Best local trips to take after moving to Colorado

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Colorado is a state known for its beautiful landscapes and friendly communities. If you’re planning to move here or have just arrived, taking some local trips can help you get to know the area better. This guide will show you some of the best local trips to take after moving to Colorado with the help of a moving company like Spyder Moving and Storage CO. We aim to help you discover the natural beauty and diverse culture of the state. From mountain adventures to city explorations, each destination has something great to offer. Let’s dive into Colorado’s popular spots and hidden gems to make your move a more enjoyable experience.


Nestled just southeast of Denver, Parker offers a charming mix of modern amenities and natural beauty. This town is home to attractions like the quaint downtown area, the Parker Arts, Culture & Events Center, and several welcoming parks. For a genuine local experience, you can hike or bike along the Cherry Creek Trail or explore the fascinating collection of vintage cars at the Vehicle Vault. If you’re planning your move, consider reaching out to moving companies Parker CO residents recommend, to help you settle in smoothly. They can offer valuable advice on local attractions and services, ensuring you start your new life in Parker with all the information you need. This blend of helpful services and local experiences makes Parker a great place to call home.

A couple on a walk on one of the local trips to take after moving to Colorado
Parker is one of the top spots when it comes to local trips to take after moving to Colorado because it has so many versatile attractions.


Westminster is a great place for people who love the outdoors and families. The city has Standley Lake Regional Park, which is full of long trails and lots of wildlife. You can have a relaxing day here, enjoy a picnic, and see beautiful views of the Rockies. If you’re moving to Westminster, local moving companies can help you settle in. Look for moving companies Westminster CO has to offer, that know the area well. They can make your move easier and give you tips about the best places to visit once you’re settled. Whether you’re looking to explore nature or just want a peaceful place to relax, Westminster has something for everyone.


Golden is perfect for history enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors. The city is well-known for the Coors Brewery, where visitors can tour the facility and try some local beers. Another key attraction is Lookout Mountain, which provides sweeping views of the surrounding area and is the resting place of the famous Buffalo Bill. If you’re moving to Golden and need help with the transition, consider reaching out to local moving companies. Moving companies Golden locals recommend can offer valuable assistance. They make your relocation smoother and introduce you to all the must-see spots in your new hometown. Whether you’re into history, nature, or just exploring new places, Golden has plenty to offer.

People drinking beer after moving to Colorado
Choosing Golden as one of your local trips to take after moving to Colorado is great if you’re a connoisseur of beer.

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a town full of history and natural beauty, famous for its historic landmarks and refreshing mineral springs. One of the top activities here is hiking the Manitou Incline, a tough trail that offers incredible views from the top. After your hike, you can unwind in one of the natural mineral springs, which are great for a relaxing soak. If you’re planning to move to Manitou Springs, consider hiring local movers. Movers Manitou Springs CO offers, can help you settle into your new home smoothly. They are familiar with the area and can provide tips on the best local spots for outdoor activities and relaxation. Whether you’re into adventurous hikes or soothing natural retreats, Manitou Springs has something for everyone.


Thornton is a growing city with plenty to offer, especially if you like parks and cultural centers. You can spend a family-friendly day at Carpenter Park Fields, where there’s a lot of space for fun and games. Another important spot to visit is the Thornton Veterans Memorial, a place where you can honor and reflect on the sacrifices of veterans. If you’re moving to Thornton and need help, local moving companies can make your transition easier. Look for moving companies Thornton has to offer that know the area well. They can help you get settled and tell you more about the best places to visit. Thornton is a welcoming community with something for everyone, whether you’re looking for recreation or a quiet place to reflect.

People on a picnic at the park
Thornton is a great option to visit if you enjoy spending time at a park.


Greeley is a lively cultural center, famous for its interesting museums and exciting festivals. If you enjoy biking, you’ll love the Poudre River Trail. This trail offers miles of beautiful paths that follow the river, giving you a chance to see local plants and animals up close. It’s a fantastic place to spend a day outdoors, enjoying the natural beauty of the area. If you’re moving to Greeley and need help, consider reaching out to local moving companies. Moving companies Greeley CO residents recommend can provide support as you settle into your new home. They know the community well and can offer tips on the best places to explore. Whether you’re into cultural activities or outdoor adventures, Greeley has plenty to offer.

Mountain View

Mountain View may be a small town, but it’s rich with community spirit and unique local businesses that make it special. Visiting the local historical society is a great way to learn about the town’s past and understand the roots of the community. Additionally, the artisan shops in Mountain View are ideal for finding unique, handcrafted items that you won’t see anywhere else. These shops support local artists and offer a range of beautiful products, from jewelry to home decor. If you’re planning to move here, consider contacting movers Mountain View CO locals recommend. These local movers can help you settle into your new home smoothly and provide useful information about the best spots in town for history buffs and shoppers alike.


