Best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers

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There are some cities around the world that are dream places to live for many. New York is surely one of them. It’s a city where people of all ages come and enjoy the wonders and neverending opportunities, both professional and personal. You can find it all here. From the amazing architecture in Manhattan to the beautiful landscapes in Central park, The Big Apple is truly a kaleidoscope of everything you could ever wish for. But even New Yorkers want to move, settle down, and start a more quiet and stable life. This begs the question – what are some of the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers? Spyder Moving and Storage Tennessee offers can give you the answer.

The State of Tennessee – what should you know?

Picking a place where you will live is a big decision. Especially for people coming from bigger cities. One of the best things about Tennessee is that it has a lot to offer. When talking about the best cities in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers one thing you need to keep in mind is personal taste. The most important thing when picking out a home is you! Tennessee is a landlocked state meaning it does not have access to the sea. But that’s the only thing it doesn’t have. There are beautiful mountains and towns for those that wish to move somewhere quiet. There are many beautiful rivers if you wish to be close to water, as well as beautiful, vibrant cities if you enjoy fast-paced life.

Woman reserchin the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers on her laptop
Make sure to research the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers before you pick the one that fits your needs.

If you look at it objectively there are many nice places to call home. But of course, some places are more popular than others. And the best witnesses of that are moving companies in Tennessee. The places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers range from those smaller calmer places all the way to the big cities with crowds, traffic jams, and noise. Of course, everyone has the right to have their own opinions and likes. And is there a better state to cater to these people than Tennessee? Probably not.


Memphis may not be as large as New York, but it’s still on the list of best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers. This is the second largest city in the state of Tennessee. And it’s also the largest city that borders the Mississippi River. That means that for people that are used to the NY chaos, this is like heaven. Although there is still a face-paced lifestyle, and traffic jams from time to time, it doesn’t matter. Next to good job opportunities, there is an abundance of restaurants of all kinds, clubs, cafes, cinemas, and so on. Witch means that even though it’s calmer and smaller they dont have to give up almost anything. Ist very easy to find good packing services Memphis TN has to offer if you consider moving here.

Actually, movers in Memphis TN area are witnesses to the rise of people moving here. Especially from larger cities. Why? Memphis offers you almost everything you already had in New York, but with a pleasant twist! It’s a lot cheaper. Dont get us wrong in Tennessee you can definitely find cheaper places to live. But for a big city with a lot of similarities with NY the prices of the two are like heaven and earth. NYC is densely populated and more and more people constantly move there. Making the living expenses and other prices go over the roof.


Close by we have Jackson. This is the most populated and biggest city in the state of Mississippi. When we mention the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers we have to make one exception and mention a city nearby. This is a city similar to both NYC and Memphis. It’s large in size and has a lot of people of all ages, and ethnicities. The culture is rich and can be seen in the local food and beverages. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes. Movers Jackson TN has work with ex-New Yorkers all the time. From students going to college here, people looking for job opportunities, and elders wanting to find a nice place for retirement.

Street in Jackson during fall
Not everyone is ready to move out of NYC and leave the life they are used to. But here you can have everything only on a smaller scale.

This is a place that has a lot to offer. There are many things similar to NYC. But again same as Memphiseverything here is cheaper. You will find that not you can easily afford an apartment or home that would be only a dream in NYC. For example, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment price in NYC is $3,833, but in the city of Jackson, it is only $700. So the difference is more than evident.


Now when you say you want a list of the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers you need to count in personal preferences. Some people moved from NYC for a reason. Many of them look for a calmer and smaller place to live. And Millington is perfect for that. It is cheap to live in, especially compared with NYC. At the same time, it offers you a sense of community and safety. Here is probably one of the best places to raise your family. Getting in touch and arranging your move with local movers Millington TN has to offer is also quite easy.

a nice park in one of best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers
Nice parks are always welcome! They provide you with a chance to let your kids run loose while you relax.

