8 best hidden gems in Mississippi

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Mississippi, or the Magnolia State, has been one of the most popular and attractive places in the US, both for tourists and its residents. This diverse state offers the best of both rural and big city amenities. Pleasant weather, a flourishing job market, and affordable costs of living are just some of the many reasons newcomers flock here. In addition, southern hospitality, authentic cuisine, and friendly people contribute to the great image of The Hospitality State. It is no wonder many people hire Spyder Moving and Storage these days to help them relocate to this beautiful country. Not only will you experience fantastic living conditions in MS. You will also have the chance to explore many natural and other wonders as well. Therefore, discover in this article best hidden gems in Mississippi and look forward to your relocation even more.

Get to know MS

Situated in the south of the US, Mississippi borders several states, including Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama, and a famous Mississippi river to the west. Jackson is the capital of this soulful state, with 170,000 residents. Low costs of living, education, and housing provide a high livability score. In addition, there is a number of small coastal communities and vivacious big cities that you can move to. This is one of the states with the greatest number of national parks. In addition, there are more than 2 million acres of public forestland. It is no wonder that many important biking and hiking trails run through this country. In addition, there are plenty of entertainment options both indoors and outdoors. Relocating here will provide the opportunity to be close to the beautiful nature of MS. On the list of your everyday activities, you can include swimming and fishing, and many others.

a bird eye view of the city
There are plenty of attractions all over Mississippi

Mississippi offers many things worth visiting

MS is much more than the southern hospitality and affordable costs of living. The country boasts award-winning state parks as well as its famous historical architecture. In addition, this is home to a rich culture and a cradle of Blues music born on the Mississippi Delta. If you prefer living in a small town with lots of entertainment, contact your Atoka TN movers. With less than 9,000 residents, this was originally built to be a railway station. Over the years, this has become an interesting attraction for visitors with some of the best-hidden gems in Mississippi. Beautiful nature is just an add-on to living in this great small town. Book warms will find a great selection of libraries in Atoka. You should not miss Millington Branch-Shelby County Public Library even if you are only visiting here.

a river as one of the best hidden gems in Mississippi
There are plenty of state parks in Atoka

Atoka has some of the best hidden gems in Mississippi

Apart from the possibility of reading the first editions of some famous poets, Atoka offers many historical marks worth visiting. History lovers can get to see Atoka Armory, Goose Creek Stone Bridge, and Old Atoka State Bank. These marks will provide insight into the rich history of the area. If you wish to go further and like to spend a lot of time outside, you can take the course to the next level. Atoka is home to many great state parks. Stop by Tipton County Public Library and take a book to read under the trees of Oak Park. You can also spend a day with your friends, family, and pets in Edmund Orgill Park. Sports lovers can experience famous bowling at Imperial Bowling Center. Atoka hides some of the best scuba diving tribes. Take a boat ride to the Isle of Scuba, and you can dive wherever you want.

Experience Brighton TN

Brighton is a small town in the state of Tennessee. With around 3000 residents, this is one of the smallest yet pretty exciting communities that you should consider moving to. Movers Brighton TN can bring you here to experience many interesting sites. Just like Atoka, Brighton has some of the most famous libraries in the country, such as Raleigh Branch Memphis Public Library. Some popular must-see places are certainly Duck Creek Conservation Area or Atoka Raceway Park, and Bogey’s Golf & Family Entertainment Cent. However, this small community boasts some of the best hidden gems in MS. Big Hill Pond State Park has miles of both daily and overnight hiking trails. Here you can spend a night in one of the backpack shelters and move on along your trail the next morning. What many do not know is that this park has 14 miles of horse trails suitable for mountain bikers.

Annual spring hike in Brighton

There are plenty of state parks in and around Brighton. Fort Pillow State historic park is the one that should certainly be on your must-visit locations in Mississippi.  This 1,625-acre park is located in Southwest Lauderdale County in West Tennessee. It got its name after being home am to sunset, to Fort Pillow Battlefield. From 7 AM to sunset, the park is open to its visitors 7 days a week. Every March, this park hosts the Annual Spring Hike, where people of all ages can participate. In addition, this community is raising environmental awareness by organizing the Great American Cleanup, combining hiking and collecting garbage. After spending a day hiking, you can drop by Time Out or Pit Stop and try some authentic Southern cuisine.

a lake in the forest
Brighton has some of the best hidden gems in Mississippi

Check out one of the best hidden gems in Mississippi in Germantown

This historic community is located just a few blocks from Downtown Nashville and used to be home to Europen Immigrants in the 19th century. Today, this is a can’t-miss neighborhood in Nashville. With plenty of bars, restaurants, and shopping lanes, many visitors are looking for a weekend escape in this area. Book movers Germantown TN and take a tour of seeing Victorian-style buildings and local gems in this historic place. If you wish to take a run, ride a bike, or walk your pet, The Cumberland River Greenway is a perfect place for you. This is a less famous trail, but a great place to have a scenic view of the Cumberland River flowing through Downtown Nashville. The additional tip is to rent a bike for only $5 for a 24-hour ride in the closeby Germantown station.

