Benefits of having a binding moving estimate

Nearly 35 million Americans move each year.  And, a market with so many potential customers, besides having many professional and reputable movers, is a fertile ground for all sorts of shady companies.  That means that when you are moving, you are in great risk of being cheated. Luckily there are some mechanisms that are protecting customers from scammers. However, even with those mechanisms in place you are not fully protected. And you still have to watch out what you are doing. Of course, one of the things that are designed to protect moving customers is binding moving estimates. But what are the benefits of having a binding moving estimate, and is there anything that you should pay attention to? In this article, you will find out everything there is to know about the subject. Moreover, what to pay attention to when moving to Oxford MS. So read on.

What are the moving estimates?

Whenever you are hiring a company to do some kind of service for you, you will want to know the price in advance. But unlike the companies that sell products, moving companies are offering services which price is undefined until they learn what you are asking from them. So to learn how much it will cost you to move, your movers must know the size of your moving inventory. Only then, you will know the price of your move.

Toys depicting items for moving
Your movers have to know your requirements before they can give you an estimate

However, there are different types of moving estimates. And not all are in your favor. Fraudulent movers, use non-binding estimates as a way to lure inexperienced customers. So, if you want to be sure about the reliability of a moving company hire moving companies Gulfport MS.  They are offering binding estimates to their clients. Ant their prices, professionalism and reliability are something that separates this company from its competition.

Research about different types of moving estimates

As mentioned above, you can come across several types of moving estimates while searching for the right movers. However, two types of estimates are most common. A non- binding and a binding moving estimate. There is also a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate, but you will see that only in theory.

The non-binding moving estimate

However, even though the non- binding type is also called estimate, in reality, it is just a rough guess, and it practically means nothing. The non-binding moving estimate will always be lower than your other offers. Moreover, it exists to attract naïve and inexperienced clients that will be lured by a low initial price. Of course, 99% of the time that price will change when you are most vulnerable, on your moving day.

The binding estimate

On the other hand, you will not get that kind of surprises if you are moving with movers Oxford MS. They are committed to offering the best moving experience to their clients. And they are working only with binding estimates. But what is a binding moving estimate? A binding moving estimate means that the price your movers offer for your move is the price you will pay. No matter what changes during your move.

A binding not-to-exceed estimate

A binding not-to-exceed moving estimate is also a form of a binding estimate. It is the most customer-friendly type of estimate, but it is rare as hen’s teeth. It means that if the weight of your inventory has gone up since the estimate was made, you will pay according to your agreement. On the other hand, if your inventory managed to shrink somehow you will pay for the actual weight.

Boxes on a teeter
With binding not-to-exceed, you don’t have to worry even if your items are heavier than in the first estimate.

How to get a binding moving estimate?

Getting a non-binding moving estimate is easy. You can call your movers the phone and they will give you a rough estimate. On the other hand, getting a binding estimate is a little bit more complicated process. Your local movers MS will send their representative to your home to assess the size of your moving inventory and only then, you can get your price. Of course, there are some rules that your movers must follow. And your task is to pay attention to those details so you can be sure that what you are getting is a proper binding estimate.

  • Your movers must give you a binding estimate in written form.
  • With a binding estimate, you must also receive a “Table of Measurements” from your movers.
  • A binding estimate must come to you with the Bill of Lading.

What are the benefits of having a binding estimate?

Now you are probably already aware of the benefits of having a binding moving estimate. The first thing is that you can be sure about the price of your move in advance. That means that you can plan other things, as you are certain about the amount you will have to pay for your move. And second, a binding estimate is protecting you from scammers. With non-binding estimates, you can never be sure. So, binding estimates are, overall, a much safer option. Of course, no everything is so perfect and secured even with a binding moving estimate in your hands.

money you will save if you have a binding moving estimate
You can plan your budget in advance

There are many benefits of having a binding estimate but you still have to watch out

Frauds always find a way to be one step ahead of laws and regulations. And that includes a binding moving estimate. But how can they scam you when you have everything in black and white? Well, they can try to do an inaccurate assessment of your belongings and hope that you do not notice it before it is too late. And late is when your items are in their truck.

That is why, always ask for your moving inventory list, or “Table of measurements” or “Cube Sheet”, as they sometimes call it, from your estimator. And check if all of your items are there. The easiest way to check this is to count the number of items. If you have 200 items to move, there should be exactly that many items in a “Cube Sheet”. If you fail to notice this on time, your mover will ask for an additional amount before they give your items. And then, even your binding estimate won’t help you.

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