Best Tennessee places for newlyweds

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Are you newly married and searching for the perfect place to settle? Look no further! Tennessee places for newlyweds have everything you need. From its close communities to beautiful surroundings, Tennessee is a top pick for couples. You’ll find it here whether you prefer city life or a quieter setting. And moving? It’s a breeze. Get in touch with an expert moving company, such as Spyder Moving and Storage, to handle all the heavy lifting.

The top 6 Tennessee places for newlyweds

Discover the best spots in Tennessee for newlyweds and begin the next exciting chapter of your life. Whether you’re drawn by arts or the call of nature, Tennessee won’t disappoint, and some of the best movers in Tennessee will be at your disposal. The top Tennessee places for newlyweds are:

  1. Macon
  2. Cordova
  3. Jackson
  4. Arlington
  5. Lakeland
  6. Germantown
A couple wearing wedding rings
These Tennessee places set the stage for memorable newlywed years.

Macon is one of the best Tennessee places for newlyweds

Macon, TN is a great spot for newlyweds to consider as they begin their journey together. Why? Let’s start with the budget. In Macon, a typical home is priced at $210,900, which is 37.6 percent below the national average. If you’re looking to rent, a two-bedroom unit is only $830 a month. That’s 42.0 percent less than the national average. Saving money can give you more freedom to enjoy life. When it comes to finding a job, the largest industries here encompass manufacturing, retail trade, and health care & social assistance. If you’re looking at top-tier earning potentials, turn your attention to Macon’s highest-paying sectors: utilities, professional, scientific, & technical services, and public administration. These industries ensure that while living costs are lower, earning opportunities remain robust.

Speaking of enjoyment, Macon has a lot to offer. It offers newlyweds an authentic Southern experience. The town is known for its rich history and iconic landmarks like the Macon County Historical Museum. If you’re outdoorsy, you’ll appreciate the scenic trails in and around the town. Macon is also famous for its local festivals and events, which are perfect for socializing and getting to know the community. When the move-in day comes, you can rely on the moving companies in Macon TN to help. They’re experienced and can ensure your belongings are transported safely to this town which offers affordable living, cultural experiences, and a community vibe. It’s a place where newlyweds can build memories and grow together.

A couple moving to one of the best Tennessee places for newlyweds
Macon offers both budget-friendly housing options and a robust employment market, ideal for newlyweds setting roots.

Cordova is great for families

Located near Memphis, Cordova brings a suburban feel with city perks. Its parks are great spots for family picnics or weekend hikes. Also, Cordova boasts multiple centers that cater to all needs. And for those wondering about the community, it’s bustling. The area is home to about 68,779 people, with most being around 36 years old. Many families choose Cordova, and it’s clear why. The best Cordova schools, the area’s reputable educational institutions, and kid-friendly recreational zones are big draws.

Looking at homes? In Cordova, a typical house is priced around $292,700. If you’re thinking of renting instead, a two-bedroom unit comes in at about $1,060 per month. Pretty reasonable, right? If you are interested in finding a job, Cordova isn’t lacking. Major employers in the area include the University of Memphis, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and Nike. Plus, St. Jude’s Research Hospital and Hilton Hotels have a significant presence here.

If the idea of moving sounds daunting, don’t worry. Professional movers Cordova TN locals love are ready to help. They can handle the logistics. So, in short, Cordova offers convenience, community, and affordability. For those seeking a balanced lifestyle, this might be the ticket.

Jackson is affordable

Jackson might just be the gem newlyweds are searching for. It prides itself on being a cultural hotspot. Some of the prime neighborhoods that amplify this cultural richness include Gilmore, Downtown Jackson, and Westwood Gardens. From museums and theaters to galleries, there’s no shortage of artistic experiences. Music enthusiasts take note: Jackson’s live music scene is second to none. Weekends here can be spent enjoying the rhythms and beats, a treat for the ears and soul. But that’s not all. The city also offers picturesque settings. Think about older neighborhoods with tree-lined streets. It’s a setting perfect for relaxed walks in the evening. Jackson’s appeal isn’t just in its culture or aesthetics. It combines these features with the calm of nature. This mix makes it an attractive place for newlyweds to settle down.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Living in Jackson is a financial win. The cost of living here is 4% less than Tennessee’s average and 14% below the national standard. The average home price stands at $340,678, with a mortgage rate hovering around 4.72%. If you’re thinking of renting, you’ll be spending around $984 monthly. Such figures make Jackson an affordable choice for those starting their marital journey. Lastly, the practicalities of moving shouldn’t be a concern. With reliable moving companies Jackson TN residents recommend ready to assist, your transition to this beautiful city will be hassle-free. Jackson is an all-rounder. It’s budget-friendly, culturally rich, and offers a serene environment. For newlyweds looking for a balance between activity and peace, Jackson should be on your list.

couple packing furniture
Jackson’s unparalleled music scene offers countless weekend activities for couples.

Arlington has some of the best schools

Arlington is a beacon for newlyweds eyeing a fresh chapter. Located in Shelby County, it boasts a tight-knit community of 14,158 residents. But what sets it apart? Its alluring suburban charm, evident in the spacious homes and sprawling yards, is a magnet for those dreaming of serene picnics or envisioning future family playtimes. Financially speaking, Arlington’s cost of living sits 15% above the national average. Here’s a snapshot: the median home price is a solid $806,047. If renting is more your speed, prepare for a median amount of $2,451 monthly. And the monthly energy bill? It averages out to about $160.20.

