Best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers

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Moving is hard, no doubt about it. But when you add kids on top of that, it becomes even harder. Not only for you but for your teenagers as well. A move is challenging for us that are already adults. Can you imagine how hard it actually is for them? Even after moving it might take your kids some time to adjust to the new environment, school, and people. And as a parent, you should do your best to help them. Talking with your kids is key. Long before the actual move, while you are still only discussing moving to Tennessee make your kids part of that conversation. And to motivate them, you can find or make a list of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers.

Teeneesse for Tenagers

When you first mention moving to Teeneesse to your teenager, make sure you tell them some information on the state as well. This is a landlocked state, meaning it does not have access to the sea. It shares borders with Kentucky, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. The state is actually not that big in size, being the 36th largest US state. But on the other side, it holds the 16yh place for its abundant population. About 23% of the population is under 18 years, meaning your teens will have plenty of chances to meet new friends.

Moving companies in Tennessee are constantly growing and helping many new people find their homes in this state. And as such, following a big number of people and teens both living and moving there, plenty of places and things for teens to do are constantly being opened! The best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers are not only a few! So we will help you find some to make a move and your life there easier.

Nashville at night is one of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers
When we think of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers, we need to mention safety. And there are no safer places than some Tennessee cities.

What you need to consider first is how to pick the perfect place! Tennessee is a place that can accommodate any teen! From city lovers to nature kids, there is a place for everyone. And a good thing is everything is connected, and you can travel between cities with ease. So no matter what place you pick, you can still travel.


This is the second most populated city in the state of Tennessee as well as the second largest. It is actually the largest city on the banks of the Mississippi River.  This city has a lot to offer! Not only for adults moving in but for teenagers too. From good education and high schools, malls, and cafes to restaurants, bowling alleys, and so on. The possibilities for teens for having a nice time and schooling are endless. Not only that, but this is heaven for parents as well. Next to the phenomenal packing services Memphis TN has to offer, there are also locations and job opportunities that will make any adult smile. But we are here for teens now! So when you ask what are some of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers, Memphis comes to mind first!

This is the center of entertainment, praised for its legendary music scene. But it is also home to many professional sports teams. Following along that, there are many galleries, theaters, parks, and so on. No matter what your kid is into, he or she will surely find something they or like here. Abd if by chance you can’t move alone and need more hands, there are always some Memphis moving helpers available for you. This is the home of blues, a place where dancing and music are a big part of the culture. And as such, we guarantee you will find something to dance to or sing to, no matter your age.


This town can be traced all the way back to  1838. It is a beautiful town filled with parks. And in the last few years, it has had huge growth in population. The Atoka TN movers are giving their best to help people that are moving in do it with ease. But you may wonder why this is one of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers. You see, this is a small town. But privacy because it is small the community is a lot closer. All the other families and their kids are close. Add on top of that their welcoming attitude and in no time you will feel like you lived here for years.

A waterfall during fall
This state is filled with beautiful natural wonders. From rivers and waterfalls to forests and so on. It’s a nice place to explore.

The education is top-notch. And there are many things your teens can do here! For example, McGee Creek park is a nice place to go with friends and explore nature. They can go camping and swimming along with many other outdoor activities. There are also other state parks and outdoor places to visit. This small town is all about the surrounding nature!


Being in the heart of West Tennessee is the small town of Brownsville. Why is this one of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers? Well because the schooling here is out of this world. Schools are dedicated and have some of the best professors in the field. On the other hand, the location is prime due to it being along Interstate 40. This town has been constantly growing with the help of Brownsville TN movers. And it is expected of it to grow even more in the years to come.

Areal photo of a town
There are many smaller or bigger towns and cities we didn’t mention. But that doesn’t mean they are not worth your time and attention.

The rich cultural heritage of families that have lived here for generations along with its location equals a prime destination. And without a doubt, it will grow even more. The feeling of closeness is something you can feel right after moving in. People are welcoming and will surely help you with your teenagers as well. And on the plus side, you won’t need to worry about your kids. There are many things they can do, and the other teens are well-behaved and educated so they will welcome your kid with open hands.


