Best MS cities for empty nesters

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When your children leave your family home looking for their own nest, you will suddenly have more time for yourself and your partner. During this period you might feel the urge to change the scenery as well. Now you will no longer have to adjust to the plans and schedule of your kids. Although it can be bittersweet for some parents, it is also a great opportunity to maybe fulfill some of your dreams and experience new things. Spyder Moving and Storage MS can help you relocate to one of the cities around MS. But before you hire reliable movers, spend some time exploring MS cities. There are plenty of locations that you might wish to call home and the choice may not be easy. Therefore, read this guide and discover the best MS cities for empty nesters that you can consider for your relocation.

a river and a forest
Mississippi is famous for its southern hospitality

Get to know Mississippi

This is a charismatic and soulful state that offers plenty of charming places, tasty cuisine, and traditional southern hospitality. The state is between Alabama and Louisiana, with the Mississippi River to the west. Hire a Mississippi moving company and move to the Magnolia State to enjoy the great outdoors. Besides that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy small coastal communities and bustling cities, with plenty of living options. Considering the costs of living and home prices, Mississippi has very affordable living conditions, lower than the national average. This is also home to a number of National parks, forests, and 2 million acres of public forestland. This opens a way to hiking, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. If you are looking for a slow-paced lifestyle and delicious southern food, you will certainly have it in MS.

Biloxi is one of the best MS cities for empty nesters

If you have always dreamed about living near the cost, then moving to Biloxi can be a dream come true. This waterfront city is one of the most popular, lying on the Gulf of Mexico. It offers a high quality of life with yet affordable living costs. Sandy beaches and tasty seafood are a call for action to book Biloxi MS moving companies. In addition, in 2020, this place got the ranking as 3rd most affordable small U.S. beach town. There are plenty of job options if you move here. The most popular industries are hospitality, tourism, gaming, and fishing. There are three districts that divide the city with a population of 50,000. There are plenty of restaurants, casinos, and other entertainment venues.

a lighthouse on the beach and a man walking
Biloxi is among the best MS cities for empty nesters

Things to do in Biloxi

This is a small, yet popular tourist place on the coast of Mississippi. The city has a very rich history and many visitors come to see its historical sites. The Biloxi Lighthouse is a landmark that was brought from Baltimore in 1948 and since then it withstood many storms. Just across the street from it, you can visit the Biloxi visitors center where you can get directions to many places. If you are into arts, you should visit the Ohr-O’keefe museum of art. In this area, you can also pay a visit to the Maritime History Museum. In addition, Biloxi Mississippi is a host to many events that take part during the year. It is a ground central to Mardi Gras where you can visit the Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum.

Moving to Gulfport

Located in the county of Harrison, this is the state’s second-largest city with a population of 71,570. The city provides a more urban feel with many big city amenities. According to U.S. News from 2022, this city got a ranking #150 best place to live in the US.  Magnificent seafood and stretches of long, sandy beaches are good reasons to hire movers in Gulfport. Mild winters and warm summers will give you plenty of options for a number of outdoor activities. Some of the must-try activities are paddling the Pascagoula River Blueway and visiting the natural habitats of shrimps. In addition, take a shrimping tour to Biloxi by riding the Sailfish. The Tuxachanie Trail is a 12-mile hike tour through southern Mississippi’s Desoto National Forest that you should not miss. Runners can enjoy The Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon on the beach shore each December.

one of the bBest MS cities for empty nesters at night
You can enjoy sandy beaches at Gulfport

Horn Lake is one of the most popular cities

This is one of the most popular and diverse cities in MS. With a population of around 27,000 people, this family-friendly community attracts many newcomers. Contact your movers in Horn Lake MS and you can buy an affordable home in the suburban area of Horn Lake. The starting home price is $100,000 and most residents are homeowners. Regarding costs of living, these are almost 20% lower than the national average. The residents of Horn Lake take good care of each other and this is one of the safest communities that you can move to. There are many popular bars and restaurants where you can taste some delicious food and wine.

Best MS cities for empty nesters- moving to Olive Branch

If you decide to move around the Memphis area, you should consider Olive Branch on the Tennessee state line. The city got its name after a biblical story of a dove bringing Noah an olive branch. Its current population is about 38,270, but more and more people are moving here. The place is becoming more desirable thanks to the low poverty rate and growing employment opportunities. Median home prices in Olive Branch go for around $188,800. Consider hiring movers in Olive Branch MS, and you will pay less than $1,000/year for your taxes. The income in this city grew by about 5%, which makes an annual income of $78,939/year. In addition to good salaries, the city boasts a low crime rate. This is one of the safest cities which has 42% less crime than the national average. The safety index makes it one of the best Mississippi cities for empty nesters.

a man playing golf on the golf field
Playing golf is among attractions that Olive Branch offers

Things to do in Olive Branch

In addition to high-quality living conditions, Olive Branch has many affiliating neighborhoods that offer plenty of entertainment. Belmor Lakes is a family-friendly community that has some scenic landscapes and hills that you can visit. In addition, there are lots of events among which the most popular is the Youth Fishing Rodeo. Those who prefer ice skating should visit the Mid-South Ice House, which is one of the most popular rinks in the area. Shopping is a popular activity in Olive Branch. Hire movers and packers and you can explore Village Shops, Target, and Frontier Western Store for this action. Also, golf lovers can enjoy playing this sport at Cherokee Valley Golf Club. Some of the best barbeque you can taste in Corky’s Ribs & BBQ. A great tourist attraction is a Korean Panda sandwich which you can try in SideStreet Burgers in Olive Branch.

