Benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis

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You are considering moving from Collierville to Memphis, but you are unsure if this is the right choice. One must know all the pros and cons before making such a move. Also, you must find one of the professional moving companies Collierville TN to help you pack and relocate everything safely. So, a long journey lies ahead, but today we will focus on one thing. The benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis and how you can improve the quality of life. Let’s dive right in.

The housing market is favorable

The property cost is the first among many benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis. Whether you want to purchase a property or rent one, prices are still better than in Collierville. You can find a one-room apartment already at an amazing $700, and $900 and $1.250 for two and three-room apartments, respectively. And if you want to buy a house, you’ll be able to afford it. The median home value is around $105k after the past year’s 20% home value increase. So, this is the perfect moment to snatch a good deal while property values are rising. It might sound silly, but with this real estate market forecast, a house you buy now will be 50% more expensive in a couple of years. This is amazing for re-selling, that’s for sure.

access to affordable housing is one of the benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphi
Affordable real estate will make it possible to settle in any residential area you like.

Almost half of all residents in Memphis TN are homeowners. It is time to delve into the Memphis housing market and become one yourself. We are sure you will find many interesting properties and have enough leftovers for furniture movers Memphis TN and the premium service they can provide.

The cost of living is one of the benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis

You’ll be amazed when you realize that one of the benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis is the much lower cost of living. Starting with bills, transportation, and all the way to groceries and social events. Everything is 30% cheaper in Memphis when compared to the national average. For example, gas and bus fares are 10% cheaper, while all housing expenses go up to 30% lower. This tells us that Memphis is more than 20 times cheaper than the national average.

When you consider affordable housing and the low cost of living, you won’t be able to compare it to Collierville anymore. The two most important factors are already covered. And now, when you know this, do the math, and you’ll realize you can afford premium Spyder Moving and Storage and make this transition smoother and more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about jobs and schools because Memphis is also outstanding in those two fields.

Memphis is known for its fantastic school system

Yes, Memphis has a fantastic school system. To be honest, one of the best in the state. And when you add family-friendly neighborhoods, which there are many, you’ll figure out that Memphis is quite a good place to raise your family in. So, we have a few elementary, middle, and high schools for you to choose from. Check out the following:

  • Rivercrest Elementary School
  • Campus School
  • Middle College High School
  • Memphis Rise Academy
  • White Station High School
  • Central High School
people graduating
Your kids will have access to the best schools in the state.

At least 20 more are occasionally popping up on the top 50 or 100 school charts in the US. Depending on what kind of education you are looking for, either for yourself or your family. Hence, check online, and we are sure you will find some great schooling opportunities. And once you do, call the best movers in Memphis and start packing. Memphis is sitting with all amenities, waiting for you to move in.

There is a lot to do in Memphis

One thing is certain. You will never get bored in Memphis. At least not for a few years until you visit all landmarks, attractions, clubs, and restaurants. Luckily, there are hundreds of hours of exploring ahead of you. Start by checking out the forever-famous Sun Studio where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King began their historic journey. And because Memphis is all about rock & roll, you should continue with this route and go straight to Beale Street. It is a place where all music in Memphis resides. We are sure you’ll have a ton of fun in one of the clubs, bars, or restaurants located there.

Sun Studio in Memphis
Start by checking out the Sun Studio and then move to Beale Street.

But there is far more than music and clubbing. You can check out the National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis Brooks Museum of Arts, or Orpheum theatre. Or catch a great movie at the Malco Summer Drive-in and have a unique outdoor movie experience. Or simply start by exploring the food scene. Memphis is famous for its excellent cuisine, especially the BBQ and all grill-related dishes.

Great neighborhood awaits you in Memphis

Before you start looking for local moving companies Memphis, you must find a good neighborhood to move to. Luckily, Memphis is full of them. Now, some are bigger than others so we will make a short list of those that fit the description of anyone considering moving to Memphis. Consider the following neighborhoods:

  • Raleigh
  • East Memphis
  • River Oaks
  • Cordova
  • Midtown

These five ranges between 10k and 80k residents. The home value goes from $70k to $140k, and all have access to top-rated schools and highly-paid jobs. Of course, you can always aim for more or settle for less. We simply pulled out those in the middle and have good scores across the board.

Being a business-friendly place is one of the benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis

Lastly, Memphis is amazing for startup companies. Especially for the IT sector and all tech-related jobs. So, if you intend on starting a company or moving from the current one, you should. Memphis has a thriving job market, and there is still enough space for innovators and qualified people. If you’re interested in this, check online, follow trends, and create a good business plan before moving.

Now you know the benefits of moving from Collierville to Memphis. You have an affordable, accommodating, and friendly place when you draw the line. When you add great schools and family-friendly neighborhoods to this picture, it becomes almost unbelievable that this city was in the same state you have been living in all along. Hence, the only thing left is to find reliable Memphis moving helpers and start heading there. Memphis awaits!