Average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg

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Located in Mississippi, Hattiesburg has many traits that people usually look for when they think about settling in. With a suitable location and its lovely community, it surely deserves your attention. But just like any other big event in your life, moving should include a lot more than just packing and transporting your items. To live a better life and have your finances under control, you should learn about the living costs and expenses in this city as soon as possible. Let’s explore the average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg, including the rest of the costs!

Living costs in Hattiesbutg

Your search begins by getting to know the living costs in the city and the state of Mississippi. Considering they will highly affect your life there, you must be aware if they are higher or lower than in the place you currently live. By the time you’re looking for a moving company to relocate there, your budget should be ready to deal with incoming expenses. Luckily, companies like Spyder Moving and Storage will transparently provide you with a free moving estimate to help you plan ahead.

person putting coins in the piggy bank
When you know the average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg you can make long-term plans before moving

The good news is that living costs in Hattiesburg are more than suitable for an average household. In fact, they currently rate at 78.3 which is way above the average of 100. This is making living and working in this city much easier and people tend to settle in much faster than in some other Mississippi cities. But, you must know that the average rate is made of multiple costs including:

  • Groceries 94.1/100
  • Health 103.4/100
  • Housing 52.2/100
  • Transportation 76.9/100
  • Utilities 100.3/100

What are the average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg?

Now that we settled the living costs it is time we check out the average household expenses that will be waiting for you in Hatttiesburg. Before you set the date with moves Hattiesburg MS has, it is good to pick a suitable neighborhood for you and your family. Not every place has the same costs and getting to know all those differences will help you choose a better place. This city is home to around 48,730 people and it has 43 neighborhoods. With this many options, all you need to do is set your priorities straight. The better you choose the easier will be to blend in after your relocation. To help you navigate through these expenses, let’s divide them into two categories. We will focus on living as a single person, and a family of four.

Housing costs

Once the idea of moving sets in, you must know if would you like to buy a property in Hattiesburg or rent a place. The difference will be huge and it is much better if you decide on time so that you can start looking for a home. While Mississippi long distance movers can help you make a good relocation plan, it will be good to pay Hattiesburg a short visit and check out its real estate market. On average, a single person will have to spend around $874 on rent and utilities while a family of four will reach around $1736. 

Buying a house or property in Hattiesburg is a great option. In fact, if you take a look at some of the statistics more than 20% of people who decide to leave cities like Gulfport or Southaven will end up permanently settling in cities like Hattiesburg. This is mainly because of the low living costs and a lower crime rate which is perfect for retiring or raising kids.

fruits in the supermarket
Thanks to low groceries cost don’t expect to spend too much on food and goods

Average monthly food expenses in Hattiesburg

Since grocery costs are below the average in Hattiesburg, you shouldn’t expect to spend too much on monthly food expenses. In fact, s a single living in this city, you can fit in $557. A family on the other hand will have to spend more, roughly around $1446. Keep in mind that the city is home to a couple of farms and fresh gardens that supply the city with fresh fruits and vegetables. This is making the economy much more stable and filling local supermarkets with organic goods. But if you have some other things in mind, like having your own small farm, you can always find ranches and properties on the Hattiesburg real estate market. On average, the 17.27-acre lot will cost you around $57,000.

And finally, transportation monthly costs

Even if you have a vehicle, a professional Mississipi moving company should take care of your items. This way you will not have to bother with transporting everything and making double trips. But once you settle in, your vehicle will continue to serve its purpose, so it is good to know more about transportation costs in Hattiesburg. You will be happy to know with transportation costs this low in this place, as a single person you won’t be spending more than $50. Unlike bigger cities like Jackson which has transportation costs above 90/100, your budget will be just fine. Those who have family and plan on moving to Hattiesburg soon can expect to spend $130 each month!

Average monthly income

Now that you have all the essential information, you can proceed to make a good financial plan that will cover all your future expenses. If you wonder how the average salary in Hattiesburg can cover all these expenses, that is a genuine question. One household can go up to $5681 after paying the taxes, which is not bad at all. If you manage to find a good job on time, you will get a chance to set permanently and buy a nice home. In case you already have a family member or a friend living there, they can provide a bunch of useful advice regarding this topic.

real estate agent giving keys to someone
If you find average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg to be suitable for you, consider buying a property there

Final words

In the end, the decision is yours to make. Take as long as you need to calculate average monthly household expenses in Hattiesburg and compare them to your current ones. If the numbers are acceptable and your budget can take it, you can proceed to plan your relocation. To save even more, don’t forget to include movers moving on your own tends to be more expensive.


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