What are some of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers? Well, count Brighton in! It is a fairly old town established in 1873. After its establishment, it grew quite fast. In just a span of 7 years from its founding it had multiple shops, stores, and even a church. And even after that the process of growing never actually stopped. The movers Brighton TN has are the best witnesses to its growth over the years. And it is not even close to stopping.

The education system is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of parents. Also, the city is pretty safe as the crime rates are very low. Here there are plenty of opportunities for parents to meet each other and become friends. Along with the chances of making friends for teens and new adventures awaiting them. Don’t think that just because it is not the biggest city in the state it won’t have something interesting for the whole family.


In Shelby county, there is a city ideal for parents with teenagers. This city is one of the best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers. Actually, it is not only for families with teens. This is a place where all families that have children of any age are welcomed. There are good public and private learning establishments. Along with many attractions and things to do.

For example, the lake is ideal for swimming and water activities in the summer. Or a nice picnic with your kids for family time is the perfect way to have quality time. And there, available at all times moving companies in Lakeland TN are doing their best to help you and everyone else that wishes to move.

A man on a lake in a boat
For active people, there are always exciting things to do. Living next to a beautiful lake is something that will give your teens a lot of fun activities.


Macon is a small town located in Tennessee. This is a perfect place in Tennessee for families with teenagers. Why? Well, this is not only a town but a community. People are welcoming and warm. Always ready to help their neighbors and kids. You will feel their goodwill from the first day, and so will your teenagers. Not to mention the abundance of activities ready for them there. Although it’s a far cry from busy city life it is a new experience. A place where families are close and children can be happy. Away from crime and danger, surrounded by people that cherish them. Make sure to contact moving companies in Macon TN, to help you if you decide to relocate here.


The capital of Tennessee is the best place in Tennessee for families with teenagers that like the hustle and city life. This beautiful city is the biggest and most populated city in Tennessee. And with that come many different types of attractions, restaurants, cafes, and so on. The places your teens will find interesting here are many. Additionally, Nashville offers a top-notch schooling sitem where your teens and younger kids will be taught everything in detail. Many families like to move into the suburbs or smaller towns to raise their families. But there are also many that like city life. Or are tied to it due to jobs. So this is a good option for those types of parents.

Arena in Nashville
People gather to watch sports in Nashville and this can become a family thing your teens will enjoy!

There are even some good colleges in Nashville you can consider. The largest one is  Vanderbilt University. But there are many more. Not only that but your teens who like sports will be happy to hear that in Nashville you can find not one or two, but five professional sports franchises. This may be the chance to open doors to the sports careers your kids always wanted. Public transportation is good, but many people have their own cars or decide to walk. It is entirely your preference. And lastly, many travel lovers will be happy to hear that Nashville has its own airport.

What do you need to consider when moving with a teen?

You see, there are many places in Tennessee where you can move. The state is gorgeous, filled with all types of cities and towns. People are welcoming and family oriented, filled with warmth and support. So whatever you pick, you are not going to be wrong. But before moving there is something you need to do. Talking with your teenager is crucial. Why? They are not small kids! They understand everything, and their opinion matters as well. Make sure to understand them. All they know is located in your current living space. All of the friends they have, crushes, school, and everyday things are only possible because they are there.

A teen looking at her phone
Even your teens can do some research and find fun activities they want to do after moving to Tennessee

When moving, they will need to say goodbye to everything. And to a hormonal teen, that sounds like the end of the world. Talking to them and helping them understand will go a long way. Not only will they be more open to the idea of moving but they might even help. Consider their feelings. Explain how this is a new start and how meeting new friends is a part of life. And be there for them even after the move to help them navigate the new environment.


Whichever one of these best places in Tennessee for families with teenagers you’ve chosen, you won’t make a mistake. Although it’ll take time for you and your children to get used to the new surroundings, everything will come into its own after a while. With a successful and joyous moving experience behind you, you can begin to live your new life on the right foot!