Best Colorado places for new families

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If you’re a new family looking for a great place to live in Colorado, you’ve come to the right article. We’re going to explore some of the best Colorado places for new families, focusing on cities that offer great living environments for both parents and kids. Each of these cities has its unique qualities that make them ideal for family life. These cities have a lot to offer from excellent schools to friendly communities and plenty of outdoor activities. Also, if you’re planning your move, consider using Spyder Moving and Storage CO. They specialize in helping families like yours move smoothly to their new homes in Colorado. In this article, we’ll give you a clear idea of what each city offers, helping you decide where your family might fit best.

Why Colorado is the perfect choice for new families

Colorado stands out as an ideal destination for families looking for a place that combines natural beauty, excellent educational opportunities, and a strong sense of community. The state’s commitment to outdoor activities is unparalleled. With over 300 days of sunshine a year and numerous parks and trails, families in Colorado have endless opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, and exploring nature. This outdoor lifestyle not only promotes physical health but also mental well-being.

Education is another cornerstone of Colorado’s appeal. The state boasts a high-quality education system, with many schools ranking above national averages. This focus on education is a significant draw for families prioritizing their children’s academic growth. Community life in Colorado is also a highlight. The state is known for its friendly neighborhoods and inclusive communities. This is reflected in the numerous family-oriented events and festivals throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of belonging and community spirit. Moreover, Colorado’s economy is robust, offering diverse job opportunities in sectors like technology, renewable energy, and healthcare. This economic stability is essential for families looking to lay down roots and plan a long-term future.


Location and general vibe

Aurora, Colorado, is a suburb that perfectly blends urban amenities with a suburban atmosphere, making it one of the top Colorado places for new families to move to with movers Aurora CO. Located just east of Denver, it offers easy access to the city’s vibrant culture and business opportunities while maintaining its unique charm. Aurora is known for its diverse population and family-friendly vibe. The city prides itself on being a welcoming community where new residents quickly feel at home.

Family-friendly parks and recreation

One of Aurora’s standout features is its extensive park system. With over 100 parks, including the expansive Cherry Creek State Park, families have a variety of options for outdoor activities. These parks are perfect for everything from picnics and playgrounds to hiking and biking. The city also offers numerous recreational centers and public pools, providing families with year-round options for staying active and engaged.

A family at a park at one of the best Colorado places for new families
Aurora is one of the top Colorado places for new families because of the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities it offers.

Education and schools

When it comes to education, Aurora shines. The city’s public schools are part of The Adams-Arapahoe 28J School District, which focuses on providing high-quality education and has several schools recognized for academic excellence. Aurora also offers a range of educational choices with various charter and private schools, catering to different educational philosophies and needs. This commitment to education makes Aurora a top choice for families who prioritize learning and development.

Community events and activities

Aurora’s community spirit is evident in its array of events and activities designed for families. From cultural festivals and holiday celebrations to farmers markets and outdoor concerts, there’s always something happening in Aurora. These events not only provide entertainment but also opportunities for families to connect with their neighbors and the wider community.

Moving to Aurora

For families considering a move to Aurora, the process can be made smooth and stress-free with local expertise. Utilizing services like furniture movers Aurora CO, can help ensure that your transition to this family-friendly suburb is as seamless as possible. With professional movers handling your belongings, you can focus on settling into your new community and exploring all that Aurora has to offer.


Outdoor activities for families

Boulder, Colorado, is a fantastic choice for families who enjoy spending time outdoors. With the Rocky Mountains close by, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails suitable for all ages. Families can easily find outdoor activities together, like walking along the Boulder Creek Path or trying winter sports such as skiing. Boulder’s outdoor scene is not only fun but also a great way for families to stay active and healthy.

Education opportunities

Education is a strong point in Boulder. The local schools are some of the best in Colorado, offering excellent educational programs. The Boulder Valley School District is known for its high academic standards. Also, the University of Colorado Boulder brings a college town feel to the city, providing cultural and educational events that families can enjoy. This focus on education is a big reason why many families choose Boulder.

Kids in a classroom with a teacher
Boulder offers a scholarly vibe both in everyday life and education.

Community and family events

Boulder is a welcoming city with a strong sense of community. It’s a safe and friendly place where new families can settle in comfortably. The city regularly hosts events like street fairs and festivals, which are great for families. These events help create a close-knit community atmosphere where families can meet and socialize.

Easy moving experience

For families moving to Boulder, local movers Boulder CO, can help make the process smoother. These moving services understand the needs of families relocating to the area and can help you get settled in your new home quickly and without hassle.


Englewood’s unique appeal

Englewood, Colorado, offers the charm of a small town while being close to the amenities of a larger city. This makes it one of the best Colorado places for new families looking for a community-oriented lifestyle. Englewood is known for its friendly neighborhoods and relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for families. The city’s manageable size means that everything is conveniently close, but it’s also just a short drive from the excitement of Denver.

Community activities and safety

In Englewood, community activities play a big role in everyday life. The city hosts various events throughout the year, like summer concerts and holiday parades, which are great for families to get together and have fun. Safety is another key feature of Englewood. The city has a reputation for being safe and well-managed, with a responsive local police department. This sense of security is important for families, especially those with young children.

