Best Tennessee cities for quality living

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Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the American South, offers residents a unique blend of cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and modern amenities. With a mix of urban centers and serene suburbs, the state presents diverse living experiences suited to various lifestyles. Notably, cities like Collierville exude a small-town charm while being close to the bustling vibes of larger cities like Memphis. Whatever city you opt for Spyder Moving and Storage TN is always at your disposal to make your relocation a blissful experience. Overall, Tennessee is a prime destination for those seeking a balance of tradition, nature, and contemporary living. Therefore, we are to present some of the best Tennessee cities for quality living and help you choose the perfect place for you.

What are the best Tennessee cities for quality living?

As we have already mentioned, we are to show you why you should opt for certain cities in Tennessee when hiring some of the best moving companies in Tennessee and what you can expect from them. Thus, we have selected some of the best cities that exemplify quality living.

  • Atoka
  • Brighton
  • Collierville
  • Memphis 
  • Jackson 
  • Germantown 
Children playing football in the park
Friendliness is what you may expect at every corner of Atoka.


Located in the heart of Tennessee, Atoka offers a unique blend of small-town charm with the benefits of contemporary living, making it a beacon for those seeking a quality of life. As one traverses its streets, the sense of community is palpable, with neighbors greeting each other warmly and children playing freely in its many parks. Some of the most famous ones are Adkison Park, Nancy Lane Park, and Walker Park.

Atoka’s emphasis on family and community is evident in its well-maintained public spaces and regular community events, which foster a strong sense of belonging among residents. These events, ranging from local farmers’ markets to festive parades, are not just occasions but integral to the city’s identity. How could anyone miss The Atoka BBQ Fest in Atoka? Moreover, the city’s schools are another feather in its cap, with institutions that consistently rank above the state average, reflecting a dedication to nurturing the next generation.

What else can you expect from Atoka?

One thing is certain: affordability is what you need, and that is what you are to get living in Atoka, one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living. The overall costs of living are around 3% lower than the national average. As for the housing costs, the situation gets even better since these costs are about 14% lower than the average.

Furthermore, the city boasts a low crime rate, a crucial factor for many when choosing a place to call home. The city’s economic growth, combined with its commitment to maintaining green spaces, ensures that residents have access to both job opportunities and recreational areas. Knowing all this, you shouldn’t be surprised why so many people decide to contact Atoka TN movers and come to this amazing place.

The blend of safety, education, and community engagement positions Atoka as a standout choice for quality living. The city’s dedication to preserving its rich history while also catering to modern needs ensures that its residents enjoy a harmonious balance of past and present. In Atoka, one doesn’t just reside; they thrive.


Positioned as a hidden gem in Tennessee, Brighton stands as a testament to harmonious living, where the essence of community thrives alongside growth. With roots deep in history, the town gracefully merges its heritage with the conveniences of the modern era, making it an attractive destination for those valuing quality life.

One of Brighton’s most defining traits is its commitment to education. The town’s schools, known for fostering both academic excellence and extracurricular prowess, provide children with a solid foundation for the future. Hence, be certain of the quality offered by Brighton Elementary School, Brighton Middle School, and Brighton High School. Parents can rest assured that their children are being nurtured in an environment that prioritizes learning and personal growth.

Another cornerstone of Brighton’s appeal is its safety. With crime rates consistently lower than national averages, the sense of security within the community is tangible. Residents of all ages can enjoy the town’s amenities, from its lush parks to its vibrant local markets, without concern.

Is it affordable to live in Brighton?

The fact that the overall cost of living is around 10% lower in comparison to the U.S. average will help you decide that the time has come to rely on movers Brighton TN. This is especially true if you plan to buy a new home since the housing costs are 40% lower than the average. Hence, the median home value of $231,900 is quite attractive to home buyers.

A person counting dollar bills
Choose Brighton, one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living, and be calm in terms of your finances.

Also, economically, Brighton demonstrates a resilience and growth trajectory that promises stability and opportunity. Local businesses flourish, supported by both the town’s administration and its loyal inhabitants, ensuring a robust local economy.

Furthermore, the town’s events, from cultural festivals to community picnics, reinforce a sense of unity and belonging among its residents. Such gatherings are not mere events but cherished traditions that weave the very fabric of Brighton’s identity.


Radiating a unique blend of Southern elegance and modernity, Collierville stands as a beacon of exceptional life opportunities in Tennessee. Its picturesque town square, lined with historic structures and contemporary boutiques, encapsulates the city’s ethos: respect for heritage with an eye toward the future.

Collierville’s soul is its community spirit. Regular town events, art fairs, and seasonal festivals knit the community tighter, fostering an enduring sense of belonging. From April through October, you may enjoy free live music at Collierville town square. This, combined with its scenic parks and recreational areas, creates an environment conducive to both relaxation and engagement. If you are interested in details, we may point out some excellent places such as WC Johnson Park, Suggs Park, and Herb Parsons Lake. On the other hand, if you prefer history, make sure not to miss the chance to visit the Morton Museum of Collierville History.

W.C Johnson Park in Collierville, one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living
Enjoy the lovely nature of Collierville throughout the year.

