Best time to look for movers in Mississippi

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The best time to look for movers in Mississippi may depend on several factors. Maybe you are moving for a new job. In that case, you already have a moving date set. So, you should start looking for a reliable Mississippi moving company a few weeks prior to the moving date. That will give you enough time to properly check a few moving companies. The second factor is the size of your household. The more things you have, the longer period you will need for preparation. So, it is better to start on time. And, in case you are free to choose the moving date, you can choose the period that best suit the whole family. Also, you may opt, like many others, to move during the summertime vacations.

The best seasons for relocating your Mississippi home

Living in Mississippi means that the summers are hot. And that you enjoy the mild winters. So, in case you are moving locally, any season is good. However, the moving prices will differ from season to season. If your moving budget is sufficient, you will choose the period which is good for the whole family. However, in case you are moving on a tiny budget, you may consider some less costly periods:

  • Summer – is the ideal time if you are moving with kids
  • Winter – is the cheapest period to move, and best in case you are moving on a tiny budget
  • Spring – is a good period for moving, as it comes before the summer rush
  • Fall – it may be still very busy, but you can get better moving deals than in the summertime

    Buildings and greenery at the bank of Mississippi river - best time to look for movers.
    The state of Mississippi has mild winters, which are good for moving.

Best time to look for movers in Mississippi

When you are relocating, you will have to complete many tasks prior to moving day. But, to even start with planning, you have first to find reliable moving help Oxford MS. So, what is the best time to start looking for movers? Usually, people will tell you to start as soon as possible. And they are right. There are many steps in finding reliable movers. Maybe you have some friends or family members who were moving recently. Such first-hand experience is very valuable. Also, it will save you a lot of precious time.

However, in case you don’t have anyone to recommend to you some reliable movers, you will have to find them yourself. And, that means a lot of work. You will have to check their website and online reviews. Also, you will have to check whether they are available for a certain period. Besides, they will have to send someone over to check your belongings. So, they will be able to offer you a fairly accurate cost estimate. And, don’t forget to ask them to provide it in writing. After that, you will have to set a meeting with them. It already looks like a lot of tasks. And we have numbered just a few of them, so far.

Advantages of starting your search early

Starting your search for movers 6 to 8 weeks in advance will help you to better organize it. Besides the stated, you will also have to check several more things:

  • Does the company have a good reputation
  • Are they offering additional services (like the Oxford heavy items moving do)
  • Do they employ movers or hire the daily labor
  • Are their movers well trained
  • Are their employees screened before employment
  • How do the movers treat the customers
  • In which ways were the company solving previous disputes
  • Does the company has a license and insurance certificate

    People sitting in front of the laptop screen and discussing.
    Ask to meet the movers in their office.

After you are satisfied with checking reviews, set a meeting. When doing so, insist to meet them in their office. That will show you that they have the physical address.  If they insist on meeting you somewhere else, consider that a red flag. And cross them out from your list of possible candidates.

Things to discuss when meeting the Mississippi movers

First, visiting the mover’s office will give you some impressions. You will be able to see whether their offices and equipment are clean and maintained. This will tell you how they treat things. In the same way, they will treat your belongings. In case their office is tidy, they can be a good candidate.

During the meeting, you should ask them such questions:

  • What is their insurance coverage
  • If they can show you the Insurance Certificate
  • Do you need to purchase the additional insurance
  • What is their cancellation policy
  • Do they have the records of previous disputes, and how they have solved them

Any reliable moving company will be fine to discuss those questions. Also, use the opportunity to discuss the Cost assessment breakdown. In case some items are not clear, they will explain them.

After you are satisfied with the checks, you can hire the mover

Once you are satisfied with the reputation and work results of Oxford movers and packers, sign a contract with them. By doing that, you will also set the moving date. And again, the best time to set the moving date is as soon as possible. You will need time to complete the moving preparations. First, you will have to create the moving plan. Luckily, you will be able to get the moving supplies from the movers. And in case you don’t have enough time, you can always ask them for the packing services.

However, before they can start packing, you will have to complete decluttering. Once you decide what is good to move to a new home, they can start their job. Hiring packing services can show as the right decision. Seeing how skillfully they are handling and packing your possessions, will make you relaxed.

Two women sitting on chairs under the blue sky.
After relocation, give yourself some rest time.

The best time to look for movers is as soon as possible

We already saw that, in principle, the ideal time is 6 to 8 weeks prior to moving. However, in some cases, you will have just a couple of weeks or even days to get ready. In such cases, you will have to speed up the whole process. Still, keep in mind the main principles. To find reliable movers, do at least the essential checks. Otherwise, the easy relocation can turn into a nightmare.

When you are moving locally in Mississippi, any season is good for moving

As Mississippi has rather good climate conditions, any time can be the best time to look for movers. So, you will not need to worry much about the weather. Or about the season which is the best for moving. The things you have to take into consideration are different. They are the vacation time for your kids, the moving budget, and the possible job deadlines. Also, there is one more important thing. Regardless of moving locally, it was a complex and demanding period. So, once the move is completed, give yourself some time off.