Best Colorado cities for big families

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Colorado has it all! From outdoor entertainment, breweries, and eateries, incredible views, and on top of all of that it also has 300+ days of sunshine – there truly is something for everyone. Giving you so many days to better enjoy all of the above. Not to mention, there are many cities and towns throughout the State that offer the ideal conditions for raising a family, with ideal conditions for large families to settle. Many cities are equipped with exceptional schools, a firm sense of community, and there’s no shortage of kid-friendly attractions. But before you contact Spyder Moving and Storage Colorado offers and arrange a move, let us tell you a little about the best Colorado cities for big families.

The state of Colorado

Before we start listing the best Colorado cities for large families and telling you about them, we first need to tell you a little about the state itself. Colorado has stood always among the top-ranked states. Even when ranked by various different publications it was always one of the best places to live in the United States. However, views on the topic of whether it’s a good or bad location to live in are mixed. People are attracted to the state’s high quality of life. It skillfully balances urban living with outdoor recreation. Health is also meaningful to Coloradans. It’s advertised as one of the healthiest states in the US, as well as being the one with the lowest number of obese people. Among all else, there are even more good reasons to live here. As such, many people decide to move here with the help of Colorado movers.

A building in one of the best Colorado cities for big families
There are many best Colorado cities for big families on our list. But even then there will be some you might like that we forgot to mention.

Why do families move to Colorado?

Even at first glimpse, Colorado’s mountainous landscape is stunning enough to make a bunch of people thinks “I want to live there.” Yet, examining even closer, we find that there are plenty of other advantages to living here that go far above the panoramic views. Delivering much more than nature, it supplies its citizens with a high grade of life in multiple other aspects. Just by looking at the location, weather, topography, activities, financial growth, taxes, education, and social life, it is far better than many other states. As such many have shown interest in the best CO cities for big families.

  • Location – Located between the West and East Coasts of the US, Colorado has easy access to other regions of the country. Plus, it includes a large part of the Rocky Mountains.
  • The climate in Colorado – Colorado has four distinguishable seasons throughout the year. But the state’s unique climate is exactly what makes it so alluring. The state can brag about the average of more than 300 days of sunshine per year!

What are the best Colorado cities for big families?

The best Colorado cities for a big family are something that can be different from person to person. Depending on your personal preferences as well as your needs and possibilities you will come to the best personal conclusion. But we’ve also compiled a list of places worth looking into. Some are small, while others are big. What they have in common is that they’re all excellent places to live in.


One of our top picks among the best Colorado cities for big families is Denver. Living in Denver Colorado is something many people consider their goal. Due to its high-quality living, it ranks as the second-best city to live in the US.  The Denver area is expanding in population considerably faster than most of the country. It has increased by almost 20% from 2010 to 2018! You can imagine how much it increased till 2022! The first thing to know about Denver is that it stands one mile above sea level! So why do people come here so much? If you look at moving companies Denver area citizens use you will notice that they also help a big number of people to move to Denver too!

Denver is the biggest city in the state. Home to around 716,000 citizens in the city area. And almost 3 million in the metro area ( this includes Aurora and Lakewood). The culture here can be defined as “city mountain west,” blending the finest of urban excitement, and the wonderful outdoors. With its closeness to the Rocky Mountains and around 300 days of sun per year, it is heaven for all sorts of outdoor activities! You can go biking or hiking in the warmer months. And don’t forget skiing in the winter!

A park during a sunny day
There are many different parks and outdoor areas in Denver.

The people are mostly young. And the city caters to them offering good nightlife, as well as lots of local breweries, music of all possible styles, and a popular delicious food scene. Public transport is typically good and incorporates buses, commuter rail, and light rail. It has a lot to offer. So it’s no wonder that even big families are interested in making it their home. Some move alone, others contact the packing service Denver movers offer, but all of them see a better future in Denver.

Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village is actually a suburb of Denver. With its population of 15,100 residents, it makes its way on our list of the best Colorado cities for big families. This beautiful city is located in Arapahoe County. And without a doubt, it’s one of the best places to live in the state. Living in Greenwood Village presents citizens with an urban-suburban combination of living and most citizens actually own their homes. Many moving companies Greenwood Village CO residents recommend have been the best witness to the growth of this city in recent years.