Hernando is among the best MS cities for empty nesters

One of the best places to live in Mississippi is just half an hour’s drive from Memphis. This city of around 16,206 residents is booming economically for the past 10 years. With an annual income of $68,377/year, the city is in the 5th place with the highest income in MS. The median home price in Hernando is $216,200. Hire movers Hernando MS recommends and you will be moving to the state which has one of the lowest poverty rates in the country. In addition, the unemployment rate is the 5th lowest in the region. That is why this city has seen a great increase in the population of more than 20% in the last 10 years. Also, this is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mississippi. Costs of living which are lower than the national average make this one of the best MS places for empty nesters.

Hernando is a beautiful city with a healthy population

If you are among those people who like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful scenery, then moving to Hernando is a great choice. Hernando is protecting its valuable natural resources making sure that these are attractive and durable. The city also boasts some of the best quality soil and water in Mississippi. Hernando is in DeSoto County, which got the ranking as one of the healthiest counties in MS. Apart from the sense of uniqueness, you can feel a community connection in many ways. People here spend a lot of time gathering around numerous activities. There are plenty of festivals, theatre productions, art festivals, and sports events. You can also see a large number of films on the corner. Finally, Hernando is home to the county’s arts council and also has a main branch of the First Regional Library system.

a green forest
Hernando is one of the best MS cities for empty nesters which preserves its natural resources

Get to know Tupelo

Tupelo is a town in Lee County and is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. It has a population of 37,872 and offers its residents a suburban feel. There are plenty of family-owned houses in the quiet residential areas. The median home value is $158,800, while the rent prices rank from $825. This is considerably lower than the nation’s average rental price of $1,163 a month. When it comes to median property tax it is $1,126, which is lower than in the other states. Just like the rest of MS, Tupelo is in the humid subtropical climate region. If you are ready for mild winters and hot, humid summers, contact your movers in Tupelo MS to help you with the relocation. When it comes to rain, it has a fair distribution throughout the whole year.

You will have plenty of fun activities in Tupelo

This city between Memphis and Birmingham is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. You can visit one of the most popular Elvis sites such as the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum. There are plenty of concerts and other major events that you can attend throughout the whole year in BancorpSouth Arena & Conference Center. The Eagles and Elton John are just some of the most popular musicians who performed here.

If you are into festivals, enjoy the North Mississippi Cherry Blossom Festival. This is a celebration that celebrates the cultures of Japan and MS. Tupelo Elvis Festival also takes place here. Tupelo is a foodie paradise. Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel and Dudie Burger Festival, as well as Tupelo Craft Beer Festival, are some of the most popular that you can attend. You should not miss Natchez Trace Parkway, which is one of the top 10 National parks.

Consider Hattiesburg as one of the best MS cities for empty nesters

The city got the nickname ‘The Hub City’ because of its strategic position. This is one of the best places to live in Mississippi both for young professionals and empty nesters. You would certainly feel at home in this lively, tight-knit community of friendly people. Hattiesburg has one of the best, yet most affordable healthcare systems after Baltimore. Book moving services Hattiesburg MS and come to live in the city with some of the largest employers in the country. Coca-Cola, Kohler Engines, and The University of Southern Mississippi are just some of the great companies that offer numerous job positions. Other sectors where you can find a position are education, distribution, and manufacturing. Hattiesburg has some of the most affordable living costs which are below the national average.

a red university building in one of the best MS cities for empty nesters
Hattiesburg has affordable costs of living

What are some popular activities that bring people to the area?

During springtime, events like HUBFEST bring more than 30,000 people to this area. In addition, you can see many downtown attractions such as Pocket Museum or Live at Five events with live music events, the city of Hattiesburg really has something for everybody. There are many popular walking trails that you can take and spend some quality time with your partner in the beautiful nature of this part of the MS.

Final words

Mississippi in general has many attractive locations where you can consider moving. For this reason, it can be hard to distinguish between cities and neighborhoods of MS. Affordable living costs, spending time in the beauty of nature, as well a number of different events make this country one of the most interesting for relocation. Therefore, make sure to consider all the options and soon you can become a resident of one of the best MS cities for empty nesters.