Best Mississippi cities to launch a small business

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As per data from the Small Business Administration, Mississippi has 242,000 small businesses. And, you can find them in almost every city of the Magnolia State. Also, small businesses are very important. Their owners are employing about half of the Mississippi workforce.  For this reason, be sure that your initiative will be welcomed.  But, how to decide what the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business are? As a matter of fact, the choice of the city will depend on the type of business you intend to start. The reasons are simple. Before you engage the moving help Oxford MS, you will have to check several things. Does the city have an adequate workforce? Can you easily access the raw materials? And, will you have easy access to the market?

What are the best businesses to start in Mississippi?

The answer is actually simple. But it also requires some research. Maybe you already own a business. In that case, you will look for a city where it can develop faster. In case you are considering a startup, see which businesses are currently underserved. And, in which cities you could start them, without having to beat the competition.

However, you have to keep in mind that you can launch only a small business that you know well. For example, you may come up with the idea to start a construction business. But, not having the basic idea of the craft, you can’t expect that your business will last for long. So, when you are investing, do it wisely.

A Carpenter in a Construction Site - Best Mississippi cities to launch a small business.
To launch a small business, you have to know it well.

There are certain small businesses that will do good in any Mississippi city

For a long time, Mississippi was an agricultural country. And, for a long time, it heavily relied on cotton production. However, agriculture is still one of the main businesses in the state. So, launching the food and vegetable processing plant can be an excellent idea. In case you have such an idea in mind, check for the services of moving companies Olive Branch MS. The sooner you move to Olive Branch, the sooner you can start your business.

However, besides agriculture, we can see how many new industries are emerging. And, Olive Branch has a huge number of entrepreneurs. The chance is that you will learn from them one surprising thing. There are many franchising options in the city. They may be a good option for you. If so, check if the business you are interested in has a franchise in your new city. 

Formalize your business by starting a limited liability company

Once you choose the city and the type of business you want to launch, you will have to undertake specific steps to start an LLC in Mississippi. Here, we will limit the registration process to the 5 basic steps. And, the detailed information you will get from the respective Mississippi bodies.

So, to start an LLC in Mississippi, you’ll have to:

  • Choose the name of your Mississippi LLC
  • Appoint a registered Mississippi agent
  • File a Mississippi “Certificate of Formation”
  • Draft the Mississippi Operating Agreement
  • Apply for an EIN (Employment Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service)


Donuts and Bagel Display - Best Mississippi cities to launch a small business.
New bakeries and pastries are essential no matter which one of the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business

Hattiesburg MS could be among the best Mississippi places to launch a small business

In Mississippi, you will find a pro-business climate. And soon you will discover many available services to help your startup grow. You will also discover the Mississippi Development Authority’s Entrepreneur Center, which offers business assistance to startups. So, after you reach the place with the assistance of the moving companies in Hattiesburg MS, check about all benefits and institutions that can help you develop your business faster.

We are sure that, prior to moving you have already checked the small businesses in Hattiesburg. And, you have found out that some of the most popular are:

  • in-store and online printing services
  • bakeries and pastries
  • coffee shops
  • computer repair services
  • clock repair stores
  • laundry services
  • self-storage facilities

So, you can open a similar business. Or, you can open something that the city is missing. For example, a shop for sewing and repairing clothes. In case you are a skilled tailor, you will soon attract many customers.

Main industries in Mississippi

Nowadays, the main industries in Mississippi revolve around mining, logging, and construction. Also, many companies are offering IT assistance, professional services, and healthcare. However, starting a small business, you will be more interested in supporting industries. Such jobs mostly include

  • small repair shops for cars
  • various machinery repairs
  • computers fixing

Also, you can start small businesses providing various services. For example, you can offer real estate services. Or run a legal advice office, notary office, etc. You will be also doing well starting a small business in retail, healthcare businesses, family restaurants, and bakeries with a unique offer. The possibilities are numerous.

Tunica could be among the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business

In case you decide to move to Tunica MS, you will find out that the city has already many small businesses. However, there is always a place for more. And you will be especially welcome if you are starting a small business that is needed. But is not yet available in the city. You can, for example, decide to start a small company for sewing work suits. Having many companies around, you can easily find customers. And, you can also make work uniforms for shops, or restaurants. Or, for Tunica MS movers, if they request so.

Red and White Vintage Car Parked in Front of Blue and White Food Stall.
Small repair businesses are needed in all cities.

Besides, checking the small businesses, you may find that some owners are selling the existing ones. The reasons can be various. Maybe business was not going well. And, if you have an idea of how to improve it, you may try that option. Even better, some people are selling since they are retiring. Or moving to another city. If those businesses are what you’ve planned to do, use the opportunity. They already have regular customers. If so, your business will develop much faster.