Explore Somerville and discover places with seeing around

Another West Tennessee place that more and more people are discovering is The Small Town Of Somerville. Exploring Mississippi is a real treat, no matter whether you are visiting big cities or small-town communities. Somerville is a darling place that deserves a chance to both see it and move here. Therefore, book your movers Somerville TN and come to live in this charming southern small town. even when just looking at a photo, you will see the apparent charm and historic beauty of the downtown. Somerville has 75 historic homes listed in the National Historic Registry. Since it is in the lush Tennessee area, the town has some of the best-hidden gems in Mississippi. There is a number of farms and fields that are maybe not so popular among visitors but are true gems to discover. Scenic views and rich, colorful nature is what makes this place worth seeing.

Find hidden treasures of Bartlett

In smaller cities such as Bartlett, you can find many hidden attractions and be close to the extraordinary scenes from nature. In this growing community with a small-town atmosphere, among the first things to see should be the Davies Manor Plantation. This is the oldest log and chink home in Shelby County. In addition, there is a number of places that look like a postcard and provide a feeling of a playground. For this reason, many young families decide to hire moving companies in Bartlett and relocate here. Residents say that Stanky Creek Mountain Bike Trails has recently become one of the best trails in the area. Recently, the trail has re-routed a small portion to address erosion, and it has added a good bit of challenge. Priddy Farms is a place with beautiful greenery and plenty of pumpkins. Here you can get a Christmas tree as well.

people with backpacks hiking in the forest in one of the best hidden gems in Mississippi
There are plenty of hiking trails all over Bartlett

When coming from long distance, explore some of the best hidden gems in Mississippi

When moving to an area that perfectly mixes rural and urban life, such as Mississippi, it is not hard to find both excitement and a slow-paced lifestyle. For this reason, Tennessee long distance moving companies have a hand full of work since many people dream about relocating here. Scenic Arrington Vineyards, just outside Nashville, is a perfect place to spend a day with friends or sip some good wine with a book. Although founded in 2007, people are still discovering this venue which is a perfect picnic spot. You can visit this place literally every day from 11 AM to 8 PM. East Tennessee has plenty of fireflies in June. And for this reason, you must see Firefly Swarms in the Great Smoky Mountains. During a two-week period, you will have a chance to experience bioluminescent magic lights here.

Other attractive less-known spots you must see in TN

You may have heard about Harpeth River State Park in Kingston Springs. But what many people still have not heard of is the unique Montgomery Bell Tunnel. Dating back to 1820, this is one of the oldest tunnels in Mississippi. Originally, it was there to help an iron forge in the area. Also, Pattison Forge is the nation’s first water diversion tunnel. It has sturdy limestone surrounding it, and it is just 10 minutes of hiking from the parking area. For this reason, it is perfect for families with small children if you do not want to go too deep into the wilderness. Another place to visit is The Underground Crystal Palace At Raccoon Mountain Caverns. Book local movers Tennessee and come to see the whole system of caverns hidden here. With over five miles of underground pathways, this is one of the most exciting places in TN.

a tunnel as one of the best hidden gems in Mississippi
Discover a famous tunnel in Kingston Springs

Discover true gems of Memphis

Although Memphis is famous for its unique BBQ style and the history of music, there are plenty of things to see here that you did not know existed. Some of the off-beat gems will certainly surprise you. Among the first things to inform yourself about is Mosaic Walk on South Main. This is a temporary outdoor installation that you can easily access on foot. Contact professional movers Memphis TN, and continue walking down south of Main. Here you will find plenty of more murals, such as the Poetry Panels. In Memphis’ Memorial Park Cemetery, you will have a chance to discover The Crystal Shrine Grotto. This is a man-made cave artwork, a 60-foot hill with neon lights and religious scenes. Mexican artist Dionicio Rodríguez erected it in 1932 and it bears five tons of crystal quartz.

Other best hidden gems in Mississippi

In Graceland, you will discover The Lisa Marie, which is one of the two private jets of Elvis Presley. This looks like a presidential jet with a round business table. It also has a bedroom with a king-size bed and a TV set. When in Memphis, stop by the Silky O’Sullivan’s on Beale Street. Here you will have a chance to see weird mascots of Memphis-beer-drinking goats. In this Irish establishment, you can taste the mystery cocktail, the “Diver”, which is served in large yellow buckets. Finally, foodies can taste some non-traditional barbeque. You have probably tried traditional MS ribs. However, you would be swiped away by the taste of barbecue spaghetti, barbecue pizza, and barbecue nachos in numerous ‘que restaurants around Memphis.

a man and a woman sitting at the table in a pub and playing jenga
Memphis has some of the best hidden gems in Mississippi

Final words

There are plenty of popular attractions all over MS. But what makes this state truly unique and special are some of the best hidden gems in Mississippi. Before you decide to relocate to some of the most astonishing cities or small towns, try to discover as many details as possible about the interesting spots the country offers. You will have a chance to discover much less famous yet interesting places and provide great leisure time for both you and your family filled with beautiful memories.