A tutorial for moving to Collierville TN

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Moving to a new city is always exciting. Depending on how far you are traveling to move to Collierville TN, you should prepare by learning about this place and how it could be different from where you’re coming from. Spyder Moving and Storage is here to give you some insight and useful information about your soon-to-be home. We want to assist you and make moving to Collierville TN stress-free for you.

Why living in Tennessee is good?

Before we talk more about Collierville specifically, let’s see why living in Tennessee is good. Between 2020 and 2021, TN has gained 55,099 new residents. There are many different reasons why people move to TN and we will mention some of them. Many Memphis moving companies have assisted these people in their moves and their experiences have been nothing but positive.

The most common reasons why people move or chose to stay in Tennessee are:

  • Low taxes
  • Top-notch hospitals
  • Great cost of living
  • Amazing nature, especially with The Great Smoky Mountains being around the corner
  • Incredible music scene
  • Thriving job market
  • World-class dining and food
  • Highly regarded universities and schools
  • Fairly mild seasons

There are many more reasons why people choose Tennessee over other places, but these are the most common. Ask anybody who lives in or is planning to move to TN and they will name at least one reason from this list.

Why moving to Collierville TN is a great choice?

Collierville is a suburb of Memphis and is located in Shelby County. It has about 52,000 residents. And, it is known for offering them various amenities. The town has several parks with walking paths, sports fields, ponds, and scenic views. And, its public schools are very good, as well as the job market. So, you can expect a mix of a big-town vibe and a small-town comfortable lifestyle.

Moving to Collierville TN - 92 N Main St.

Collierville is one of the fastest-growing cities in Tennessee. Besides, it is a beautiful and welcoming town. The food scene is amazing in Collierville. It also has an interesting history, a nice community theater, a dedicated police department, and high general safety. Its historic square, known as “The Best Main Street in America”, attracts many visitorsCollierville is also offering a delightful mix of architectural styles. And, you will be able to enjoy many museums, boutiques, and restaurants. Due to all this, the town is welcoming visitors throughout the year.

The average household income in Collierville is $143,456. And the poverty rate is 2.90%. About 78% of the population are property owners. So, if you are buying a new home in Collierville, count on movers in Collierville TN. Relocating with them will be fast and cost-effective. In case you are renting, the average rental price in Collierville is $1,354 per month.

Who lives in Collierville TN?

Before moving to Collierville TN, it’s important to know the demographics and who your neighbors will be. So, let’s talk about a few important things related to Collierville’s population. The median age in this city is 40.8. This is a bit higher compared to the state average of 38.7. The median household income is  $113,789, which is more than double the state average. Here are a few demographic statistics:

  • 74% of the population is Caucasian
  • 12% African American
  • 8% Asian
  • 52% of the population is female

Collierville is an incredibly safe community, so you won’t have to worry about crime happening here. The crime rate in this place is 37% lower than the national average. Some of the best neighborhoods in Collierville are Almadale Farms, Wellington Farms, Bentwood Creek, Estanaula Trails, and many other amazing neighborhoods that cater to everyone’s needs.

A beautiful house in the autumn weather
You will find a lot of beautiful neighborhoods in Collierville

Main employers in Collierville

Collierville is a part of the larger Memphis metropolitan area. However, it shows faster economic development. And a booming business market. It is home to some Fortune 500 companies. Besides, Collierville provides timely and cost-effective access to railways, airways, highways, and waterways. Also, it provides overnight access by truck to 152 key US markets. Moreover, the 45 states are only two days of truck driving from Collierville.

What is the weather like in Collierville TN?

Knowing the climate of your soon-to-be home is important. This can help you decide when you want to move. You might be coming from an area that has different weather and that sometimes makes people forget that other places might not have the same weather at the same time. All Tennessee long distance moving companies advise their customers to research the temperatures and pick the best time to move. When it comes to Collierville, here are some important stats about its weather:

  • The city gets 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. You can say it rains more here since the US average is 38 inches of rain per year
  • Collierville averages 2 inches of snow per year. Compared to the US average of 28 inches of snow per year, this is perfect for those who are not big fans of snow
  • You can expect 216 sunny days per year in Collierville, which is quite nice
  • Precipitation is present in Collierville 106 days per year, on average
A road in Tennessee
You can expect nice weather after moving to Collierville TN

According to the best places Comfort Index, the most pleasant months in Collierville are May, October, and September and the least comfortable ones are July and August. This could be very useful when planning your move, since moving during the more pleasant months can make your relocation much easier and quicker.

Things to do in Collierville TN

Moving to a small city is sometimes uncomfortable. You might be thinking that you or your kids will get bored. Wondering if there will be enough fun things to do is not wrong. However, even though Collierville is a smaller size city, there are still plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Here are a few of them:

  • Shopping at Collierville Historic Town Square
  • Bowling at Funquest Bowling
  • Visit the Bible Museum
  • Enjoy live music and a drink at Huey’s Collierville
  • Fishing at Herb Parsons Lake
  • Going to Air Trampoline Park
  • Enjoy a live performance at The Harrell Performing Arts Theatre
  • Visit the Morton Museum of Collierville History
  • Shop at Sheffield Antique Mall
Friends bowling at the bowling alley
There are plenty of fun activities to discover in Collierville

The list goes on and on, but we will let you discover some of the fun places on your own. The important point is that there are enough indoor and outdoor places where you and your family or friends can have a good time. There is something for everyone and all ages, so finding entertainment won’t be a problem.

