Avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford

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Packing is an essential task on the moving to-do list. It ensures that one of the basic concepts of moving – transporting your items from point A to point B happens without damaged items. But to make things worse, packing is time-consuming, boring, and repetitive. Many people dread moving for this one reason, but it has to be done. Out of lack of time, or not wanting to do it, many people make mistakes when packing, which can be very costly. The best thing to do in this case would be to hire Spyder Moving and Storage Mississippi. They can help you with avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford, or you could learn them from this short article.

What can you expect when moving to Oxford?

Oxford is a small, secluded town in Mississippi that only 25,000 people call home. Even though so small, people think that it is one of the best places in the state, as they can enjoy the services of the best moving companies Oxford MS. Oxford is gaining population at a rate of 2.43% annually, meaning that it is a very attractive moving destination. All these people are drawn in thanks to the benefits of living here, like:

  • The low cost of living – Oxford is 5% below the national average when costs are concerned
  • Low crime rate – even though minor crimes are common, serious crimes are almost unexisting
  • There are no state/inheritance tax
  • The existing state income breaks on pension income
  • Good livability of Oxford

As you can see, these pros make moving to Oxford worthwhile. Now you just need to learn a few things about avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford.

Picture of a couple who is happy because they succeded in avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford
Oxford is really worth all the trouble of moving

Avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford is not difficult

Even though packing is portrayed as difficult, it isn’t. It is just boring and repetitive, which makes many people dislike it. In reality, there are very few things to keep in mind if you want to do it correctly.

Don’t expect that there will be enough time

This is the biggest culprit for bad moving experiences and broken items. Since packing is straightforward, many people think that it will be done fast. But keep in mind that you have to pack every item that you own. So, many people find themselves with a bunch of items left to pack, a few days before the big day. In this case, only professional packers and movers can help. But if you want to avoid this problem in future occasions, simply start packing and decluttering at least 3 months before your move, if time allows.

Avoid trying to save on packing supplies

Understandably, people want to save money. Prices have risen on a global level, making finances tight for everyone. Saving money on packing supplies when moving seems like a good way to save since they are bought in bulk. But stop and think – is there anything else that will protect your items, aside from the packing materials? Our moving companies in Mississippi are notorious careful drivers, so physical damage from shifting during transport is almost non-existent. But in case the slightest shift happens, the bubble wrap, packing paper, and cardboard box will be there to protect it. So don’t save on it, even more – splurge on it with double layers for the most valuable and fragile items!

Picture of bubble wrap
Avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford requires you to put time and effort into it

Final thoughts on avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford

As we mentioned earlier, packing is very straightforward. This means that it is something that doesn’t take a lot of thinking once you get the hang of it. Put on some music, invite friends over, grab some drinks, and enjoy an early goodbye party. When you have fun, avoiding common packing mistakes when moving to Oxford will be easier and time will pass faster.