Best Mississippi places for art lovers

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Mississippi, the Magnolia State, is a captivating destination that enchants art enthusiasts with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant artistic scene. Nestled in the heart of the Deep South, this remarkable state offers a multitude of experiences for art lovers to indulge in. From its thriving galleries to its open-air exhibitions, Mississippi showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions that reflect its history and soul. Delve into the mesmerizing world of Southern art, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary innovation! Spyder Moving and Storage is here to show you some of the best Mississippi places for art lovers, providing you with a great way to start your Mississippi art exploration!

Best Mississippi places for art lovers

Creating this list was quite difficult, as there are so many art places in Mississippi to put them all in one small list. We have intentionally excluded some of the most famous places, as you have most likely heard of them by now. In this list, you can expect to find some of the lesser-known art places which are more than worthy of your attention. Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Ocean Springs Biloxi Bay Mural
  • Oxford Film Festival
  • Gumtree Museum
  • Pontotoc Town Square Museum
  • Cotton District Arts Festival
  • Fishbone Alley
  • Attic Gallery
  • The Angel Tree & Katrina Catastrophe Trees
person at one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers, looking at a row of paintings
Mississippi has its fair share of amazing museums and galleries!

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look into why exactly we chose these art places, among others.

Ocean Springs Biloxi Bay Mural

Under the creative guidance of overseeing artist Elizabeth Veglia, a group of local artists in Mississippi joined forces to bring to life a monumental mosaic mural. This awe-inspiring art piece stretches an impressive 120 feet and proudly showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With great care and attention to detail, artists Chris Stebly, Pat Odom, Ching Walters, and Susie Ranger contributed their unique talents to create individual panels that seamlessly fit together, forming a cohesive masterpiece.

The installation of this remarkable artwork, affectionately described as a “love letter,” took place beneath the Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge, a location that also adds to the mural’s allure. Situated in a city renowned for its “Heart for Art,” this mosaic mural stands as a testament to the vibrant artistic spirit that permeates the local community. In fact, this mural is one of the primary reasons why moving companies Biloxi MS have so much work as they do. While it is great to be able to visit and check out the mural for the first time, it is even better to be able to do it whenever you want!

Oxford Film Festival

Founded in 2003 by the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, the Oxford Film Festival has become a premier platform for independent cinema. This annual five-day festival showcases over 200 high-quality films, including shorts and features, from around the world. Through screenings, workshops, and educational programs, the festival aims to enhance the audience’s understanding of cinema. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with filmmakers during panel discussions on contemporary filmmaking.

Additionally, social events provide a space for interaction between filmmakers and the audience. The Oxford Film Festival fosters a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the art of independent filmmaking while offering a diverse range of films in both showcase and competition settings. If you are planning to relocate to Oxford, you might want to let your Oxford movers and packers take care of your relocation while you go check out this festival. We promise you it will be an experience you will not soon forget!

person holding a ready, set, action prop
Ready, set, action!

Gumtree Museum

In the heart of Tupelo, an unexpected gem awaits art lovers at the Gumtree Museum, housed in a former bank. This unique venue aims to provide the community with access to quality visual art, arts education, workshops, and events. The museum’s primary mission revolves around nurturing emerging and young artists, offering them a space to showcase their work. It also proudly exhibits artwork from local high school students, fostering a sense of community and encouragement.

With revolving exhibits throughout the year, the Gumtree Museum continually offers fresh and engaging experiences for visitors. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, educational opportunities, or simply a moment of artistic appreciation, this museum promises to deliver. Step inside its doors and be captivated by the creativity and talent that thrives within its walls. From paintings and sculptures to mixed media and beyond, the diverse range of artworks on display is sure to leave a lasting impression. It is why this museum is considered to be one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers, after all.

If you are planning to relocate to Tupelo, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Gumtree Museum, where art comes alive! Of course, you will want to allow your movers Tupelo MS to take care of the relocation process while you take your time exploring everything that Gumtree Museum has to offer! The more time you have to enjoy yourself, the better!

Pontotoc Town Square Museum

Step into the past at the Town Square Museum, operated by the Pontotoc County Historical Society since 1998. This captivating museum offers visitors a unique glimpse into the rich history of the community. Housed within the post office building, the museum boasts a large collection of historical exhibits, documents, books, and memorabilia that bring the bygone days to life. From showcased displays of antique items and artifacts to depictions of family traditions and local businesses, the museum showcases the artistry and lifestyles of Pontotoc County since its founding.

One notable highlight is the functioning historical post office, the only one of its kind in the nation. As you wander through the museum, you can retrace the footsteps of the Chickasaw people, learn about the challenges faced by pioneers, and reminisce about the days when the sound of a train whistle brought distant travelers to the county.

an old letter and a pen
The old post office will have you imagining days long gone by!

Under the diligent care of part-time curator Martha Jo Coleman, the Town Square Museum has flourished over the years. The museum offers more than just exhibits; it features a fully working post office, a gift shop, and numerous rooms in the back and basement that provide a comprehensive view of life in Pontotoc County’s yesteryears. Whether you visit during the regular hours of 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or make an appointment for another time, admission to the museum is free and open to the public. Therefore, you can safely tip your movers Pontotoc MS a bit more! With their help, you will be able to enjoy yourself from day one!

Hattiesburg Public Art Trail

Embark on a journey of inspiration through Hattiesburg’s vibrant public art scene, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you choose to walk, bike, or drive, immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the public art trail. This trail showcases a diverse collection of murals, sculptures, and paintings created by both local and national artists. It is a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering artistic expression and adding vibrancy to the community.

