Best places in TN for renters

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There are many places in Tennessee where you can find good homes for rent. Your choice will depend on several factors. For example, if you are moving due to a new job, you will need to rent in a certain place. Or, if you are moving to join the family, you will naturally choose the place closest to them. The good news is that the rental market was always rich in TN. So, you won’t lack the opportunities. And, rental regulations are one more thing to keep in mind. Every state in the US has a law regulating landlord-tenant rights and obligations. And, they all differ a bit from state to state. Following the advice of the movers in Tennessee, you will check the provisions when looking for the best places in TN for renters.

Tennessee rental laws

Those laws will provide you with everything you need to start the rental procedure. After you find several homes that look good to you, check the landlord’s requirements. For example, Tennessee law is rather flexible regarding the amount of the security deposit. Also, the landlords may rent even without taking a deposit. So, that is one thing to discuss when talking to the landlord. Such arrangements may help you when you are moving on a tight budget.

Nashville TN, downtown - Best places in TN for renters.
TN capital could be one of the best places in TN for renters.

Consulting the law, you will learn what the rental agreement in Tennessee should include:

  • lease property description
  • data of all people included in the rental procedure
  • rental conditions such as late fees, increases, grace period, etc.
  • security deposit amount
  • miscellaneous requirements (usually some specific requests of the landlord)

The average TN rents and income in 2022

Tennessee, known also as “The Volunteer State”, is home to over 7 million residents and about 350 municipalities. TN is known for its rich rental market. You won’t have a problem finding the right place for yourself. And, you will easily find good Tennessee long-distance moving companies, once you choose your new hometown. Here, we will present to you some of the cities we consider the best for renters. But, before that, let us see some general figures. In comparison to the last year, rental prices have increased by about 20%. This is not a wonder, having in mind the overall increase in real estate.

So, let us see what rents you should expect in TN. Usually, the rents in big cities are higher than in small towns. So, we will here show the median rents in a mid-size TN city:

  • studio – $717
  • 1-bedroom –  $800
  • 2-bedroom – $980
  • 3-bedroom – $1,287
  • 4-bedroom –  $1,512

And, the average household income in TN in 2022 is $76,937.

Best places in TN for renters

So, now we will present the list of the best places in TN for renters. It can happen that some of the cities that we propose are the right for you. On the other hand, if you already have the predestined city you have to move to, you will have an idea about the prices. And, knowing the law provisions related to renting, you will be on the safe side. You will know your obligations. But, you will also know your rights. So, you will know exactly how to react in case of a possible rental dispute.

Memphis is one of the places for TN renters

Beale street Memphis - Best places in TN for renters.
Memphis is among the best places in TN for renters.

Memphis TN is one of the cities with a very strong market when it comes to rentals. Besides, with 650,910 residents, it’s also one of the bigger cities in TN. The fact is that around 54% of homes in Memphis TN are for renting. So, it shows how Memphis TN is popular among renters. And, it can show as one of the places very attractive to you too. If so, the best moving companies in Memphis TN will help you to experience an easy and comfortable relocation. And, we are sure that with an average rent of $915 a month, you will easily find a suitable place for yourself.

Could a renter in TN ask for a better place than Nashville?

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee. And, living in the capital, comes with a lot of amenities. There, you will find good restaurants, a lot of entertainment possibilities, and a rich musical scene. At the same time, with over 46% of homes for renting, it is very attractive to newcomers. Especially for those who are attracted by Nashville’s rich job market. And, the average monthly rent of $1,170 a month is more than fair. Especially having in mind the average household income of $62,087. And if you decide to move from Memphis to Nashville, look no further than local moving companies Memphis. With their assistance, you will enjoy a safe and relaxed relocation.

Brownsville TN is among the best place for renters in TN

It’s not easy to find a place that covers the needs of young families and professionals such as Brownsville TN. It is a small place, with just about 9,500 residents. But, it offers good living conditions, and safety. And, it hosts some of the good companies, where you can easily find employment. When it comes to finding a suitable home for yourself, it is good to know that 54% of the homes are occupied by renters. And, the average rent you have to expect is $635. So, if you need professional help to assist you with the move, it is enough to give a call to Brownsville TN movers.

Oakland TN is a nice and quiet place ideal for renters who love nature

Tennessee Landscape of lookout mountain.
Living in a small Tennessee town, you will be close to nature.

Working in Memphis, and going back to your rental home in Oakland TN could be your dream coming true. Or, in case you are a freelance who loves living surrounded by nature, this could be the right place for you. Oakland TN is located in Fayette County, and it has a population of 8,135. Although only 12% of homes are for rent, you can still find a suitable place for yourself. Like many other small suburbs, it is a quiet and safe place for living. The median rent you have to count on is $1,575.