People gathering at a community event
Aside from being one of the best Colorado places for new families Englewood also offers fun community events and gatherings throughout the year.

Focus on education

Education is a priority in Englewood. The city has a range of schools that offer good educational programs. The local school district is committed to providing quality education, and there are also private and charter school options available. Englewood’s schools are known for their strong community support, making them an integral part of the city’s family-friendly appeal.

Moving to Englewood

For families considering a move to Englewood, local movers Englewood CO can provide helpful services. These movers understand the local area and can make the process of moving to this charming city easier for families. With their assistance, settling into Englewood can be a stress-free experience.


Urban and suburban blend

Westminster is a unique city that offers a blend of urban and suburban lifestyles, making it an attractive destination among Colorado places for new families. It’s perfect for those who want the convenience of city living along with the comfort and space of the suburbs. The city boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods, from urban areas to quiet, tree-lined streets, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

Family amenities and recreation

Westminster is full of family amenities, ensuring that there’s always something to do for everyone. The city is home to numerous parks and open spaces, perfect for picnics, sports, and simply enjoying nature. Recreational centers in Westminster offer a range of activities, including swimming pools, fitness classes, and sports programs for all ages. These facilities are not just for recreation; they also serve as community hubs where families can connect and engage with each other.

Cultural events and family-friendly locations make Westminster one of the best Colorado places for new families

The city is also rich in cultural events, showcasing the vibrant and diverse community of Westminster. One popular family-friendly location is the Westminster Butterfly Pavilion, an invertebrate zoo that’s both educational and fun for kids. Additionally, Westminster hosts various events throughout the year, such as outdoor movie nights and cultural festivals, providing families with opportunities to enjoy entertainment and learn about different cultures.

Convenient moving services

For families moving to Westminster, local movers Westminster CO offer convenient and reliable services. These movers are familiar with the area and can help families transition into their new homes smoothly. Their knowledge of Westminster’s neighborhoods can be particularly helpful for those new to the city.

A mover standing next to boxes
It’s easy to move to Westminster with the help of professional local movers who are familiar with the area.


Affordable family living

Northglenn, Colorado, stands out as an excellent choice for new families seeking affordability without compromising on quality of life. It’s one of the most budget-friendly cities in Colorado, offering a lower cost of living compared to other areas. This affordability makes Northglenn a popular choice among families who are looking for a place where they can comfortably grow and thrive. The city’s housing market is diverse, providing various options that fit different budgets and preferences.

Community programs and services

Northglenn is known for its strong community programs that cater to families of all ages. The city runs numerous initiatives and events that foster a sense of belonging and community engagement. These include youth sports leagues, community classes, and local festivals. These programs not only provide entertainment and learning opportunities but also encourage residents to connect and support each other.

Kids doing sports in one of the ideal Colorado places for new families
Making sure your kids get involved in local sports events is a great way to ensure they find friends fast.

Education and schools

Education is another area where Northglenn shines. The city’s schools are part of a dedicated school district focused on providing quality education to its students. Northglenn also offers various educational resources and family services, including after-school programs and tutoring services, ensuring that children have access to the support they need for their academic development.

Moving services in Northglenn

For families considering a move to Northglenn, local movers Northglenn CO, can help make the transition easier. These moving services are experienced in handling the unique needs of families moving to the area and can provide valuable assistance in getting settled into this welcoming community.


A welcoming diverse community

Glendale, Colorado, is a great place for families looking for a community with a diverse culture. It’s one of the top Colorado places for new families because of its welcoming atmosphere. In Glendale, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and shops that reflect the different cultures in the city. This diversity makes it a great place for families to experience and learn about different cultures.

Glendale is also one of the best Colorado places for new families because it’s close to Denver

Glendale is located very close to Denver, which is convenient for families. This means you can easily access the job opportunities and amenities of a big city while living in a more relaxed, family-focused area. Glendale offers a quieter environment, which is great for families, but you’re still close enough to Denver to enjoy what the city has to offer.

A person sitting on the stairs with their bike
Because Glendale is so close to Denver, you’ll have all the benefits of urban city life while still living in a walkable and bike-able neighborhood.

Community events

The city of Glendale is active in hosting community events. These events are family-friendly and range from outdoor concerts to cultural festivals. They’re a good way for families to have fun and meet other people in the community. These events help make Glendale a friendly and inclusive place for new families.

Easy moving process

If you’re planning to move to Glendale, local moving companies Glendale CO, can help make your move smoother. These companies know the area well and can make the process of moving to a new city less stressful for families.

Discover your ideal home in Colorado

Each of these Colorado places for new families offers unique benefits that cater to a variety of preferences and needs. Aurora combines suburban comfort with a range of parks and schools, perfect for family life. Boulder, with its stunning natural landscapes and top-tier educational facilities, offers an active and intellectually stimulating environment. Englewood’s small-town charm near the city is ideal for those seeking a close-knit community feel. Westminster provides the perfect balance of urban and suburban benefits, along with diverse family amenities. Northglenn stands out for its affordability and community-focused programs, while Glendale offers a diverse and culturally rich atmosphere, conveniently located near Denver. We encourage you to visit or do more research on these family-friendly Colorado cities. Each city has its own charm and set of advantages, making Colorado a state with diverse options for families looking to start a new chapter in their lives.