Aspen is famous for its skiing, but it’s also a cultural hub with activities all year round. The Maroon Bells offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the area and are a highlight for anyone looking for local trips to take after moving to Colorado. These mountains provide a perfect backdrop for hiking or just enjoying nature. Additionally, make sure to visit the Aspen Art Museum, which features modern contemporary art from around the world. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures or enriching cultural experiences, Aspen has a lot to offer. If you’re new to Colorado and looking to explore, Aspen should be on your list of places to visit for its unique mix of natural beauty and cultural attractions.

A person skiing
Aspen is most popular as an amazing skiing destination, but there are many other attractions to enjoy if you’re not into skiing.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is well-known for its vibrant craft beer scene and welcoming atmosphere. The city is a favorite among locals and visitors for its variety of activities. Horsetooth Reservoir is a prime spot for boating, fishing, and hiking, offering beautiful views and plenty of outdoor fun. Additionally, the historic Old Town area of Fort Collins is not to be missed. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful old buildings while exploring a wide selection of restaurants and shops. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or a leisurely day out, Fort Collins provides a perfect blend of both. It’s an ideal place to relax and have fun, making it a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy the best of Colorado’s lifestyle.


Durango truly embodies the spirit of the Old West and serves as an excellent starting point for various outdoor activities, making it a prime destination for local trips to take after moving to Colorado. One of the highlights here is the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which provides a unique and memorable journey through the area’s rugged landscapes. Additionally, Mesa Verde National Park is just a short drive away, where you can explore the ancient cliff dwellings and learn about the lives of the ancestral Pueblo people. These attractions offer a mix of adventure and historical insight, ideal for anyone interested in experiencing the rich history and natural beauty of Colorado. Whether you’re a history buff or an outdoor enthusiast, Durango has something to captivate your interests.

View from Mesa Verde National Park
Visiting Mesa Verde National Park is a short drive away from Durango and it’s an amazing place to see.

Vail is one of the best local trips to take after moving to Colorado for skiers

Vail is renowned as a top ski destination, but it also boasts a variety of attractions all year round, making it a great spot for local trips to take after moving to Colorado. Beyond the slopes, the Vail Nature Center offers a tranquil retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna through guided tours and interactive displays. Additionally, the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, known as the highest botanical garden in North America, features stunning floral displays and educational exhibits about alpine botany. These peaceful sites offer a serene break from the busier tourist spots and provide a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of Vail.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a great place to visit because of its stunning scenery and important historical sites. One of the top spots here is Garden of the Gods, where you can see amazing rock formations. It’s perfect for taking photos or just enjoying a walk. Another important place to see is the United States Air Force Academy, where you can learn about military life and see impressive displays of discipline and training. Both places offer a unique experience and show different sides of Colorado Springs. Whether you’re interested in nature or history, Colorado Springs has plenty to explore and is a great addition to any list of local trips to take after moving to Colorado.


Boulder is a lively city that offers both outdoor activities and a strong cultural vibe. If you like adventure, hiking the Flatirons is a must. The trails are challenging but offer incredible views at the top. After your hike, head over to Pearl Street Mall. This area is always full of energy, with street performers, local restaurants, and small shops to explore. Whether you’re looking to enjoy nature or shop and eat, Boulder has something for everyone. If you’re moving to Boulder and need help, local moving companies can make the process easier. They know the area well and can give you tips on the best places to visit once you’re settled in.

People on a hike
Going on a hike to the Flatirons is a great way to spend some time in nature after moving to Colorado.

Grand Junction

Grand Junction is centrally located in Colorado’s wine country and serves as an excellent base for both wine enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. This makes it a key destination for local trips to take after moving to Colorado. The area is home to the Colorado National Monument, which showcases breathtaking canyons and impressive rock formations. This natural beauty provides a spectacular backdrop for hiking and photography. Additionally, the local vineyards offer tours where visitors can learn about and taste the region’s wine, highlighting the area’s long-standing winemaking traditions. These activities not only provide insight into Grand Junction’s unique landscape and culture but also make it an engaging place to explore as you get to know your new home state.

Go on these local trips to take after moving to Colorado

Exploring Colorado through local trips is a great way to get to know your new home and have some memorable experiences. Each place has something special to offer, and by visiting them, you can build lasting connections with the people and places of Colorado. Take these trips to start your new chapter in this beautiful state. Whether you’re hiking in the Rockies, checking out the cultural scenes in Boulder and Denver, or relaxing in the hot springs of Glenwood, each visit will help you enjoy what Colorado has to offer. Taking these local trips after moving to Colorado can make your move exciting and help you feel more at home.