Best places in Mississippi to buy a second home

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Living in Mississippi is an excellent choice. This state offers so many places that are close to tops on rankings for livability, safety, education, etc. Mississippi also has amazing natural views, and places that you can fall in love with. So, whether you are already living here and searching for the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home, or you want your second home to be your first one in this state, you won’t regret it. Depending on the needs and your wants from this new house, you can choose which place would work the best. If you are looking for a summer house or a house in the mountains, you will look into different cities. No matter where you are moving, hiring moving companies Oxford MS has to offer will help you go through this move easily.

What to know about the state of Mississippi before moving and buying a second home here?

Making the decision to buy a second home means that you need to decide where you would like for it to be. If you are already living in Mississippi and you want to stay here, perfect. You can simply call residential movers after finding a new house. If you are just considering moving to this state, then it is a great choice. Mississippi is one of those states that offer a lot of different opportunities to a lot of different people. No matter what you are searching for, you can find it here. It has larger cities like Jackson, Gulfport, and Southaven. But it also has a lot of small towns, a large number situated on a river as well. So, whether you would like your second home to be in a large and lively city or a peaceful small town, Mississippi has what you need.

This state is also the state with the lowest cost of living in the whole of the US. According to the research from 2022, the expanses are almost 17% lower than the national average. This means that moving to Mississippi gives you a lot more opportunities to get a nice home for lower costs. It also offers amazing job opportunities, and good education if you are a student or you have kids who would like to be here. Another important thing that you would probably like to know is that Mississippi is a really safe state. It has lower crime rates than other states, meaning it can be a perfect choice for getting your second home in.

View of a city and a river
Mississippi is a great state to buy a house in, as it has the lowest cost of living and affordable properties

Best places in Mississippi to buy a second home

Finding the best place in Mississippi to buy a new home will depend on your needs. So, before you try and figure out where you want to buy a property, see what you will use it for. Is it going to be a place to go for summer vacations and relax by the beach? Or do you want a place where your kids can go and get into good schools? Or maybe you want to rent out your new house, so you will be looking into a city that has a lot of people moving to. No matter the reason for buying a new home, you should firstly plan it, and then look into places. After that, all that you have left is to call Mississippi long distance movers and finalize buying your second home. We have some recommendations for places you might be interested in.

Once you decide on a city and a house you want to get, give yourself enough time to prepare for the second home. Depending on the state of the house, you might need more or less remodeling. Maybe you will be content with the furniture that is already there, or maybe you will get an empty place. Getting a second house ready can be exhausting and expansive, so be sure to plan well. You should also not stress too much. If this is not the main home you will be living in, you don’t have to rush with making everything perfect. There is plenty of time for that. Just enjoy the journey.

A family happy in there Mississippi new home
Finding one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home is easy since there is a lot of great cities

Hattiesburg, a city with perfect location

This city is located in Forrest County, at the intersection of six major highways. His location makes it a perfect place to buy a second home as you could be traveling easily to different parts of the state. Hattiesburg is a beautiful smaller city that offers a calm but not still urban feeling. There is a lot of student moving to Hattiesburg MS because of The University of Southern Mississippi. Different districts of the city are giving different vibes and activities. The Hub City and North Main for example have some buildings that are from the 1880s. There are a lot of attractions in this city, entertaining for both kids and grown-ups. It has a zoo, Armed Forces Museum, African American Military History Museum, and amazing Lake Terrace Convention Center. Also, you can see plays at the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater or have fun at Pep’s Point Water Park.

Madison is recognized as one of the best places you can retire in

The city of Madison has a population of over 25 000 residents. This city got its name from James Madison, the fourth president of the USA. It has been seen as a wonderful place to live, raise your family and eventually retire. Madison was also on the list of the safest cities to live in in Mississippi. It has low living costs and a job market is constantly growing, giving new opportunities to everyone who lives here.

And, if you are looking for a city that has amazing weather all year long, then this city is a great option for you. It doesn’t get too hot or too cold, and it can give you around 115 sunny days per year. So, Madison can be one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home. And in between enjoying city hot spots, you can enjoy amazing food from plenty of restaurants downtown.

