Best colleges in Tennessee to attend

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Moving for college is a big milestone in a young person’s life and for many, it is the first experience away from home. You get to live alone, get to call your shots. It is the freedom that many have waited for but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One thing that needs to be done before that is deciding which college to pick. Tennessee has many opinions, making it more difficult to pick. You can make a good decision once you know more about the various options. What comes to mind when you think of the best colleges in Tennessee? Undoubtedly you will immediately think of Vanderbilt. And, indeed (spoiler alert), it easily reached the #1 spot on our list created by expert Oxford moving company professionals. But you might be surprised to read about many other colleges in Tennessee, including the University of Tennessee, the Memphis College of Art, and more than a few Christian schools to satisfy the state’s big religious population.

What to expect from Tennessee universities?

Above all other benefits of its education system, Tennessee performs admirably in the aspect of affordability. Affordability has become a number one concern recently, in every aspect of life. College is expensive and considered a luxury for many, but investing in one’s future is very important. That is why you need to find a balance between the ratings of a college and the costs that come with it. Even our top choice, Vanderbilt has a quite reasonable net price. What do you expect from the best colleges in Tennessee after moving to Tennessee? The popularity of the college, impeccable reputation, student satisfaction rates, or maybe the success of its attendees? These are some of the details we look at as well, too, and our top three choices below include some of the best colleges in Tennessee.

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Going to best colleges in Tennessee to attend will greatly impact your education

5. Johnson University, one of the best colleges in Tennessee

Johnson University is devoted to developing faith leaders with exceptional academic acumen. Connected with the Independent Church of Christ under the Johnson University System, this university grants four-year bachelor’s degrees in Church Ministry, Bible Studies, Humanities, and Christian Education. If this is something that you want for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact some movers Bartlett TN and become part of this college. Bible and Ministry are the cornerstones at one of the best colleges in Tennessee. Continuing the core values of the Christian faith, students here will gain a spiritual and intellectual foundation that they can share with others for the rest of their lives.

  • Net Price: $12,546/yr
  • SAT score: 490-615 in reading and writing

4. Rhodes College

The beautiful Gothic architecture style of this college is the first thing that freshmen notice. And as time passes after they move to college with some movers Memphis TN, it still impresses people. Rhodes offers more than 50 majors, minors, and many academic programs. It has around 2000 students, and it helps the students get their dream jobs in education, law, healthcare, or engineering. The good part about this college is the possibility for the students to design their majors to suit their needs. As we all know, no one is the same. If you are a person that cannot fit in, then you shouldn’t try to, but you should give this college a try.

  • Net Price: $25,900/yr
  • SAT score: 620-720 in reading and writing
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You can design your own major to suit your needs

3. Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN

Founded in 1855 to educate and nurture teachers of the Nashville community, as one of the best colleges in Tennessee, this university has grown into one of the top universities in the whole state. Middle Tennessee State University offers many degrees in a vast range of unique academic and vocational fields. It has specialized departments such as Recording Industry, which is especially targeted for careers in Nashville. And it also offers an education in Aerospace, Concrete Industry Management, Human Sciences, and many others.

  • Net Price: $10,910/yr
  • SAT score: 500-610 in reading and writing

2. Belmont University

This is a private Christian university located in Nashville. This college got its status in 1991 and since then, it has become one of the best colleges in Tennessee. Nowadays, it has more than 8000 students from all the states in the USA. Even though it cut its connections with the Baptist Convention a while back, it still has a Christian identity. This college offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees and five doctoral programs. If you decide on this institution, your hard work will pay off.

  • Net Price: $30,490/yr
  • SAT score: 580-660 in reading and writing

1. Vanderbilt University in Nashville is one of the best colleges in Tennessee

Vanderbilt is the 15th among national universities by U.S. News and a true powerhouse among the best universities in Tennessee. It is a private research university. This achievement of this college only shows that the best of the best get the honor to be a student at this institution. 13,800 students from the USA and 100 foreign countries attend this college.  It’s not easy to get into this top-notch school, however, a 93% graduation percentage and nearly $600K ROI proves that honest, hard work does pay off in the end.

  • Net Price: $22,173/yr
  • SAT score: 720-770 in reading and writing
Picture of a young man moving away after reading about the best colleges in Tennessee to attend
Vanderbilt is number one for a good reason

Conclusion on the best colleges in Tennessee to attend

Picking one of the best colleges in Tennessee to attend is not an easy task because it is a decision that will impact your future in a way that you cannot yet imagine. Everybody thinks about the future profession that you will choose, but choosing a certain college brings so much more. The 4 years that you spend there will change you as a person because you will meet people, make friends, fall in love, get new hobbies and many more things. That’s why this choice is so important and it takes time to decide. No matter your decision, contact us and let us help you move to the college of your dreams. We wish you good luck and success with whatever you decide!