Best places for startups in Tennessee

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Tennessee is one of the best places for entrepreneurs. Many people move to Tennessee to live, work, and pursue their careers. The state offers plenty of benefits for young startups, including zero income taxes, a growing industry, and a good workforce. The cities like Nashville and Chattanooga have drawn so many young enthusiasts ready to build their careers and start a new life. People move daily to Nashville to make use of low living costs and a well-established capital scene. Moreover, they hire Spyder Moving and Storage TN to help them relocate to a new place and seek better living conditions. Due to a variety of new companies arising almost daily in Tennessee, the state’s economy has greatly changed for the better. If you are interested in starting your business, read the list of the best places for startups in Tennessee and move today.

#1 Memphis is one of the best places for startups in Tennessee

Memphis is not only one of the most famous cities in America, but also a real entrepreneurship kingdom. Innovators, trailblazers, musicians, and world-changers flock to Memphis to bring their visions to life and start new businesses. Memphis is a melting pot of creativity, philanthropy, and business entrepreneurs. Memphis has made aggressive moves to establish a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem. Although most startups are related to technology, some other businesses have been launched in recent years. There are a variety of industries ranging from home services to food, music, and education. Epicenter is the entrepreneurial hub that connects and coordinates innovators. Many people relocate here with the help of the best movers Memphis TN recommends. They get the support they need to start, launch and scale their business, and use funds from the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Chairman’s Circle.

The view on Memphis, one of the best places for startups in Tennessee
Memphis is a world-famous city that attracts plenty of visitors each year. As a result, most of them want to stay and pursue a successful career in this entrepreneurial kingdom

#2 Crossville

Another place worth considering if you are planning to start a business in Tennessee is Crossville. The city is also called “the golf capital of Tennessee”, for its ten championship golf courses. Crossville is a famous retirement community and a tourist destination due to its museums, county playhouse, and shopping. However, Crossville is much more than that. As the name implies, it is located at the crossroads of two major stagecoach routes that connect Knoxville to Nashville. This makes it a great spot for startups, according to Tennessee long distance moving companies. There are plenty of business resources for employers who can get full support and monitoring of their business. Furthermore, residents can choose to work for some of the largest employers, such as Aviagen, Dana Corp., Durable Products, Rockwell Automation, and Timken.

#3 Jackson

If you are thinking about starting your own international brand, Jackson has a lot of potential for this. This is another city in Tennessee that has a lot to offer to newcomers and emerging startups. The main reason for this is the city’s economic environment and the flexibility of its business structure. Jackson, like many other places in the United States, provides a business structure for all types of entrepreneurs. No matter what business you want to start, some of the best moving companies Jackson TN offer a solution for you. If you want to establish a limited liability company, a corporation, or a sole proprietorship, Jackson has good conditions for this. Some of the business-friendly services are low taxes, deductions, skilled labor, and stable economic growth.

A smiling man using his laptop
If you are looking for the best places for startups in Tennessee, you should not overlook Jackson. Although less famous that other cities on the list, it still has a lot to offer to its residents

#4 Collierville is one of the best places for startups in Tennessee

There are several reasons why we put Collierville on the list of the best places to start your new business. Collierville is a progressive city with plenty of green grass, blue sky, and friendly people who know what to do today, and how to plan for tomorrow. The best thing about Collierville is that it is very close to Memphis. There are plenty of opportunities for business in Memphis, which is 30 minutes away from Collierville. Moreover, the unemployment rate in this area is getting lower each year. White-collar jobs employ nearly 90 % of Collierville’s workforce. 53 % of adults have a college diploma or higher, which they use to establish local, regional, and national businesses. Furthermore, the business community in Collierville is on the move, and no one is left behind. There are plenty of moving companies Collierville TN offers that can take you to this amazing community.

#5 Lakeland

Lakeland is located in Polk County, and it is the largest city here. It has gained popularity in the last 25 years, and it is becoming one of the top places for startups. Lakeland is ranked the 30th best place for establishing a business, with Austin, Orlando, and Tampa preceding it. The city is a growing, vibrant community that balances between “a small-city efficiency and a big-city infrastructure”, according to Chuck McDanal, a resident and a businessman living in Lakeland. McDanal is one of those people who moved their offices to Lakeland because the climate is perfect for running a business. People are friendly and like to try new things. Moreover, the city will offer low costs and housing, high quality-of-life factors, and support from the community to grow your business. If you are interested in moving to Lakeland, hire some of the moving companies in Lakeland TN has to offer and get the chance to expand your business.

People working and discussing about graphs and charts
When choosing the best places for startups in Tennessee, you need all the help you can get. Lakeland will provide all the support you need to start afresh.