Job opportunities are excellent

Economic stability is another highlight of Collierville. The city has cultivated a robust local economy that supports both established businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors. This stability translates to job opportunities and a dynamic local marketplace for residents. Hence, job seekers will have a range of opportunities when moving to this great town with the help of movers in Collierville TN. The industrial diversity of this place is outstanding. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities for you in manufacturing and production, management and business, transportation, and many more.

Education is one of Collierville’s best features

One of the things that make Collierville one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living is its educational infrastructure. It is absolutely exemplary. The city’s schools consistently outpace regional counterparts in both academic achievements and extracurricular activities. These institutions not only focus on scholastic excellence but also emphasize character-building, ensuring that students are well-equipped for life’s challenges. some of the top-rated schools are Schilling Farms Elementary School, Tara Oaks Elementary School, West Collierville Middle School, and Collierville High School. 


Straddling the Mississippi River, Memphis is a city that sings – not just because of its indelible mark on blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll but also due to its resilient spirit and live culture. As one of Tennessee’s urban giants, Memphis offers a unique tapestry of amazing life that seamlessly intertwines history, music, food, and innovation.

Central to Memphis’s allure is its cultural richness. Beale Street’s melodic echoes, Sun Studio’s reverberations, and the soulful aromas wafting from barbecue joints anchor the city in a profound cultural legacy. But Memphis isn’t just about the past; it’s a city firmly grounded in the present, boasting an evolving skyline, burgeoning tech startups, and diverse neighborhoods.

Beale Street in Memphis, one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living
The nightlife in Memphis will astonish you with great music and atmosphere.

Education and healthcare stand as two stalwarts of Memphis’s quality of life. Institutions like the University of Memphis and the renowned St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital signify the city’s commitment to knowledge and well-being. Moreover, the city’s neighborhoods, from bustling downtown lofts to serene suburban homes, offer varied living experiences tailored to individual preferences.

What can nature lovers do in Memphis?

The mighty Mississippi’s banks host numerous recreational spots, and the city’s parks, like Shelby Farms, one of America’s largest urban parks, offer residents ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Also, your kids will be delighted after visiting the Memphis Zoo and Memphis Botanic Garden. Moreover, enjoy water activities, biking, hiking, and playing golf.

The cost of living is what matters

If money is something that will influence your decision, start by hiring your best movers in Memphis. Then, you may come here certain that costs won’t be an issue. After all, the overall costs are approximately 23% lower than the national average. More importantly, the housing costs are almost 60% lower than the U.S. average, which is extraordinary for those who want to settle in this lovely place.


Located between the bustling centers of Memphis and Nashville, Jackson emerges as an energetic city that harmoniously blends the comforts of urban life with the charm of a close-knit community. Renowned as the “Hub City”, Jackson’s strategic location has long made it a nexus of commerce, culture, and connectivity.

A child playing with leaves
In case you’re thinking of the well-being of your children, make sure to opt for Jackson, one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living.

Education stands at the forefront of Jackson’s appeal. With institutions like Union University and Jackson State Community College, the city is a hub for academic excellence. These centers not only equip students with knowledge but also contribute significantly to the local economy and cultural fabric. Speaking of culture, Jackson pulses with a lively arts scene. Namely, The Ned R. McWherter Cultural Arts Center and various local galleries underscore the city’s commitment to promoting the arts, offering residents diverse avenues for entertainment and enrichment.

Money and job opportunities shouldn’t worry you

Economically, Jackson’s diverse industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, provide ample job opportunities. This economic vigor, paired with affordable housing and a cost of living below the national average, ensures that residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. After all, the overall costs of almost 20% and the housing costs of almost 50% lower than the national average are truly enticing. One more reason to contact movers Jackson TN. In financial terms, Jackson is the right place for you.


On the outskirts of Memphis lies Germantown, a city that epitomizes the essence of upscale suburban living. With its tree-canopied avenues, meticulously planned neighborhoods, and a reputation for excellence in every facet of civic life, Germantown has cemented its status as one of the best Tennessee cities for quality living.

Safety, a paramount concern for many seeking quality life, is a standout feature in Germantown. With one of the lowest crime rates in the region, the city ensures a peaceful and secure environment. This emphasis on safety is further reflected in the city’s well-maintained roads, parks, and public spaces. In case you think this is the city for you, your moving company Germantown TN is waiting for your call.

Furthermore, the city’s economic health is robust. A thriving local economy promotes both local businesses and attracts top-tier companies. It provides residents with a wide array of employment opportunities. This economic stability, paired with the city’s cultural amenities like theaters, art galleries, and gourmet dining establishments, ensures a lifestyle that is both prosperous and enriching.

A couple taking a walk in a park in Tennessee
Enjoy Tennessee’s charm

Discovering Tennessee and its cities will show you its unique charm

Altogether, we have presented some of the best Tennessee cities for quality living that offer diverse landscapes and cultural richness. From Atoka’s community-driven ethos to Memphis’s vibrant cultural pulse and from Germantown’s upscale suburban appeal to Jackson’s blend of commerce and culture, the state presents a variety of experiences tailored to varied lifestyles. Each city, in its unique way, captures the essence of what it means to not only live but thrive. The Volunteer State, with its commitment to education, safety, community, and economic growth, truly stands as a beacon for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.