TN has to offer.

The prosperous music scene appeals to many young artists that are looking to give their dreams some attention. And at the same time as a hub of international transit and a crossroad for distribution, the region presents many new job opportunities. Making it one of the best TN cities for those that are seeking a job. There are also many nonprofits as well as faith-based institutions that furthermore shape the city into a great place to live in. The citizens take accountability for the well-being of their communities and believe in good relationships with their fellow residents. Nourishing a more potent feeling of belonging and managing an excellent path for newcomers to create social connections. Many Tennessee long distance moving companies are located in Memphis and are helping people move daily.

The job market in Memphis

If you look at the end of 2021, you will notice that Memphis’ unemployment rate has gone back down to pre-pandemic levels — around 3.9%. Many new job slots were published across Memphis platforms. And among them, several significant projects have brought further jobs to the Memphis metro area. If this is not enough for you to believe this is one of the best TN cities for job seekers, then there’s more! Because numerous institutions are looking for new staff, the workers have the upper hand!

A person looking online for the best TN cities for job seekers
If you look for the best TN cities for job seekers you will find many options to choose from!

They can try and pick positions with higher salaries, extra advantages like hiring bonuses, and more flexibility around online work. Many jobs that are in high demand (teaching, nursing/healthcare, tourism) are contributing thousands of dollars in hiring bonuses to tempt new talented employees and find more new candidates. Along with them moving companies in Tennessee are doing their best to keep up with the influx of young people in the state.


When talking about the best TN cities for job seekers we also need to mention Brighton. If you are looking to move to Brighton, Tennessee, before contacting movers Brighton TN offers, you should know a little about it. For example the city’s livability, job market, crime rates, and education. Brighton is a remarkably small town in the state of Tennessee. It is located in the county of Tipton. In the last 5 years, the town has seen a subtle decline in residents. Living in Brighton has a light suburban feel. It is a nice blend of rural and bigger suburban areas.

A barista making drinks in one of the best TN cities for job seekers
Dont forget that not all jobs have to be high-paying tough ones. There are always people who enjoy doing other types of work.

One of the most significant aspects of living here is affordability. Housing costs don’t consume too much of your income. And of course, one more important aspect is job availability. The town although small has a healthy economy and a variety of jobs you can choose from. On top of that people here feel relaxed walking around alone at night! The crime rates are low and it is quite safe. It also has an assortment of restaurants, pubs, and other places to go out after a long week at work.


Reasonable housing, welcoming citizens, quality schools, good jobs, and entertainment. It’s hard to find something that Jackson doesn’t have. Citizens of this flourishing district have the key to the good life. And they are aware of it. They are enjoying time on their kayaks and looking at gorgeous sites while on their bicycles. All of that is thanks to Jackson’s stunning natural habitat. But there is more if you combine mouthwatering cuisine, astonishing art, and good jobs, you will get this place, a small heaven on earth. So it’s no surprise that Jackson is one of the best TN cities for job seekers.

The outside of a factory
The are also many different factories stationed all throughout Tennessee, that are in need of workers.

If you’re interested in finding a high-paying job, Jackson will be the perfect place for you. Big-name businesses located here include Tennalum, which makes aluminum poles and bars for aerospace, automotive, and all-around industrial applications. Jackson’s overall livability score is above average. The cost of living in here is lower than the national standard. So it comes as no surprise that there are many people contacting movers Jackson TN in order to move.


Millington is a suburb of Memphis. With its population of 10,650, it offers locals a thick suburban feel and most citizens own their houses. Less than 10 miles from the splendid and glorious waters of the Mississippi River is the small city of Millington. Being a suburb of Memphis, also makes it a part of Shelby County. It is also known as “Flag City Tennessee”. The city dates all the way back to 1878 when one local, George Millington, granted a piece of his ranch for settlement. The city of Millington was named in order to give recognition to him. Many actually know it as the former home to the world-renowned pop singer, Justin Timberlake. Millington is a small country town, but the twist is its location! Only a 25-minute drive from the brilliant city of Memphis.

Man looking for the best TN cities for job seekers while holding a baby
One of the best benefits of today is the option to work from home! There are many jobs that can be done on the internet.

What makes this little town one of the best TN cities for job seekers? It’s exactly that proximity to Memphis! You can work in some of the world’s best companies, for a good salary, and live in a small suburban town! Like numerous other things, the pandemic pushed forth many changes that were already in motion years prior. For example one of them is the discussion about companies relaxing degree requirements. But not only that many jobs are now also doable online! Giving you the pleasure of working from your own home in Millington! So what are you waiting for? Contact movers Millington TN and arrange everything on time!


Bartlett is located in Shelby County. It is without a doubt one of the best places to live in Tennessee. Living in Bartlett offers citizens a rustic feel and most of them own their homes. Surrounded by many beautiful parks it offers many places for nature lovers. Established in November 1866, it was initially a farming community. But now it’s the 12th biggest city in Tennessee with almost 60,000 citizens. But it still hasn’t lost its small-town charisma. This is the best place for families that want a quiet life while they work, play, raise a family, and retire. Some of the most popular places here are the performing arts and conference centers, and other places with activities like bowling alleys, theatres, and farmers’ markets.

What gives it the title of one the best TN cities for job seekers is its close proximity to Memphis. Giving its already large pool of job opportunities a chance to dip into deeper waters. But even without Memphis, the list of employers in the Bartlett area is large. It includes the Saint Francis Hospital, First South Financial, Brother International Corporation, Brim’s Snack Foods, Olympus, Titan Medical, and many more. The moving companies in Bartlett have their hands full with new people constantly arriving in the city.

A nurse working on a patiant
Some jobs like nurses, doctors, apothecaries, and so on, have a big waiting list, and can take some time before you find them.


Located along the easternmost edge of Memphis is the large and friendly neighborhood of Cordova. It is a stunning area with a lot going for it as citizens value the numerous advantages of living there. Known as Cordova-Appling, the neighborhood is often acknowledged for its slogan of “Farms, Flowers, and Fellowship” due to its local culture and past. People that are considering moving to Cordova will be pleased to learn that the area has a vast assortment of fun activities, outstanding places to dine, and so much more. The population of this city is nearly 68,779 citizens. But why is this considered one of the best Tennessee cities for job seekers? Because it extends and reaches all the way to Memphis as well. The Cordova movers are always ready to give a helping hand to anyone interested in moving here.

Working in the best TN cities for job seekers

Tenessee is constantly growing and progressing! Constantly looking for areas it can develop and invest in, making it a better place to live financially, industrially, and technologically! This also brings new job opportunities to the table. Although some jobs that were favored fifty or more years ago are not as desirable these days. At the same time, the jobs that will be popular in the years to come are also a big mystery. But today, we can see which jobs are getting the most attention!

We can also determine the best TN cities for job seekers! It is always good to keep an eye on which jobs will be more secure. From the standard white-collar jobs, all the way to online ones, factory, art, and even unusual ones. There is a job market for everything. You just need to know what you are looking for. And there is no need to rush!