Elderly couple enjoying in one of the best places in Mississippi
Madison can be a perfectly calm place to retire in, but it also has amazing energy coming from the college part of the city

Oxford is one of the best college places to buy a home in

If you are looking to buy a second home as an opportunity for your kids to live there while going to university, Oxford could be a good choice. This city is one of the top college cities, because of the University of Mississippi. This school is famous by the name Ole Miss and it is one of the best choices for young people. Around the summer, local movers Oxford MS are getting busy exactly for this reason. But even if it’s the college city, it doesn’t mean that is a loud place where you can’t have your peace. It offers amazing parks, walking trails, and beautifully nice weather. So, you could be taking some time simply relaxing outside, on your porch but also in the parks. Don’t skip on the Lyceum once you get to Oxford, this is the historic district offering amazing views. 

Look into Starkville in Mississippi to buy a second home

Starkville is another city that offers an amazing mix of a nice little calm town and a college city filled with enthusiasm and energy. Moving here will again mean that you can have an amazing educational opportunity but also a lot of young people around. Residents of this city are very welcoming, and local movers Starkville MS will be glad to help you relocate your things here. It can be seen as a good place to buy a second home in. It has a lot of businesses and outdoor areas you can explore.

Living in Starkville will offer you an extremely safe community and very nice living arrangements. You can spend your time at many museums this city has. For example, there is a Mississippi Entomological Museum, as well as Heritage Museum, Dunn-Seiler Geology Museum, and a clock museum. All you need to do is pick your favorite one. Or, in time, visit all of them. There is also McKee Park, an ideal place for kids to play outside and meet some new friends. 

people at a museum
This city will offer so many different attractions and plenty of museums you can visit and enjoy in

A picturesque city of Ridgeland can be the perfect choice for your new home

Ridgeland is another one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home. It ticks a lot of the boxes, from great employment and amazing job opportunities for everyone. To affordable houses and ease of living. So, if you are wondering how it would be to have your second home here, you won’t regret it. It consists of well-maintained residential areas and a strong community. It is very well known for its outdoor activities and recreational places as well as community events. So, living here will give you a lot of nice opportunities to be outside with your friends and family. It is also a decorated city offering picturesque views of its streets while walking around town. Living in this city you can have it all, and enjoyment is guaranteed. 

Tupelo MS is one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home for those with artistic tendencies

In the northeast of the Mississippi, you will find the city of Tupelo. It is the largest city in this part of the state, located in Lee County. This place is famous for being the birth city of Elvis Presley, meaning that it also has a museum that showcases his life and work. It offers a lot of artistic experiences and can be an amazing place to get to know its artistic community. Same as other Mississippi cities, it offers a mix of everything a person could need. Amazing places where you can take walks, picnics in close by parks and a plethora of museums. You can visit Oren Dunn City Museum and Gumtree Museum of Arts, as the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo. And the local movers Tupelo MS are easily contacted if you choose to buy your home here.

a mural in one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home
If you are looking for an artistic city, Tupelo can be one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home for you

If you are looking for bigger places in Mississippi to buy a home, check out the City of Jackson

This is the states capital, and since we mentioned that depending on the reasons you are buying an additional house, maybe you would be interested in this city. Bigger cities in Mississippi are still more affordable then bigger cities in the rest of the USA. This state capital is also a safe city with a strong community and nice neighborhoods. You will be living in a big city, but you can experience the small town feel through community. There are a lot of job opportunities as well, no matter which line of job you are working in. Not just that, but having fun in Jackson is one of the easiest things. Visiting many museums that city has, like Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Old Capitol Museum and Mississippi Children’s Museum. Don’t miss out on the unique LeFleur’s Bluff State Park either.

People enjoying the sunset in park
You can enjoy strong community even in large cities in Mississippi

For a beach, summer house you should check out Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs can be another one of the best places in Mississippi to buy a second home. This little charming community is located in Jackson County and is a great choice for living. You can enjoy the scenic shore and spend so many days at the beach. The weather is calm and comfortable, so you can still have a walk on the beach in colder months as well. Ocean Springs offers an artistic small town feel with a lot of rich history. Most of the people here own their homes, but if you are thinking of renting your second home, you will surely find someone to rent. It has also been recognized as the best school district in Mississippi in 2020. There is simply so much to see in Ocean Springs, and if you move here you can take walks along the quaint streets with centuries-old oaks surrounding them.