All you need to know when moving from Lakewood to Denver

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Moving from Lakewood to Denver is a significant life change that comes with its own set of complexities. Whether you’re relocating for work, education, or a fresh start, there are key aspects to consider. First, understanding the cost of living in both cities can help you budget effectively. Then, the quality of education and job market opportunities can influence your decision. The neighborhoods and safety levels are crucial for your well-being. Also, knowing the transportation options and places to visit can enrich your experience post-move. Planning is essential for a smooth transition. Companies like Spyder Moving and Storage CO can assist with the logistics, but the more you know about Lakewood and Denver, the better your move will be. So, let’s see the details in order to equip you with all the information you need for a successful relocation.

What to know before moving from Lakewood to Denver

Let’s begin with Lakewood, a city that seamlessly combines suburban comfort with urban conveniences. Located in Jefferson County, Colorado, Lakewood is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting numerous parks and recreational areas. The city is committed to community engagement, hosting annual events like the College Fair and Fest-of-All. Education is not taken lightly here; the city frequently organizes workshops and public discussions on important social issues such as race, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

A busy town street
It’s important to consider every detail when moving from Lakewood to Denver

Switching gears to Denver, the capital city of Colorado stands as a busy center for business, culture, and outdoor activities. Denver is proactive in community development, with noteworthy initiatives like the Community Solar Garden and various supportive housing projects. The city also excels in providing essential services, from building permits to waste and recycling schedules, making life easier for its residents.

If you’re contemplating a move between these two distinct cities, understanding their unique characteristics is crucial. Lakewood offers a more relaxed, community-focused lifestyle, while Denver is all about dynamism and opportunities. For those planning such a transition, consulting long distance moving companies Denver has can provide valuable logistical support. All in all, both Lakewood and Denver offer unique lifestyles that cater to different preferences. Whether you’re attracted to Lakewood’s community-centric atmosphere or Denver’s energetic vibe, knowing what each city has to offer will help you make a decision. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better equipped for a successful relocation.

Cost of living comparison

When it comes to affordable living, both Lakewood and Denver have their pros and cons. According to data from BestPlaces, the overall cost of living in Lakewood is slightly higher than in Denver. Specifically, Denver is 3.8% less expensive than Lakewood. In Lakewood, the median home cost stands at $561,000, and the overall cost of living index is 132.7. On the other hand, Denver offers a median home cost of $576,000 with a cost of living index of 127.6. While housing costs in Denver are 1.7% less expensive than in Lakewood, health-related expenses are 0.4% more in Denver. If this sounds appealing to you, consider reaching out to movers Denver CO has.

Key expense categories to consider when moving from Lakewood to Denver

When breaking down the numbers, it’s essential to look at specific categories like food, health, and transportation. In Lakewood, the index for food and groceries is 101.6, while in Denver, it’s slightly higher at 101.9. For health, the indices are 83.6 and 83.9 for Lakewood and Denver, respectively. If you’re planning to move from Lakewood to Denver, consult with movers Lakewood CO has. This can help you have a detailed expense breakdown, including moving costs. Understanding the expense comparison can guide you in making up your mind. Whether you prioritize housing, healthcare, or other living costs, this information will be invaluable in planning your move.

A person counting money
Calculate your budget well before moving

Education insights

Lakewood takes pride in its educational system, offering a range of schools that cater to various needs. The city is home to the Clover Park School District, which boasts the highest graduation rate in the South Sound. Additionally, some students attend schools within the Steilacoom Historical School District. For higher education, Lakewood houses two award-winning institutions: Clover Park Technical College and Pierce College. These colleges provide opportunities for students to earn degrees and acquire skills for the workforce.

Denver’s educational offerings

In contrast, Denver offers a diverse educational landscape with schools like St. John’s School, which has been serving the area for 138 years, and Dawson School in Boulder County, focusing on robust arts and athletics programs. Denver schools emphasize academic excellence, affordability, and a variety of extracurricular activities. The city also has a thriving Early Learning Center, serving children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Kids having fun in class after moving from Lakewood to Denver
A good school will help your child grow and adapt to the new Denver scene

Key considerations for moving

If you’re considering moving from Lakewood to Denver, here are some key educational opportunities to consider:

  • Quality of schools
  • Range of extracurricular activities
  • Higher education options
  • Specialized programs

For those planning the move, the best packing service Denver has to offer can help ensure that your educational materials and essentials are safely transported. In summary, both cities offer unique educational opportunities that cater to different needs and preferences. Lakewood focuses on community-based education with a high graduation rate, while Denver offers a more diverse range of educational options.

Job market insights for Lakewood and Denver

Lakewood offers a stable job market with opportunities in various sectors such as healthcare, education, and retail. The city’s government website provides a dedicated section for job listings, making it easier for residents to find employment. While the city may not be a major business hub, it offers a balanced mix of job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. In contrast, Denver serves as a significant employment center in Colorado. The city employs more than 11,000 people in various roles, as per the City and County of Denver’s official website. Denver focuses on career growth, offering resources through its Department of Economic Development. The city also has a Career Service Board, which consists of five Denver citizens appointed by the Mayor for five-year staggered terms. This board helps in shaping the employment landscape of the city.