The schools here are ranked highly. A lot of care and attention is poured into kids’ educations. And it is no surprise that many young people here are highly educated. At the same time alongside beautiful cafes, restaurants, and other activities, the city also has a booming job market. Due to its location(close to Denver), there are even some people that commute to work!

Father and son
Families spend quality time in the snow, with kids.


Among the best Colorado cities for big families, we also have Littleton! Littleton, Colorado is considered a suburb with its own unique character, as well as a historic downtown, and an assortment of year-round activities. Located only ten miles southwest of Denver, it is right between Highlands Ranch and Centennial. Littleton is actually one of the most famous Denver Metro suburbs. For quite some time now many Denver residents as well as people from other cities and states have been moving here! That means that movers Littleton CO offers have a lot of work!

Possibly the biggest motivation to move to Littleton is its totally captivating neighborhoods and communities. There is honestly an ideal location for everyone! No matter what your lifestyle and habits are you will surely find something to your liking.  Top gated neighborhoods and modern single-family homes as well as affordable apartments… You name it and we will surely find it!

A woden cafe
Even if you don’t move here, there are still places you should come and visit!


After Littleton the next out of the best Colorado cities for big families is Westminster. Westminster is located right outside of Denver. Covering not one but two(Adams and Jefferson) counties. It’s the 8th most populated city in the state.  It has about 116,317 people living in it. The discovery of gold in the 1850s is the reason that the first settlers came to Westminster. People who live in this city adore the area, the outstanding views, and the community atmosphere. Westminster is growing in popularity in recent years. All thanks to people who don’t want to live in the big city of Denver and rather choose the suburbs. And being located just 20 minutes away from it means that movers Westminster CO has are quite busy!

Although it’s not a huge city it still has a lot to offer. From cafes, restaurants, nice parks, and outdoor activities, all the way up to huge companies looking for employees. People here don’t live rushed lives and are known to enjoy every single second of the day.


What is the next one among the best Colorado cities for big families? Well, it’s Arvada! This beautiful Denver subshrub is a place highly sought after by big and small families. The moving companies Arvada CO recommend have noticed a rise in people moving here in recent years. Due to its close location to Denver, as well as the separate job market it offers many opportunities! On top of that, this is a place with tight relationships between neighbors, and that makes it feel even more like home. The city has a rich history that dates back all the way up to the gold rush in the mid-1800s. At the same time, its art scene is one of the most developed in the state!

A lake in Colorado
No matter what time of the year it is, there are always beautiful natural wonders to look at!

This is the best place for people that love winter. The city gets three times more snow than rain in one year! And when you combine beautiful snow with a high mountain, you get the perfect place for winter sports. But even without snow it still has a lot of outdoor activities and views that are waiting to be discovered.


Among the top Colorado cities for big families, Boulder also claims a spot. Boulder is one of the fastest-growing places in the US and is positively rated and said to be one of the finest locations to live in Colorado and even across the nation. People who live here love it due to its health-attentive culture, thriving career opportunities, safety, and strong economy. Although many contacts moving companies Boulder CO in order to move here, due to the outdoors and an active lifestyle. You will need to know that living here is actually quite on the expensive side.


If you contacted moving companies Englewood CO with the intention to move to one of the best Colorado cities for big families, then you are on the right track. This is a suburb of Denver. Its population is around 34,840. Located in Arapahoe County living here offers citizens a metropolitan and suburban mix! But due to the home costs, most residents lease their homes. Here you will find a lot of pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and parks. The schools here are top notch and at the same time, most of the population is quite young. This is a home to many young professionals. People that just started their journey and careers.

kids running with their parents in a park in one of the best Colorado cities for big families
Is there anything better than a nice family walk in nature

In short

There are many beautiful places in Colorado. Wherever you go you will see gorgeous landscapes and nature. People are always nice and a sense of community is very important. The weather is mostly nice and provides you with a lot of opportunities to go out and enjoy nature. Depending on your likes and dislikes there are many different places we could recommend to you. But however you look at it the state itself offers many jobs, beautiful places to see, gorgeous attractions, restaurants, and so much more.

So, no matter what you pick, we are sure you will love it. These best Colorado cities for big families are also good for work and have good schools. As such, you know that there is no need to worry. If you choose a smaller place, big cities are also always close by if you need anything. But even the suburbs have everything you will possibly need to be happy. So, tell us which of these cities you prefer and we’ll do anything in our power to help you relocate there smoothly and peacefully.