What kind of small businesses would develop well in Mississippi?

Having almost 3 million residents, Mississippi is an excellent place to launch a small business. Most of the residents and newcomers usually start with food service, repair, clothing, grocery, and gas station businesses. 

However, there are many more startup possibilities. Say, Mississippi can be an excellent recreational spot. We can also see many pet grooming and dog walking companies being established. So, in case you love pets, you can easily open a pet boarding kennel or catteries. That can be a great solution for people traveling a lot. Or spending long hours at work. And it could also be an excellent small business for you.

Starkville MS could be one of your best Mississippi cities to launch a small business

Are you planning to move to Starkville MS and start a small business there? If so, you can pay a visit to Small Business Development Center. They are not supporting small businesses financially. But, they can give you valuable information and advice. They are also offering free training to small business owners. We guess that you have already checked the Starkville job market. And, that you have used services of local movers Starkville MS exactly because you can offer something new. At least new to the city.

We have all witnessed how pandemics changed our ways of living. However, it also brought ideas for some new small businesses. For example, during the pandemic, many people wanted to move out of the big cities. So, they were ready to buy a second home in the countryside. And, in case you are a skilled real estate marketer, this could be your chance. Opening a real estate agency for purchasing and reselling a second home, you would do well in Starkville MS. And, with many jobs becoming remote, the demand for such homes is expected to rise.

A Broker Standing Beside a Sign.
Opening a real estate agency in Mississippi is a good idea.

What other Mississippi small businesses can bring you a healthy profit?

When it comes to the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business, many cities can qualify. The thing is that the MS economy is not that strong. So, any business initiative is welcome. And, it is also true that many cities need more small businesses. And, most in demand are the following:

The home improvement construction business

Homes in Mississippi are fairly old. The fact is that about 75% of the existing homes were built before 1970. Therefore, you can easily launch a small business for home improvement in any city. And, you can be sure that your business will flourish. With time, you will probably expand your business to other MS cities.

Required exam to become a real estate agent in Mississippi

In case you decide to launch a small business in the real estate industry, you will have to attend 60 hours of training. And after you pass a licensing exam, you may start to work as a real estate agent. In Mississippi, as a real estate agent, you can charge 5.5% of the sale. And such commissions can guarantee you a very comfortable living.

Launching a consulting business can bring you a lot of clients

In case you are skilled in consulting, you can launch a small consulting business in any Mississippi city. And, you can be sure that your roster will fill up quickly. This is one of the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business for such services.

There is a growing need for cybersecurity in Mississippi

Starting an IT small company, you will soon have more demands than you can handle. So, you will have the possibility to expand your business quickly.

Cleveland MS is among the Mississippi cities to launch a small business

Checking the possibilities for launching a small business in Cleveland MS may surprise you. A lot of people state that they would be happy to have a pressure washer company in the city. And, they would be happy to immediately book a cleaner for their driveways. Also, they stated that the city needs more cleaning services. So, opening such a small business could be very prosperous.

Therefore, if you can see yourself in this business, go for it. And, as for any other small business, you will need the Mississippi state license. And, you will need the assistance of movers Cleveland MS.

Big dispensers of shampoo are on the shelf.
You can open a shop selling only natural beauty products.

Could Hernando MS be among your favorite Mississippi cities to launch a small business?

In case you have decided to move to Hernando MS, you will have many opportunities to launch a small business. You can simply decide to follow your passions. And, you can:

  • start the landscaping business
  • open a beauty salon
  • start a small retail shop offering domestic beauty products (such as magnolia essential oil for skincare, homemade organic soap, etc.)
  • a restaurant specializing in organic food delivery and takeout

Possibilities are endless. And, since the Chamber of Commerce is regularly organizing street meetings of local businesses and the community, you will be able to present your products. The only thing that remains is to give a call to movers Hernando MS.

What if your idea about the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business change?

Living and working in Mississippi, you may realize that you could do much better in some other town. Or, someone is selling the small business that you are passionate about. But, the business is located in another town. Well, that shouldn’t be a big problem. You can always list your business for selling. You may even decide to relocate your existing business to the city where you intend to buy the one that is advertised for sale. In such a case, you may have great use of packing and unpacking services. That way, you can restart both of your small businesses faster.

Starting your small business

Once you decide what are the best Mississippi cities to launch a small business, you will have to choose your niche. And, if you are new to the business world, you will have to learn a lot. Getting the proper licenses is just one step in starting your business. You will also have to learn how to plan. And, how to make financial decisions. Also, besides obtaining the license, there will be a lot of other legal activities. So, knowing all those things will help you a lot. And, after accomplishing all demands, you can start to work. We hope that you will be successful. And that you will be satisfied with your new city. And with your great, new job.