Yet, Arlington isn’t just figures and homes. Its schools rank among the best in Tennessee. The assurance of top-tier education, paired with the town’s familial ambiance, makes it a haven for those planning on kids. Beyond infrastructure and education, Arlington thrives on community spirit. The Arlington BBQ Fall Fest is a perfect example. This yearly celebration sees neighbors bond over tantalizing BBQ, reflecting the town’s emphasis on community connections. Events like these are commonplace here, spotlighting Arlington’s dedication to fostering family-friendly environments and lively community activities.

This town stands out as an optimal choice for couples. Investing in Arlington doesn’t just mean purchasing property. It means becoming part of a community. If you’re a newlywed searching for that perfect blend of homey comfort and active community living, Arlington is the right place for you. Moving companies in Arlington TN should be your first choice if you decide to move here. They will do their best to help you with every aspect of the move!

A beige bungalow house
Arlington, with its spacious homes and community events, is one of the perfect Tennessee places for newlyweds

Lakeland is perfect for nature lovers

Lakeland is a haven for nature lovers. There are many lakes and lush green spaces. So, it’s a town where the beauty of nature is always within reach. Lakeland also takes pride in its dedication to sustainable living. From organized tree planting events to community clean-up drives, the town is on the frontline of eco-friendly initiatives. This isn’t just a town that appreciates nature; it actively works to preserve it. For newlyweds eyeing an environmentally conscious lifestyle, Lakeland is a top contender. Here, couples can immerse themselves in nature while also contributing to a greener tomorrow. And let’s talk specifics: the median home value in Lakeland stands at $292,600, which is a tad higher than the national average of $244,900. Renters aren’t left behind either. A typical rental here costs about $1,329 monthly, slightly above the national median of $1,163.

This place offers a unique blend. It combines the tranquility of nature with an active commitment to sustainability. The town isn’t just beautiful; it’s responsible. And with housing options that cater to varied budgets, it’s a practical choice for newlyweds. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, the opportunities are abundant. If a scenic, sustainable living experience is on your wish list, Lakeland should be on your radar. It’s a town that doesn’t just promise a good life; it delivers it, wrapped in green. Moreover, settling down is made easier with efficient moving companies in Lakeland TN. They ensure a smooth transition, taking the stress out of relocation. So, for those making the big move, professional assistance is just around the corner.

Germantown is also among the most popular Tennessee places for couples

Germantown is located close to Memphis. It is more than just a suburb. With a population of 40,955, it stands out as an epitome of luxury in Tennessee. There are many upscale shopping centers where the latest brands reside and gourmet restaurants where culinary delights are the norm. But there’s more. Germantown takes pride in its equestrian scene, drawing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Services? Only the best. Germantown’s public utilities, ranging from its libraries to fire departments, ensure residents experience nothing short of excellence. The town, while exuding affluence, doesn’t compromise on its community vibe. Residents rally together, fostering a spirit of unity amidst the luxury. For newlyweds considering a move, Germantown offers interesting prospects. Noteworthy neighborhoods include Dogwood Grove, Glenalden, and Grove Park. Each has its unique charm and amenities, ensuring residents find the perfect fit for their lifestyles.

But a move can be daunting, right? Not in Germantown. With professional movers Germantown TN has to offer at the ready, relocating is a wonderful experience. These experts ensure a smooth transition into this upscale community. To sum it up, Germantown isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle statement. It promises an experience rich in luxury yet grounded in community values. Newlyweds seeking the finer things in life without losing the essence of community will find Germantown the ideal choice. It’s a blend of sophistication and warmth, making it a top pick for starting a new chapter. In Germantown, luxury meets community. And it’s waiting for you.

A man in a boutique
Germantown’s upscale amenities and equestrian attractions provide a touch of luxury for starting marital life.

Newlyweds’ moving dilemma: DIY move vs. hiring professional movers

Starting a new chapter as newlyweds involves many decisions, and one pressing question is: Should we move ourselves or hire professional movers? Moving is no small task. Doing it yourself might seem like a cost-saving move, but consider the broader picture. Packing boxes, lifting heavy furniture, and ensuring safe transport demand both time and effort. Professional movers, especially those such as movers in Memphis TN area, are equipped for this job. They bring expertise, which means your prized possessions get the care they deserve.

Think about potential accidents. A dropped heirloom or a scratched dining table can be heart-wrenching. Professional movers come with insurance. That’s peace of mind you can’t put a price on. Moreover, moving isn’t just about transporting items. It’s about transitioning to a new phase of life. By hiring experts, newlyweds can focus on setting up their new home, not sweating overloading a truck.

Then, there’s the question of physical strain. Moving is strenuous. Why risk a back injury or strained muscles right at the start of your marital journey? Let the pros handle the heavy lifting. While self-moving might seem appealing, the benefits of hiring professionals are clear. For safety, convenience, and a smooth transition into married life, trusting experts is a wise decision. Newlyweds have enough on their plate; let moving be one less thing to worry about.

A couple hugging
Hiring movers can simplify the transition for couples relocating to Tennessee.

Choose one of the top Tennessee places for newlyweds and start the new chapter!

Tennessee places for newlyweds offer a captivating blend of charm, community, and affordability. Whether it’s the cultural vibrancy of Jackson or the suburban allure of Arlington, the state provides a diverse range of options for couples starting their new journey. Every town and city here brings its unique flavor, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. It’s clear that Tennessee understands the essence of beginning a new chapter together. For those newlyweds looking for a harmonious blend of community and opportunity, Tennessee is undoubtedly a top contender. So, as you embark on this beautiful journey of marital bliss, consider the inviting arms of Tennessee.