Renting in Cordova TN, you will stay close to Memphis

Cordova TN is a suburban area of Memphis. Living in there, you will be just 20 miles away from the Memphis center. Presently, about 68,779 residents are living in Cordova. This is an excellent place for young families, due to its high safety. And due to good housing affordability. The median home income in Cordova is $61,752. Depending on the size of the property, you will easily find a suitable place for the family and yourself, since Cordova TN has a big rental market. The rental prices range from $600 to over $1,200 per month. And, soon you find a suitable place, you can rely on movers Cordova TN to assist you with professional moving help.

Atoka TN has everything that you need for a relaxed lifestyle

This Tennessee town is a suburb of the Memphis metropolitan area. With about 9,400 residents, it offers a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. And it has very good public schools. Those are some of the reasons why young families are looking for rental opportunities in Atoka. Although the rental market is not so high, and only 18% of households are for renting, you can still be lucky. Commuting time to Memphis is just about 30 minutes. And, commuting is not a problem, since you will have various commuting possibilities. In case you decide to rent in Atoka TN, expect the average rent of $1,180.

One of the good places for renters in TN is Germantown

A lone cannon.
In the Volunteer State, you will see many such remnants.

Germantown TN is yet another suburb of Memphis. And, it will take you just 25 minutes if you have a good job in Memphis, and commute. The town is home to 39,196 residents, and most of them own the property. That is thanks to high income and affordable housing prices. The median home value is $337,600. At the same time, the median household income is $123,387. Still, about 14% of residents are renting. And, in case you decide to rent, it will cost you $1,358 a month. After a while, you may decide to stay in Germantown. And to buy your own property. If so, you can rely on the assistance of skilled movers Germantown TN. They will help you to move to your own home in Germantown.

Brighton TN could be very attractive to some renters

In case you love the countryside and rural areas, Brighton TN could be the right place for you. The town is small and has just about 2,900 residents. And, although just about 22% of the property is for rent, you can find a really nice home for $975 a month. Brighton is located in Tipton County, and it belongs to Memphis metropolitan area. In case you decide to call Brighton TN your new home, it is good to know that the median household income is $75,412. And the median asking price is $140,500. Brighton TN is a quiet town, with a relaxed lifestyle. Commuting time to Memphis is about 40 minutes.

Jackson TN has an excellent market if you want to rent a place for yourself

Jackson TN is located in Madison County and has a population of 67,036. So, in case you choose to move to Jackson, you will be happy to learn that it is a great place for renters. The median rent in Jackson TN is $878. Of course, with movers Jackson TN, your move will be fast and carefree. Moving to this nice town, you may like to have some more information. For the time being, you are renting. But, with time, you may decide to purchase your own home. If so, here is the info that can show as useful. The median home purchasing price in the town is $138,900. And, the median household income is about $42,549. And, the overall safety in the town is good. So, it can be a good place for a young family.

Lakeland TN is yet another suburb of Memphis that is good for renters

Little girl near the bench in a park.
Small Tennessee towns are known for their safety.

Lakeland TN has a population of 12,644. In case you decide to move to this nice suburb of Memphis, you will ensure a safe and comfortable lifestyle for your family. In Lakeland TH you will find mostly young professionals and young families. Regardless that only 13% of homes are for rent, with a bit of dedication and persistence, you will find a nice property. The median rent that you will have to pay is about $1,138. Like many others who are not occupied with farming, you can easily find good employment in Memphis. The commuting time is a bit more than 20 minutes. Or, you can secure a freelance job, that will demand your presence in the Memphis office only occasionally.

Somerville TN could easily be one of the best places in TN for renters

Somersville is a small town, with only 3,257 residents. And, about 58% of them are renting. Although the median household income is only $23,630, you can easily find a good rental property. And the rent will cost you $543 on average. What makes Somersville attractive is the possibility to find good jobs in Memphis. And, you will have several commuting possibilities, that will take you less than an hour one way. So, after work, you can easily go back. And enjoy the nice leisure lifestyle of the small town. So, the very affordable rental prices will help you to save up for purchasing your own home. And you can be sure of one thing. The movers Somerville TN will be there to help you with relocation at any time.

Millington TN has a good market for renters

About 38% of property in Millington is for renting. The town belongs to the Memphis metro area and has about 10,650 residents. The commuting time to Memphis will take you about 20 minutes one way. Although it is a dense suburban area, many renters are considering it one of the best places for living. The median rental price in Millington TN is $970.

Finding a good place in TN for rent, make sure to understand the renting regulations

Tennessee renting regulations are meant to protect both parties. That means that the law is equally favoring the renters and the tenants. As you are looking for the best places in TN for renters, make sure that you understand well your obligations and rights. And, when renting, one of your aims is to have a comfortable living. So, this knowledge will spare you from many unwanted situations. And, it will ensure that you enjoy your rental property.