At the same time, the town is not boring. Far from it! There are many parks where you can go for walks, take your kids to play, have a picnic, and so on. The town is also a big fan of car races. There are even places where you can go and drive a race car, or sit next to a professional while he drives you. Although the possibilities are not endless like in NYC the calm and relaxed atmosphere are some of the main charms of this town.


How can we talk about the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers without mentioning Arlington? This is also one of the places a New Yorker must consider when moving. Why? Well, this is a town that’s rapidly growing. With the help of moving companies in Arlington TN, the town’s population has had a rise in population. With that steady rise in the number of residents new opportunities always appear in the job market. New restaurants and cafes are also common. But there are also many old ones that have been here for generations. There are many fun things to do, and if you are moving from NYC and looking for a place to start a family, this would be a good pick for you.

Kids sitting on a rock
There are many opportunities for outdoor activities you can participate in.


The small and calm town of Macon is a nice place for ex-New Yorkers. This might be the best place for those looking to retire. The town is like we said small, offering you low living expenses. Packed with farms you can visit, as well as nice vineyards it’s like a fairytale. Here you will see people of all ages living slow lives enjoying the passage of time. Surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are many places for long or short walks and open theaters. Old restaurants that have been open for generations as well as relaxed cafes. The moving companies in Macon TN are always happy to help with your moving process. And while moving they are also happy to recommend you some of the best local places to visit after the move.


The top places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers are many. And when looking at your personal preferences you can easily choose the best for you. The town of Senatobia might be small but it has residents with big hearts. People here have a close relationships and are always welcoming and warm. They live slow lives enjoying the time and giving their utmost best to make Senatobia a better place to live in. Every time Senatobia MS movers help someone move the residents welcome them with smiles and open arms. Living here is relaxing. The nature surrounding the town looks beautiful during all seasons. Our absolute favorite is fall due to the beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, and reds that give the feeling of warmth.

Woman huging her dog in one of the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers
Walks with your pet are even better with good scenery around you.


There are many moving companies in Lakeland TN working hard to make this one of the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers. As the name implies this is a city surrounded by lakes. Here you can relax next to the water, go fishing, boating and so on. For people looking to escape the NYC crowds and noise, Lakeland is a perfect choice. Although it’s not the cheapest place to live in Tennessee it is still quite cheap when comparing it with NYC prices. The community promotes family-owned businesses and works hard to keep the peace in the neighborhoods. Making it a safe place for people of all ages. The education system is also quite developed making it a prime destination for parents who want only the best for their kids.

How to pick the right one out of the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers

When you first decide you want to move from New York before you even pick a place there are some things you need to consider. The best cities in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers are solely your own preferences. But before you pick one of them consider your own feelings and needs. There is a couple of question you need to ask yourself.

  • Why are you moving?
  • What are you looking for?
  • What is your lifestyle?

Why are you moving?

When you pick among the best places in TN for ex-New Yorkers you will need to consider the reason behind the move. Based on that you can pick the best place for you! Are you moving because the crowd and noise in NYC are too much for you? Are you looking for a place to start a family? Or perhaps you wish to find a place where your kids will have access to better education? Maybe the prices and costs of living in NYC are too big for you. These are all things you need to clearly take into account.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for something similar to NYC just on a smaller scale? Or maybe you are interested in a place exactly opposite. This too has to be taken into account. In Tennessee, you can find both big cities that are full of life and fast-paced as well as smaller towns that have a more laid-back atmosphere. For people interested in close-knit communities and safe places, the number of choices you have in Tennessee is huge.

People doing fitnes
Don’t give up your previous life just because you moved.

What is your lifestyle?

Another criterion for what the best places in Tennessee for ex-New Yorkers you should move to is your lifestyle. Consider your everyday life. Find things your new home must absolutely have. For example, if you are a person that goes to the gym every day and enjoys a healthy active life, those things are naturally a must-have in your new city. Don’t compromise and change your routine when you can find a place where you can still implement it. Of course some things you can give up. But make sure those things are not important or can be replaced with new healthy habits.