What cities are close to Collierville?

If you decide to take your fun further and step out of Collierville, you can always take a road trip to one of the cities that are not too far from Collierville. Here are a few that you can plan on visiting and the distance from Collierville:

  • Memphis TN is 23 miles away
  • Nashville TN is 181 miles away
  • Birmingham, AL is 193 miles away
  • Saint Louis, MO is 250 miles away
  • Atlanta, GA is 312 miles away
  • Louisville, KY is 313 miles away
  • New Orleans, LA is 353 miles away

To visit some of these cities will require more time and gas than others, but if one of them was on your bucket list, you can always plan to go there for a day or over the weekend. There are also plenty of small towns and cities around the state of Tennessee that are worth visiting and strolling around, in case you don’t want to go too far.

Moving tutorial

First, moving consists of several steps. And, following our tutorial, you will successfully prepare and complete any relocation. Moreover, you will do so, regardless if you are hiring a reliable moving company. Or in case you opt for a DIY relocation.

Prepare a moving plan

A moving plan is a tool that will help you a lot. It will remind you of all the tasks that you have to complete. That way, you will not miss, for example, contacting the utility providers on time and doing other chores. So, relax and follow the given steps. You will see that the whole job is actually very simple. Generally speaking, the moving plan is a list of tasks that you have to write down. To make the job easier, divide the plan into three parts:

  • Planning part – you will plan how to do decluttering, make an inventory, choose a reliable mover, draft the moving budget, and get the moving supplies
  • Packing part – you will plan how to organize packing, are you hiring Memphis movers and packers or opting for DIY, which packing jobs to allocate to family members,  how to disassemble and pack furniture, how to label moving boxes, and from which rooms to start packing
  • Moving part – write down all that you have to prepare for the moving day

Following the moving plan, all your tasks will develop orderly. Also, you will have an overview of the process at all times.

What if you are moving to Collierville TN on your own?

In the case of moving to Tennessee on your own, it is still good to make a moving plan. There will be some differences in planning. For example, you will have to get a truck rental, to move your belongings to Collierville. This means that, instead of checking moving companies, you will have to check companies renting moving trucks. And make sure you do it. Otherwise, you can easily run into cons. And, you will also have to draft a moving budget. By making it, you can easily realize the misconceptions that many have. And, that is that DIY is a much cheaper option.

Packing when moving to Collierville TN

Packing is one of the most important parts of a move. If you pack carefully and in an organized matter, settling in will be quick and simple. Here are a few things to pay attention to when packing in order to make it more effective.


Before you start packing, it is advisable to declutter your possessions. It is a time taking, but it is a very important step. By decluttering, you will get rid of the things that you will not need in Collierville. So, you will have to move fewer things. It is well known that the number and weight of your possessions mean a difference in the moving charges. The lighter your load, the smaller will be your moving bill. So, by decluttering, you are basically saving on your moving costs.

A woman decluttering before moving to Collierville TN
Get rid of all the items you don’t need.

Parking fragile items for moving them to Collierville

When you are packing such sensitive items, be very careful. The same goes for your artwork. In case you are not sure how to pack them properly, ask for professional help. It will, for sure, be less costly than your grandmother’s china.

White Painted Structure With Green Palm Trees in the Front that you can buy after moving to Collierville TN.
You can easily buy a comfortable house after moving to Collierville TN.

During the packing time, follow your moving plan

You have already planned from which room to start. And, it is already in your plan who will pack the kitchen, and who will be in charge of the living room. So, allocate the tasks accordingly. That will help you to have well-organized packing. Everyone will know exactly what to do. If you have nobody to give you a hand, you can always hire Memphis moving helpers. Professional and skilled, they will complete any task with ease.

Take care of the packers’ safety

Having friends and colleagues helping you, make sure they are safe. They are not insured for this type of work. Small injuries would not be a problem. To prevent something more serious, always take care to move kids and pets from the packers’ way. And, take exceptional precautions during disassembling of the large furniture pieces.

Label boxes properly

You should show each of your helpers how to properly label the moving boxes. That will make the unpacking process much easier. And, the movers will know exactly which box should go to which room. You can always use packing and unpacking services and moving companies will provide you with the best packing supplies and mark everything accordingly.

A man packing a moving box
Find out what items are forbidden to move by truck

Items that are forbidden from moving

Before you start with packing, check about the items that movers will not accept. In case you are a first-time mover, this is probably new to you. The thing is that, by law, movers are forbidden to allow certain items onto moving trucks. So, to avoid any possible misunderstanding, talk to them. They will provide you with a list of forbidden items.

Moving to Collierville TN – conclusion

Since you have carefully followed the tutorial for moving to Collierville TN, your move was a success. And, you are ready to settle in your new town. You have already learned a lot about Collierville. And you have already managed to unpack your possessions. Your new home is now a nice and cozy place to enjoy after working hours. To help you learn a bit more, here is the official site of Collierville TN. Consulting it, you will learn about places to visit. And about the events, the city is preparing.