The Hattiesburg Public Art Trail offers a perfect activity for all, allowing families, friends, and solo travelers to enjoy art while maintaining social distance. It is no wonder why we included it in our list of best Mississippi places for art lovers! Explore the trail at your own pace and be captivated by the imaginative and thought-provoking artworks that grace the city’s streets and spaces. Each piece tells a unique story, also contributing to the rich tapestry of Hattiesburg’s cultural landscape.

As you traverse the trail, take a moment to appreciate the skill and creativity of the artists who have brought these pieces to life. From striking murals that adorn building facades to intriguing sculptures that engage the senses, the art trail provides an enriching and visually stimulating experience for all who encounter it. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or simply looking to infuse your stay in Hattiesburg with a touch of beauty and inspiration, the public art trail is not to be missed. The most pleasant way to find out more about the trail is from your Hattiesburg movers. They will be more than glad to answer any inquiries you might have!

Cotton District Arts Festival

Immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance of the Cotton District Arts Festival, held annually in Starkville’s historic Cotton District. This celebrated arts festival showcases the talents of over 125 visual artists and also highlights the creative expressions of writers, musicians, and chefs. From captivating paintings to awe-inspiring sculptures, the festival’s juried art and student art competitions unveil the talents of emerging artists in the region.

festival masks
The Cotton arts festival is definitely one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers!

Explore the vibrant booths and exhibitions, where a diverse array of artwork awaits your discovery. Engage with the artists, indulge in delicious culinary creations, and savor the melodies of live music performances. The Cotton District Arts Festival is renowned as one of the state’s premier arts events, drawing visitors from near and far to experience its lively atmosphere and captivating displays. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a music lover, or a food connoisseur, this festival offers a delightful fusion of creativity and cultural celebration.

Join the festivities and witness firsthand the dynamic artistic spirit that permeates the Cotton District, leaving you inspired and enriched by the talents of Mississippi’s vibrant arts community.

Fishbone Alley

Once a neglected area for trash and maintenance, Fishbone Alley underwent a transformative makeover in 2015. Now, it has become a vibrant destination adorned with original artwork by local artists. The long corridor of Fishbone Alley provides access to the back patios of neighboring restaurants, creating a unique atmosphere for visitors.

As the sun sets, the Alley comes alive with a festive ambiance, attracting a party-like crowd as well as local packers and movers. Throughout the year, special events and festivals revolve around this lively spot. Thanks to the ‘to-go-cup law,’ you can stroll around with your adult beverage, enjoying the murals and the lively atmosphere.

Fishbone Alley stands as a testament to the power of revitalization and community collaboration. What was once a neglected space has now become one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers, a thriving hub of creativity and social gathering. Whether you’re exploring Alley’s vibrant artwork, savoring culinary delights on the back patios, or embracing the energetic atmosphere, Fishbone Alley offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. Step into this transformed corridor and be swept away by its captivating charm and the artistic spirit that now thrives within its walls.

Attic Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Mississippi, the Attic Gallery stands out among the state’s galleries for its exceptional offerings. In fact, this gallery creates a lot of work for long distance movers across the country, as many people wish to be closer to it. The Attic Gallery showcases a diverse range of contemporary fine art, handmade jewelry, sculpture, as well as pottery. However, what truly sets this gallery apart is its remarkable collection of folk art.

folk art piece
The Attic Gallery hosts some of the most unique folk art pieces in the country.

Visitors to the gallery will be captivated by the shrine-like pieces dedicated to beloved Mississippi blues musicians. These artistic tributes, combined with thematic art boasting vibrant colors, evoke the soulful essence of Mississippi blues. The Attic Gallery becomes a haven for blues music enthusiasts, where they can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and artistic expression that defines the genre.

With its carefully curated selection and focus on folk art, the Attic Gallery offers a distinct experience for art lovers. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary pieces, handmade jewelry, or the unique allure of Mississippi blues-inspired art, the gallery provides a captivating journey through the diverse artistic landscape of the state. Indulge your senses, explore the depths of creativity, and discover the vibrant soul of Mississippi through the exceptional offerings of the Attic Gallery.

The Angel Tree & Katrina Catastrophe Trees

Scenic Highway 90 boasts a collection of remarkable trees that bear witness to a unique story. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the area, three esteemed wood sculptors arrived to transform the remains of old oaks and cypresses into art. Among them, the renowned “Angel Tree” in Bay St. Louis stands out, once a refuge for three individuals and their dog during the storm. With magnificent painted wings, it now soars alongside other extraordinary trees, symbolizing recovery and resilience in Bay St. Louis.

As you traverse the scenic highway, also be on the lookout for these extraordinary works of art. Each tree tells a tale of survival, rebirth, and the enduring spirit of the community. Witness the transformation of nature’s devastation into breathtaking sculptures that grace the landscape. The artists’ skill and vision have brought new life to these weathered remnants, creating symbols of hope and strength.

The “Angel Tree” in Bay St. Louis stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and serves as a reminder of the community’s ability to rise above adversity. Alongside other striking creations, it forms a poignant ensemble that invites reflection and admiration. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these awe-inspiring sculptures as you journey along Highway 90, where nature’s resilience meets the artistry of the human hand. It is definitely one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers!

a paintbrush and some colorful paint in one of the best Mississippi places for art lovers
Whether you want to explore different art exhibits or show off your own talent, Mississippi has a place for you.

The best Mississippi places for art lovers offer something for everyone

As you can see, Mississippi offers a lot of captivating art destinations that cater to every art lover’s taste. From amazing murals and vibrant festivals to unique museums and public art trails, Mississippi’s art scene is rich with creativity and cultural heritage. By exploring lesser-known art places and immersing yourself in the local art community, you can truly appreciate the diverse artistic expressions found throughout the state. So, whether you’re a fan of visual arts, independent cinema, or cultural festivals, one of these best Mississippi places for art lovers will suit your needs.