#6 Greeneville

Greeneville is a rural town in Tennessee’s northeastern region. Maybe you would say that this place is not suitable for startups because it is a small town. However, don’t let this stop you move to Greeneville and start a career there. According to Atoka TN movers, its business-to-residential ratio of 15 is 50 % higher than the statewide average. Moreover, nearly 32 % of businesses have paid employees. The median monthly housing costs are $516, which is the lowest among the top cities on this list. What is more, Greeneville boasts a median annual income of around $ 35,991. Greeneville Commons is the largest shopping center and has a large number of retailers. Moreover, the place is famous for various online businesses, and programs and events are organized almost daily. AccelNow, the closest regional business accelerator, is located in Johnson City.

#7 Somerville is another place worth considering for your startup

Somerville, Tennessee, has a population of 3,257 people, and it is located in Fayette County. The place provides residents with a sparse, suburban feel, and the majority of people rent their homes. Somerville is home to many families, young professionals, and retirees, and residents tend to be conservative. If you hire some of the movers Somerville TN to take you to the place, you will have a chance to start your business in various fields. However, the city requires a license to start a business, as well as permission to change a sign on the building. Depending on the type of business and department you are planning to establish, you will get the proper support and monitoring from the government. Permits are required for building construction, alteration, and additions, as well as other categories such as swimming pools, fire alarms, and demolitions.

Business people discussing about the best places for startups in Tennessee
Finding a new place in Tennessee for your business will turn into an enjoyable event. With the right support and a reliable partner, you will succeed in your mission

#8 Nashville

Probably the most famous city in Tennessee has a lot to offer in terms of business. Entrepreneurs are taking notice of Nashville’s growing reputation as a tech city. According to a recent data study that movers in Tennesse conducted, “Music City”, as it is often called, is the 15th most popular city for people looking to start a new business. The study reported that Nashville is the best city to network with startup founders, with 4.14 ceos for every 1000 residents. Furthermore, Nashville is home to numerous universities and colleges, implying that the city has a large talent pool ready to enter the business world. What is more, many of these graduates are focused on starting their own companies, meaning that Nashville has a natural entrepreneurship hub, buzz, and spirit. Finally, not only are the taxes levied, but the local government provides funding options and mentorship for supporting startups and young professionals.

Clouds over vehicles passing a bridge
Nashville is a famous place for many young professionals seeking an opportunity for their own business. Don’t miss the chance to find your place in this amazing city

#9 Lebanon

Lebanon, the county seat of Wilson County, is located in Middle Tennessee, about 30 miles east of Nashville. There are 13 businesses for every 100 residents. There are plenty of major employers, such as Cracker Barrel, The Wilson County Fair, and Cumberland University. The government will fund the business for young people who have just moved to the place. Moreover, those looking for additional services and support can visit one of two Small Business Development Centers. Another thing that makes Lebanon one of the best places for startups in Tennessee is that it has a highly advanced railroad transportation system, connecting it with Nashville and other big business centers in the state. Lebanon is densely populated, with 38,431 currently living there. The city’s population seems to grow, and the poverty rate is lower year by year, which only contributes to Lebanon’s development.

#10 Chattanooga

The Chattanooga area is rich in history, however, today it is a modern city with plenty of attractions and things to do. The place is constantly focusing on innovation and technology, creating an ecosystem that attracts cutting-edge businesses as well as thriving startups and entrepreneurs. Chattanooga provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to put profitable ideas into action. This region has one of the friendliest startup communities in the country due to an abundance of business resources. The economy of Chattanooga is around $45 billion, and it includes the majority of sectors. Some of them are manufacturing, automotive production, health services, logistics, and food and beverage production. Because of its strategic location and investment in technology, more and more logistic companies are choosing to call Chattanooga home.

The view on urban city of Chattanooga
Chattanooga is one of the best places for startups in Tennessee with plenty of opportunities to build a successful career

Why do people choose Tennessee to start their business?

In recent years, Tennessee has emerged as a popular location for new businesses. Its low housing costs, large factories, and competitive corporate tax rate attract entrepreneurs from all over the country. Whether you want to start a business in a bigger city such as Memphis or Nashville, or smaller places like Chattanooga or Lebanon, you will find your place in the state of Tennessee. The state has plenty of rural areas, too, with low housing and labor costs. The tax rate is only 6.5 %. However, its sales tax rate, which averages 9,55 %, is among the highest in the country. Nashville, Tennessee’s state capital, has seen significant growth in recent years and has a diverse economy. All of this makes Tennessee a successful business place.

Final words

Tennessee is a great place for living and working. Whatever area you choose for your next startup, you will not make a mistake. Because Tennessee is so diverse in terms of culture and business, you will find your place in this state. If you like to be at the center of attention, you may choose Nashville or Memphis. On the other hand, if your want an office in a less crowded area, you may opt for Lakeland, Chattanooga, or Greenville. Moreover, hiring a good moving company will greatly simplify the process of establishing a business in a new area. Tennessee has plenty of moving companies that are ready to assist you from the beginning until the end of your business relocation. Starting your business doesn’t need to be so hard if you go through the list of the best places for startups in Tennessee carefully. Therefore, hire your reliable moving partner, and have fun starting your job in any of these amazing places.