Make the move for better opportunities

If you’re considering relocating for better job opportunities, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each city’s job market. While Lakewood offers a more laid-back environment with stable employment, Denver provides a dynamic job market with a focus on career growth. For those making the transition, apartment movers Denver has can help you settle into your new home and start your new job without any hitches. Lakewood provides a balanced job market with opportunities in various sectors, while Denver serves as a major employment center with a focus on career growth.

A man working at a construction site
Potential future careers are important to consider when moving from Lakewood to Denver

Neighborhood exploration

Lakewood offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm. For instance, the West End Neighborhood is known for its historic homes and a thriving commercial district on Detroit Avenue. Birdtown, a nationally registered historic district, is another notable area, dating back to the early 20th century and anchored by Madison Park and Harrison Elementary School. Uptown Lakewood is another area defined by its commercial district along Madison Avenue, featuring bakeries, ice cream parlors, and coffee shops. Denver, on the other hand, offers a more diverse range of neighborhoods. The city has a program to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030, making it a safe place to live. Denver also has Registered Neighborhood Organizations that help in community building.

If you’re thinking about moving from Lakewood to Denver, consider the following:

  • Type of residential area
  • Family-friendly amenities
  • Proximity to work or school
  • Safety measures in the neighborhood

For those ready to make the move, local movers Denver CO has can assist in transporting your belongings safely to your new neighborhood. So, both Lakewood and Denver offer unique living experiences. Lakewood provides a more community-centric atmosphere with neighborhoods like West End and Birdtown. Denver, however, offers a diverse range of residential areas with a focus on safety and community building.

Safety considerations

Lakewood places a strong emphasis on public safety, contracting law enforcement services from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The city also has a Public Safety Department responsible for various programs like the Sky Knight helicopter program and Neighborhood Watch. These initiatives aim to enhance safety and security for residents. Additionally, Lakewood hosts public safety events to share information with residents, ranging from casual coffee meetings to community sessions. Denver, on the other hand, focuses on eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. The city has Registered Neighborhood Organizations that contribute to community building and safety. Denver also emphasizes community mediation and neighborhood inspections to ensure the well-being of its residents.

When contemplating a move for improved safety, it’s essential to evaluate the local crime rate, the availability of neighborhood watch programs, and the city’s focus on traffic safety and community engagement. For those who decide to make the move, Colorado movers can help ensure a seamless and safe transition. In summary, Lakewood and Denver have distinct safety strategies. Lakewood leans towards community-based safety initiatives, while Denver adopts a more comprehensive approach that includes traffic safety and neighborhood well-being. Being aware of these safety aspects can guide you in making an informed decision about relocating.

A firefighter in front of a fire truck
Denver does its best to ensure the residents’ safety

Transportation choices

Lakewood offers various transportation options for its residents. It’s known that the city provides bus services that connect to key areas. These services are generally reliable and offer a convenient way for commuting within the city. Lakewood also has bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly zones, making it easier for residents to opt for greener modes of transport. Denver, in contrast, has a more extensive public transport system. The city is served by the Regional Transportation District (RTD), which offers bus, rail, and light rail services. Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) also leads various projects to support transit-oriented development. The city provides detailed route information, schedules, and station areas, making commuting more straightforward for residents.

If you’re planning to move and need assistance with transporting your belongings, furniture movers in Denver can help ensure a smooth transition. In essence, both Lakewood and Denver offer reliable transportation options, but they differ in scale and scope. Lakewood provides a more localized transit system, while Denver offers a broader range of public transport services.

Exploring Denver after the move

Once you’ve settled into your new home in Denver, it’s time to explore the city. For outdoor enthusiasts, Denver offers activities like cycling, running, white water rafting, and kayaking. The city is also home to more than 5,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways, perfect for a day out with family or friends. If you’re into fishing, some of the best trout fishing spots in Colorado are just a short drive from downtown Denver.

Family-friendly activities

For families with kids, Denver doesn’t disappoint. It’s known that the city offers a range of kid-friendly activities and experiences. From outdoor and urban adventures to teen activities, there’s something for every age group to enjoy. One of the kids’ favorite places is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. In summary, Denver offers a wide range of tourist attractions and local sights for new residents. Whether you’re into outdoor activities or looking for family-friendly experiences, the city has something for everyone. Exploring Denver can be an exciting part of your post-move experience, offering a mix of nature, culture, and urban flair.

A family spending time together by taking a walk
Denver has plenty of family-friendly activities

A word on your move

Moving is a significant life event that requires careful planning and consideration. This blog post aimed to provide you with essential information on various aspects like cost of living, education, job market, neighborhoods, safety, transportation, and places to explore. Each city has its unique offerings. So, take your time, plan meticulously, and make use of resources like professional moving services to ensure a smooth transition. Remember, the key to a successful relocation lies in the details, especially when you’re moving from Lakewood to Denver. Take the next step and start planning your move today!